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Melamine Finish Grooved MDF Sound Proof Acoustic Wooden Wall Panels

Melamine Finish Grooved MDF Sound Proof Acoustic Wooden Wall Panels

BG acoustic wall panels
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50000 square meters
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Product name: Grooved acoustic wall panels
Feature: Sound proofing
Aluminium frame thickness: 12,15,18 mm
Partition material: Black fleece
Finish: Melamine,fabric,leather
Application: Hotel,banquet hall,conference hall,etc.
General use: Sound proofing materials
Material: 100% Polyester Fiber
Function: Fireproof and eco-friendly
Size: 2440*133 mm, 2440*197 mm
Color: Can be customized
Style: Modern

Melamine Finish Grooved MDF Sound Proof Acoustic Wooden Wall Panels

Wooden Grooved Acoustic Panels Features

1. Scientific industry : Made according to acoustic theory,excellent at reducing noises,especially effective for absorbing high and middle frequency noises.

2. Artistic products : Natural wood ,which may be carved according to your taste.

3. Environment-friendly : All the materials conform to the country's environmental protection standards,little wood alcohol is contained.Its natural wood is fragrant.

4. Fireproof : fireproof degree B1- the highest for wood.It has already been tested by authoritative organization.

5. Moistureproof and mildewproof : It is made of high density moistureproof  and mildewproof material.

6. Easy to install : Dragon bone construction is applied.

7. Industrial production : No more an extensive production,automatically controlled by computers,standardized and large scale production,improved is production capability and ensured is products quality.


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Technical Information
Model type28/4,30/2,29/3,14/2,13/3,59/5,5/3,40/3
Size133*2440 mm
PaintUV,PU painting
Base materialStandard MDF, Eco-pine wood MDF, Fireproof MDF, Moistureproof MDF, Magnesium Composited MDF
MDF density680kg/cubic meter~830kg/cubic meter
Backside finishFiber proof acoustic fabric
Fireproof gradeGB8624 2006 B,A
Eco-protection gradeE0,E1
InstallationAluminum keel and clips, wood frame, gun nail
Backside hole diameter10 mm
Veneer type thickness0.3,0.6mm
Veneer textureMountain texture, straight line
Veneer tree species

Maple,cherry,Oak, teak,walnut, Sapele,beech,birch,

Chinese walnut,macore,sandalwood

Test reportEco protction, sound absorption, flame retardant

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Wooden Grooved Acoustic Panels Applications

1. Professional space for timbre effect and decoration: Studio, recording room, listening room, rehearsal hall etc.


2. Recreational place for sound effect and decoration:Theater,cinema,indoor gymnasium, disco,KTV etc.


3. Sound-absorbing place for secret or privacy and decoration:Meeting room, office,hall and hotel etc.


4. Noisy industry for health and environmental protection:Airport,railway, bus station,factory and workshop


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Wooden Grooved Acoustic Panels Finishes

BUNGE wooden grooved acoustic wall panels are available in three main finishes, Wood Veneer, High quality paint finish, and decorative Laminate. This gives the designer almost an unlimited choice in designing the wall or ceiling finish. The grooved acoustic wall panels range includes standard wood veneers chosen from the most popular colours available, as is the same with the High quality decorative laminates.




The standard range of wood veneers is available on an exstock basis, however Tengfei can choose from international suppliers quality veneers to match your choice


Paint Finish


BUNGE wooden grooved acoustic panels are available in either Pantone or RAL colours. This gives almost an unlimited choice in selection. The paint finish is in a high quality 2pac finish and can be supplied in Gloss, Matt or Satin finishes.

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Installation Methods


1.The place of installation must be dry,with the lowest temperature no less than 10 degrees celsius.

2.the acoustic panels to be installed must be placed in the place of installation for at least 48h in  order to adapt the indoor environment.

3.After installation ,the largest humidity changing rate of the place of installation should be between 40%-60%.

4.The distance between each wood keel must be less than 500mm and that between each light steel keel should no more than 600mm.


1.Confirm the place of installation ,determine the horizontal and vertical lines and the reserved measurements for the electric wire socket ,pipes.etc.

2.Calculate the actual construction measurements and cut the part of acoustic panels if needed.

3.Start to install and follow the rules:from left to right,from bottom too top.for horizontally installation.make the grooves up;for the vertical installation,make the tougues on the right.for real wood veneer acoustic panels that have requirements on the direction of the stripes,the panels should be installed according to the pre-marked sequence numbers.

C)Installation system

1.Lightweight steel keel system

2.Wooden batten system

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                                   Melamine ,natural wood veneer,paint,etc                                    

                                   Melamine ,natural wood veneer,paint,etc                                    

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