Will the lights go out on Sindhi cinema? - living room partition wall

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Will the lights go out on Sindhi cinema?  -  living room partition wall
With no stars, no funds, and no even government-subsidized parent company, Sindhi cinema is in the abyss of mediocrity.
But don't write about its tomb, Roshni Nair says she talks to those who continue to burn the torch, "it doesn't make sense to set up the hardware if it doesn't exist.
"This is Anil Chanchlani's summary of why there are few Sindhi films shown in theaters.
A burly man with thin hair on his forehead, the owner, Chanchlani --
Ashok manager of urasnaga
Anil Messe sat in his cabin, tall with a portrait of his late mother and two posters with a 2005-inch animated flashing look.
"The Sapna cinema and the big cinema here do show Sindhi Movies, but only once a day," he added . ".
Chanchlani has a lot to share about the Sindhi series edge movies, which makes sense: for Ashok-
Anil Multiplex is the only theater in the metropolitan area of Mumbai that offers multiple performances for Sindhi films.
The first two theaters-Ashok cinema and Anil cinema-have come a long way since the 1970 s.
The two cinemas were set up by the film exhibitor Assandas Chanchlani and named after his son, the main landmark of Ulhasnagar from the beginning.
However, when Ashok-
Anil began showing Indian films, showing 1984 romantic comedies by Madan Jumani ()
-"Let's run away" Sindhi.
The film is not only released in crowded houses, but also one of the most popular films in the history of sindsey's films.
To this end, Lata Mangeshkar also performed her first Sindhi song, which at that time produced a business of about Rs 7 (
Then the sum of a prince)
-Almost all in Ullas Nagar (
Or Sindhunagar, what some call it)alone. "It ran for 18-
"It's been 19 weeks," Chalan recalled.
"Indian films are now barely over two weeks away.
"It's a breakthrough movie in many ways.
It is not only the first Sindhi film in the film, but also the following (1958), a Partition-
There was a theme movie.
Unknown Sadana who plays Sheila Ramani's second heroine.
"It's a masterpiece," said its writer . "
Director Madan Jumani said bluntly.
His passion for the history and culture of Sindi can only be surpassed by his love for talking about these histories and cultures.
The statues of Jhulelal, Sai Baba and the smell of incense dominate Jumani's home in Kandivali.
Prizes and trophies mess up the walls of his living room.
He pointed to his past souvenir and said, "there are more than 400 there . ".
The center table can be used as a storage unit to store newspaper clippings bundled in several plastic bags.
After moving to Mumbai after the zoning, Jumani, before joining the Indian People's Theatre Association, played a live boy in 1949 blockbusters of Mehboob Khan (IPTA).
Before he started the film production, he was an active member of the Prithvi theater and the Sindhi theater circle.
"This is the first Sindhi Movie," he suddenly asked . "smile.
"In India, that's wrong ! "
He shook his head, muttering ff.
"The first Sindhi film ever was filmed in 1942.
Do you know who did this time ? ""Not really. . . ""Homi Wadia.
I want you to know who he is.
"Thankfully, that's what most of us do.
For those who don't like it: Wadia is one of the earliest and most prolific directors in India
The classic works made by Wadia Movietone are as follows (1935)and(1956).
Jumani continued that success had been achieved in Sindh province.
At that time it was considered "too short" in length, so the second film-also in Sindhi-came out with it.
This is a double bill for Wadia Movietone.
Yore's other prolific Sindhi films were released on 1956 and 1958, respectively.
Both of these books are based on a folk story written by self-blown sindeshi Sufi poet Shah Abdel Latif bixitai.
There is great wealth in sindhewen.
But now people don't know anything about it, "said Jumani, a 70-year-old man, who made a sad voice as soon as his head shook.
Kamal Nathani, who directed 2007 films, agreed.
"Many of the people of this generation now don't even speak the language, let alone read or write in that language.
Of course, the audience of these films is very limited.
"Although there are not many viewers, there is a question about the quality of the content of the Sindh film.
The finished product looks cheesy and being on the edge means that you do it with very little of what you have.
This also extends to acting skills.
Unlike more famous regional cousins such as Punjabi and Bhojpuri, Sindhi cinema does not have top actors, let alone stars.
