with students flowing in, schools are forced to juggle space - room divider on wheels

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with students flowing in, schools are forced to juggle space  -  room divider on wheels
Merry Rosenberg.
1999, the 25 students of Mary Allen mcgori were in high voice and ranked fourth
Todd Elementary School's grade classroom, on wet and windy days, beats the rhythm on the tambourine, plays songs on the muqin, and raises the sound in the noise of joy.
To make this meeting unusual, musical instruments and music teachers mark tater and Ted Zobel went to the student's classroom instead of having the student go to the music room.
In the past, the music room was sacrificed this year to cope with the shortage of classrooms, becoming the third --Grade classroom.
With a significant increase in the number of students enrolled, third-grade students have a new part-in 1995-
1996, Todd Elementary School has 706 students from kindergarten to sixth grade, while 1999-
Enrollment from 2000 to 5 th grade kindergarten is 760--
The school had to temporarily provide accommodation for students enrolled at the beginning of the month.
Bricliffe Manor is not alone in its juggling performances.
Just before school starts, two new modular classrooms sprout at Dows Lane Elementary School in Irvington.
Administrator of Crotonon-
Hudson and Briarcliff Manor moved into modular units, freeing up the school space for students, and the closet became a remedial classroom for George Washington Primary School in Lakeland.
Of course, not every region is under such pressure.
In many communities, with population projections, the increase in the number of registered people has become a target, and managers are able to reorganize buildings and spaces before the start of the summer.
In other countries, the expansion of the population has moved from primary to secondary and high schools, where classroom sharing is easier to handle.
Some pressure is the result of the change in Albany.
"With the increase in demand at the state level, your number of registrations has increased," said Dr . "
Frances Wells, head of Briarcliff Manor School District.
"We need more student support because of the new assessment.
There are now more and more students who need other support or intervention.
I'm not complaining, but it's a big problem.
As the number of admissions increases, more classrooms are needed not only.
"Nevertheless, the high number of students entering some schools in the county has triggered a creative search for the placement of these schools.
"We are using elevator niches for E. S. L.
And remedial reading, "said Dr.
Thomas Kelly, head of Valhalla, called English a second language.
"We 've put the music on the stage, put the art on the cart from K to 2, and with our 3 to 5, we 've turned the basement storage room into a resource.
We are as nervous as possible.
He said, "We are continuing to recruit students even as we speak.
In Valhalla, the number of registered people increased from 1,180 in 1998-
1999 to 1,240 1999-
Academic year 2000.
In Croton, supervisor, doctor. Marjorie E.
Castro said: "We already have problems at the grass-roots level.
This year, we decided to vacate office space in primary school.
We must do it very quickly.
The modular building of the district office is approved only under the May budget.
We are adding a section for each grade and adding an extra place for art and music teachers.
However, each of us has only one space, so the music teacher walks around with the trolley.
In our middle school and high school, the population is getting bigger.
There is no room for everyone in the buffet lounge, so even if these students can go out for lunch, you will see the children sitting on the steps.
We are doing it.
"In various explanations," doing "is a major theme in many regions this year.
In Beverly Hills, supervisor, doctor.
Judith Fox said: "We experienced a space crunch in building K to 2 at Wampus.
On the stage of the gym, music is taught at the same time as lunch or gym.
We are doing one. on-
There's a test in the hallway.
There is a portable one in Crittenden.
Not last year.
Lunch for some fifth graders starts at 10: 15.
When we don't have room for the gym, the gym is taught in the classroom.
We have teachers sharing space in high school.
We want to use space to protect our study time.
Some scheduling options are not ideal and the back line for music and art teachers is longerto-
Background class, which doesn't give them much time to clean up or set up.
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At George Washington primary school in the Lakeland area, the number of students increased from 670 in 1991 to 520 now, and the number of students in kindergarten grade increased from 6 to 6.
The ad "we have to eliminate all the storage rooms, materials and book closets that have become a place where remedial teachers can have a small office," principal Elliot Coleman said . ".
Lunch starts at 12: 30 last year and now starts at 11. M.
And extends to 1 p. M.
To accommodate all the students.
"Our social workers and psychologists now share an office.
Our computer lab has removed an ordinary classroom and we have redistributed the equipment to the classroom.
The computer assistant now takes the trolley from class to keyboard class. ''Mr.
Coleman added: "Our demographics do not predict these numbers.
It was a surprise for us.
The extra number means our sixth.
The grade portion of 28 students per class is higher than the regional and community preferences, which is the number of classes under the age of 20.
In our kindergarten we had 24 per class and we gave them extra assistants.
"Schools are working on other strategies to solve an unprecedented problem.
Expand the student body in a limited physical space, especially when an area wants to maintain small class size and maintain a teaching plan.
For example, in Irvington, space tensions require second-year students to have lunch in the classroom in the first half of the school year, while third-year students have lunch in the second half.
In this area, the number of students in 1997 was 1,426.
1998, 1,702 per cent is expected for this academic year. As Dr.
Vincent Beni, head of Irvington, said: "It's not an ideal situation to have children have lunch at their desks.
We try to keep the class size and we can't just build something.
We have to look different short. term solutions.
We have 900 children in a school designed for 700 people.
In addition, it's on daos Lane.
We obviously need to add space and some options are being considered in the region.
In the middle school, some students doubled and shared a lot in the classroom.
All available space is being used.
Joseph Driggs, president of Dawn, said: "A few years ago, we had a fifth grade class of 26 to 27 students.
Too big.
Now our fifth grade is in our 20 s.
We opened up an art space in the cafeteria.
The teacher went out on wheels one day.
The art teacher piled the materials on the trolley and sat the students in the classroom. Mr.
"We have to put a room partition.
We rescheduled the room and rescheduled the lunch time.
The people are making it work.
Our teachers and assistants are very clear about what we are doing and everyone is very engaged.
We asked two of five people.
On Labor Day weekend, grade teachers will arrange their classrooms.
The teachers gave up their holiday because the modular unit had just arrived and they didn't have the luxury of setting up a classroom earlier in the summer like other teachers did.
The administrator says flexibility and collaboration are necessary in this case.
Jon E bricliffe Manor
"The music teacher said, 'I give up my room,' so that it can become an ordinary classroom," said de Rescher, principal of Todd Elementary School.
That means sir.
Full time Mr. tartel and
Part-time Zobel takes their show to students on their way every day until the school can open four new classrooms in two modular buildings later this fall.
The school has started a teaching pilot program using block scheduling to provide specialized English and mathematics courses for fifth-grade students and mathematics teaching for fourth-grade students.
A social studies teacher took two afternoon classes in the library and offered her classroom to a science teacher. As Mr.
Tartel said that when he pushed his music car from Ms . .
McGory's classroom went to another class: "Everything was fine with planning.
Just think about it in advance.
It's frustrating that we like to have kids sing, dance and play in all classes, and sometimes we are limited by space.
The kids are great, like when you have a new kid and have to make adjustments, we all get used to it.
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A version of the article appeared in print in September 26, 1999, and on the WC14 page of the national edition, the title was: schools were forced to take care of space as students flooded.
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