your home;approving renovations in a co-op - partition wall cost

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your home;approving renovations in a co-op  -  partition wall cost
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Your home is your castle, right?
If you want a Jacuzzi in your castle, who says you can't?
Well, if you live inop, watch out;
While the sound of rushing water may be music to your ears, it may keep others awake at night. And in a co-
Your home is also your neighbor's castle.
When people are in co-
It can cause a lot of inconvenience to other shareholders, "said Edward T.
Brawman is a lawyer in Manhattan who specializes in real estate.
"Break some plaster in one apartment and you will find it in another apartment on the floor.
"Indeed, shareholders --
Start repair and renovation at co-
Ops and apartments often trigger a series of issues that are not even considered by single people.
Home owner
As a result, almost all advertisementsops --
Most apartments--
Rules and Regulations for the decoration of shareholder apartments have been formulated.
The problem is that shareholders often look at regulations in the form of an interstate speed limit. -
Rules that are easily overlooked.
"I would like to say that more than half of our board work involves checking the renovations that have been done without approval," says Manhattan architect Leslie Goodall . ".
"Then we had private clients coming to us because they wanted to do some work in the apartment.
When we told them what was involved and what was going to be spent, they said, 'Hey, I'll do that without filing.
"In most cases, Sir.
Good said the reason for asking the board to approve the renovation is clear ---
For example, removing the load-bearing wall to expand the kitchen could have disastrous consequences for the neighbors upstairs.
As well as any structural renovation within or above the elevator building
Ups must comply with local law 58, which provides for the use of persons with disabilities.
However, the restrictions on decoration often have a more subtle Foundation.
For example, converting L-
Transform a studio into a small apartment
Quietly building a bedroom with a partition wall seems like nobody else but shareholders. But, Mr.
Good points out that when selling an apartment, an increase in the bedroom may come back to haunt shareholders.
"This reduces the number of partition rooms available . "
Good said explained that most buildings in Manhattan were designed to take advantage of the maximum number of rooms permitted by zoning regulations.
Unauthorized conversion of the studio to a shareholder of the studio-
The bedroom may not know that the building already has the maximum number of partition rooms allowed.
As a result, that difficulty-to-
It's impossible to sell houses-to-
Selling Illegalbedroom.
Meanwhile, Sir.
Good said that if the shareholder notified the board of directors of his or her intention, the architect of the board of directors may turn the apartment into a legal apartment --bedroom.
He said that the advertisement "if another shareholder in the other part of the building merged the two apartments into one, we may borrow an additional zoning room to the illegal apartment," explained, merging two apartments usually results in additional zoning rooms.
If the shareholder does not comply with the rules, changing the fixtures can also put him or her in trouble.
"I have a guy in Queens who renovated his bathroom without the approval of the board ,"
He explained that he had replaced the sink, toilet and bathtub.
"He did a beautiful job . "Good said.
But there's a problem,
He installed a Jacuzzi with a motor and the exclusive rental does not allow any motor fixtures.
He became crazy when he found out. " (Mr.
Good explained that the two sides reached a friendly agreement: the board allowed the Jacuzzi to stay as long as the motor was running. )
Even installing the washing machine will eventually put shareholders in trouble.
"Install the washing machine on the 30 th floor of the upper floor-rise," Mr.
Good said, "someone on the 25 th floor will find suds in the bathtub.
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If shareholders are educated and understand that the decoration notice requirements are meant to protect their investments, then many problems can be avoided, lawyer Braverman said.
On the other hand, the board should pay attention to adjusting their change agreement according to the needs of the building.
"Standard change agreements are adopted in most buildings . "Braverman said.
"But it is wise to add any necessary terms to protect other tenants in the building.
"For example, Sir.
Although the use of tools with excessive noise and vibration is almost universally prohibited, Braverman said ---
Wind guns, such-
Most buildings also limit the time it takes to do any work in the building under construction.
In some buildings, he says, work is even restricted between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and shareholders are more likely to take time off.
Some limit the time for renovations ---
For example, 60 or 90 days-
Then impose daily penalties on work beyond the limit.
In this case, Sir.
This is very important for tenants, Brawman said.
Shareholders ensure that the penalty terms are passed to the contractor in the maintenance contract so that the contractor is responsible for any penalty imposed.
From the perspective of the board,
Braverman said it is important to obtain written proof of the shareholder contractor's insurance and the designation of co-insurance
The Op is additional insurance on his or her policy if the contractor causes damage to the public area or the apartment of another shareholder.
In addition, he said that it is usually a good idea to take photos of adjacent apartments before any renovation work involving heavy buildings, so any damage caused by work can be documented.
"I have a building and they insist on taking videos of all the adjacent apartments . "Braverman said.
He said it is also important for the board to ask shareholders to protect common interests.
If the Op's dispute with the contractor causes the mechanic to have a lien on the building. "The tenant-
"Shareholders should agree to send the money out to lift the lien . "Braverman said.
"Then he can play with the person he played.
Larry vitley, president of Insignia Management Services, a Manhattan Management firm, said that while most renovation policies seem to make it difficult for tenants to get along --
Shareholders, these rules are designed to protect the entire building.
"Shareholders need to realize that even small things may need approval," he said . " He explained that, at the very least, informing the maintenance or renovation work would enable the management to take any precautions necessary to maintain the safety of the building.
"In some buildings, the director will not let the contractor in unless approved by the shareholders," he said . " He added that some boards issued badges to contractors who allowed access to the building.
750 chairman of the board Miguel Sweeneyunit co-
Op in Queens says the same quality that inspires shareholders to renovate apartments ---
Pride of ownership-
It may be that quality that makes it difficult for them to get permission.
"People say, 'Hey, I'm just redecorating my bathroom, what's the big deal? ' " Mr. Viani said.
"We told them, 'Okay.
We just wanted to make sure it was done according to the code.
But are shareholders still working without approval?
"Of course . "Viani said.
"But when we saw the dust coming out of the apartment, we were on it.
"A version of this article was printed on page 9009005 of the National edition on June 2, 1996 with the title: your home;
Approved in Co-op.
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