with fire safety, err on the side of caution - partition wall with door

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with fire safety, err on the side of caution  -  partition wall with door
Question: My house was built in 1955 before the garage needed a firewall.
My buyer asked me to upgrade the garage to meet current fire safety requirements as suggested by their house inspector.
I matched their request by patching several bugs on the firewall.
But now they insist that I change the door between the garage and the kitchen.
The door is hollow, but it is covered with sheet metal to increase the fire resistance.
Is this not safe enough?
A: Before answering your question, I have to clarify a point: the house built in 1955 is no earlier than the fire protection requirements of the garage.
Since the publication of the first book in 1927, the Uniform Building Code specifies the firewall between the home and the garage.
Changes to the code have been enacted since then, but the basic firewall requirements still apply to 40-year-old homes.
The purpose of this code is to delay the spread of fire from the garage to the residence.
To comply, wood-
The frame wall and ceiling between the garage and the residence must be in plaster or five-eighths-
Inch drywall, all doors must be solid or labeled with fire
Rated by the manufacturer.
When your home is built, these regulations are not universally enforced, especially in rural areas.
So many Hollow
The core door was installed in the attached garage.
A common upgrade to this door in those years is the application of sheet metal.
Although such modifications do not meet the current fire standards, most construction departments consider these doors to be "legally unqualified", meaning that replacement is not usually required.
Another relevant change to the fire code that has come into effect since your home was built is the requirement that fire doors must be their ownclosing.
Add a self
Shutting down the equipment is a smart upgrade for your garage door, but it's not a legal requirement for 1950 of households
As for the differences between you and your buyers, the best way to resolve disputes involving fire safety compliance is to act cautiously.
My suggestion is to upgrade the garage door to the current safety standard.
You have no obligation to make these improvements on behalf of the buyer;
They can of course upgrade the fire doors after closing the hosting.
Protect the garage firewall if LadderQ is installed: We would like to use the attic of the house we purchased to increase storage and plan to install a folding ladder on the garage ceiling to provide access.
It seems like a good idea until a home inspector tells us that folding the ladder can violate the firewall between the garage and the home.
There are already folding ladders in the garage of the two adjacent houses, so we were wondering if we really need to pay attention.
What advice do you have? A: Built-
Folding ladders provide a convenient means to enter the attic area, and it is becoming more and more popular to use the storage space above the garage.
Unfortunately, people who install these ladders generally do not know the fire protection requirements.
Therefore, many of these facilities inadvertently violate fire safety standards.
The partition wall between the House and the adjacent garage is usually covered with fiveeighths-
Inches of drywall to slow the spread of the garage fire to the residence.
If the garage attic and the house attic are not separated by the firewall, then the garage ceiling becomes a part of the fire separation, and must also be used five-eighths-inch drywall.
The passage cover on the folding ladder is just a piece of paper with four cents. inch plywood.
When installed on the ceiling of the garage, this thin wood film replaces a part of the fire
Fire resistant dry wall panels, thus violating the required fire separation.
Fortunately, it is simple and cheap to solve this problem.
After installing the new folding ladder, you can fix a piece of five-eighths-
Straight in quarterly inch drywall-inch plywood.
Screws fix the drywall in place.
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