zen decorating ideas - build a room divider wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-04
zen decorating ideas  -  build a room divider wall
--©Zen is a branch of Buddhism. it is a way of thinking and an art of life.
The Way of Zen is to connect the principles of Zen with daily life, which should emphasize simplicity and harmony with nature.
There is no right or wrong.
To make your home look more Zen you don't need to have a bamboo mat, shoji screen or Zen rock gardenlike.
Zen decoration is flexible and unlimited.
It all depends on how you imagine harmony and want to translate it into a tangible picture.
Unique in Zen decoration and space, great-
Zen decoration is characterized by its minimalism or-ostentation.
When entering Zen-
Stylish rooms, we often feel the feeling of Air and Space right away.
However, this does not mean that we should leave the room as empty as possible.
The "space" here is not a simple reference, but a perfect balance between occupied space and unoccupied space.
Choose your furniture carefully and arrange them in a way that promotes calm and relaxation.
Outdoor space is also important.
Imagine your garden or backyard as an extension of your internal room and try to connect with nature. A floor-to-
For example, ceiling glass windows can create a sense of intimacy between the indoor and distant lush gardens.
Take nature in if you live in a busy city, it's hard to reconnect with nature.
Everywhere you look, there are soaring towers and traffic.
The good news is that you don't need to move into the forest to build a real Zen home.
Bring nature into your house and ignore the chaos.
Think of your home as your sanctuary.
Strengthen your harmony with nature by using natural materials and earth colors.
Go and buy wooden floors and furniture.
Wood represents growth and vitality, and also brings a feeling of relaxation to the home.
To complement the tone and texture of the wood, you can also decorate your home with natural fabrics such as silk, hemp or paper.
Unity and division of Zen
Style rooms, screens or curtains are more popular for room partitions than full room partitionslength wall.
Think of space as your soul;
You don't want it nailed to the wall or closed to the wall.
The screen helps to define the separated area without fully dividing the space.
Therefore, there is still a continuity and flexibility.
Select screens made of paper, grids, or clear fabrics that disperse light and partially block the distant view.
They help create light and shade of contrast and bring change and depth to interior design.
Taking a shower or shower is not only a daily cleaning, but also a time to relax and enjoy.
The Japanese have a long tradition of cherishing the vitality and soothing qualities of the volcanic hot springs in the public bathroom.
At dusk in Thailand and Bali, Saron-
Dressed villagers immerse themselves in canals or mountain streams and cool off in hot tropical weather.
To create a Zen bathroom, decorate it with items that can help you reunite with nature, and cultivate dim sum and calm from this cleaning ceremony.
Bring a simple aesthetic with textured stone and wood, but don't forget the simple concept.
For example, you can hang a towel with a small ladder or turn a large clam shell into a cute soap dish.
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