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Do you know this mobile foldable wall partitions system?


Do you know this mobile foldable wall partitions system?

BUNGE mobile foldable wall partitions system is a movable soundproof room partition system which forms a removable wall. The mmobile foldable wall partitions are often used to temporarily divide a big room into several small rooms. Unlike other room partition materials, mobile foldable wall partition has excellent soundproofing performance and operation easily.

1. System.

The mobile foldable wall partition is a hanging system, which have the ceiling tracks, but have no floor tracks. It means that there is nothing on the floor, so it will not damage the carpet and floor at site. And they are sliding, folding and movable.

2. Size Customized.

Mobile foldable wall partition is a whole customized product. We can produce the mobile foldable wall partitions based on the different demands of different client, including the size, the colors and the finishes. The normal thickness is 65, 85 and 100 mm thick, the maximum thickness is 130 mm. The width is available between 800-1220 mm and the maximum height can up to 17 meters.

3. Different Surfaces Available

There are several surfaces for client to choose. Such as:

MDF or Plywood(this is a raw finish, the client can paint or put the wallpaper on the panels).

Melamine or laminate(this is the most popular surface for clients, because it is most economical, there are more than 60 colors to choose and very easy to maintain).

Fabric or Leather(soft cover and hard cover also available, of course it will be sound proofing than other surfaces).

Glass or mirror(very popular in dancing room and music school).

Acoustic panels(such as the polyester acoustic panels, wooden grooved acoustic panels and wooden perforated acoustic panels).

Landscape painting PU leather(the client can choose the most favorite picture or drawing, then we can print and put it on the panels as surfaces.)

4. Soundproofing.

Mobile foldable wall partition is a sealing system, there are some specific sections(“M”&“W”sections) between the partition walls panels. The pressure seals are extended and retracted by a single 180°turn of a removable operating handle. Final closure of the wall is achieved by extending a telescopic sleeve on the last panel. This action simultaneously extends the top and bottom seals. So there is no gap between the panels. In addition, inside is full of sound proof cottons. So it can achieve an excellent sound proofing performance.

5. Easy operation.

The mobile foldable wall partition is movable and sliding. When you use them, they can help you divide a big space into 2 or more smaller rooms. And when you do not use them, they can be park to the parking zone. 1 person can finish the whole operation.

6. Application.

Nowadays the mobile foldable wall partitions are more and more popular for the clients. They are widely used in hotel banquet hall, office conference hall, meeting room, classroom, function hall, ballroom, gym, exhibition hall and many other public places.


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