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BUNGE Movable Partition Walls Details


We are the movable partition walls supplier from China,we are the 100% real manufacturer,we have our own factory and showroom.Our factory located in Guangzhou,China.Very welcome to visit us.


About the movable partition walls,they are sound proofing,folding and sliding.When you use them,they can be divided a big space into many small rooms,and when you do not use them,they can be parked at one site.


The movable partition walls are a hanging system,just have the ceiling rails,but has no rails on the floor.So the movable partition walls will not damage your floor or carpet.Please do not worry,they are easy to install.Before we deliver the movable partitions,we will mark them one by one,and we will send you the installation drawing.


As for the surfaces,there are 6 kinds of surfaces for you to choose:


Plywood(you can decorate the surfaces at your site,such as painting,wallpapersand so on).


Melamine(the most welcomed surface,there are many colors to choose and very easy to clean).


Fabric and leather surfaces(can be a soft cover,will be more sound proofing).

Landscape painting pu leather finish.(you can choose the picture and send to us, we will print for you)


Acoustic panels(there are polyester acoustic panels, wooden grooved acoustic panels and perforated acoustic panels)

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