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Features about Hotel Operable Partition Walls.


1.No rail suspension: the floor has no track, just install the track on the ceiling;

2.Stable and safe: stable and reliable after partitioning, not easy to swing;

3.Sound insulation and environmental protection: sound insulation effect is good, the sound insulation coefficient can reach 53dB;

4.Insulation and energy saving: excellent thermal insulation performance, according to different occupancy rates, the large space is divided into small spaces to reduce air conditioning power consumption;

5.Efficient fire prevention: the hotel operable partition wall is made of high-efficiency fireproof material and has good fireproof performance;

6.Beautiful and generous: the surface is arbitrarily decorated, and can be combined with the interior decoration effect;

7.Retractable and flexible: the hotel partition is freely retractable and flexible, and one person can complete the whole process of partitioning;

8.Convenient collection: When closing the board, the partition can be hidden in the special storage cabinet, which does not affect the overall appearance;

9.Wide range of applications: can be used in conference halls, exhibition halls, restaurants, high clean factories and offices

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