The movie budget has fallen in the ocean. a-
Because the return is almost never promised. Take .
In the case of a relatively "substantial" budget of Rs 40, the company failed to recover the cost.
This, though, is still widespread-
Like It, Preeti Jhangiani (
"A big name," said Nathani . "
Role as guest
Ask Anil Chanchlani why there are so few Sindhi films that he tracks decay from the middle
After 80 s, a series of cheap comedies were filmed.
"Most of them are remake of Dada Kant's films," he said . "Save for and(1986)
Chanchlani believes that there is no good movie until enough time.
Even so, he added, the situation is not so bleak.
"Bollywood was making bad movies at the time, so there was still some hope for the Sindhi Movie.
"With better Hindi films on the horizon, their Sindhi peers have left behind.
But Sindhi Movies are not dead yet, thanks in large part to music, audio
The video store is located in the driveway near AshokAnil Multiplex.
For 35 years, its owner, Lachhman Tejumal Gambhani, has been collecting VCDs and DVDs for Sindhi songs and movies.
"If there is no copy of Lali, no one has it," Madan Jumani laughed . ".
"Yes, I have the largest Sindhi film collection in Maharashtra," Lali proudly confirmed.
He also runs the American cabin in uhasnagar, dedicated to features like Sindhi and movies, Jhulelal Mela and new movie trailers.
Recently, he has also become diversified (2012),(2013), and(2014).
Lali has a soft corner on the two pillars of the Sindhi cinema.
The former was directed by Deepak Asha, who also produced 11 Hindi films and 7 Punjab films, including Nimmi-starrer(1949)
Raj Kumar (1955).
Gopal Raghani said: "Asha is a master in all industries: he writes, performs, directs and even edits, but never gets the recognition he deserves, "the owner of the Raghani studio in goregaon and the director of the movie like and.
Although he was depressed by the obscurity of the Sindh film, he felt that it was meaningless to make a Sindh film today.
It's hard for producers to find that those who have the strength have gone over Bollywood.
There are no people here who are equivalent to Kumar or Ramesh Taurani-people who know each other --
How to finance and even promote Sindh film.
Raghani's son Kamal intends to consolidate his position as director-just not in Sindhi filmdom.
"There is no Sindhi Movie," he insisted . "
Among a group of old filmmakers and those who are keen to keep in touch with Sindhi films in some way, Kamal stands out from what he calls "actual appearance. "Short (Sindhi)
"Making better films can work, especially if they are posted online," he said . ".
"I 've seen a lot of sindsey's movies, and most of them don't.
"One of the few 'blocks' in this industry ,()
, Released on 2013.
The film was only released in Ulhasnagar and despite fierce competition from Ayan Mukerji, it was a success.
More importantly, Anil Chanchlani said, it runs "on its own strengths.
"Ran for 10 weeks and checked in for 90 in the first three weeks.
It generation business for Rs 15
There are 20 lak in uhasnagar alone.
"If the movie sells well in the market, it can easily earn 1 crore rupees," he said . "
But director Parrish jamnani said his film did not recover the cost.
When asked why the Sindhi Movie "runs with its own value" is a big deal, he cites the desperate price many people pay to get their movie to watch as a reason: "They work with sponsors or companies to make bulk bookings, giving the impression that their movie is 'home '.
Because no one is willing to buy tickets. These people (
Sponsors and companies)
Send the bus to send the audience to the theater and distribute free gifts and snacks to the audience in return for watching the movie.
"Omprakash Rohida, director of last year, also agreed.
Rohida did his best to make a film about the poor.
There is comedy, drama, and even a good song because he says, "No one will see it if you make a movie like a documentary ".
Still, it was made on a modest budget of Rs 18 and enjoyed 12-
Run one week and fail to recover the cost.
"I paid for the premiere from my own pocket, so no matter what I can get in return, I can only go there," Rohida laughed . ".
Of the roughly 6, 00, 000 Sindhis in Ullas Nagar, only 25,000 have seen his films.
"People are so used to getting a free pass that they don't even want to watch high quality sindich movies," he argues . ".
Madan Jumani is more pessimistic.
"When you can watch something better on TV, who will pay multiple prices for the Sindhi Movie (
There are a lot of things on TV these days)," he asks.
This is a world of no quality and original content, no marketing masters and studios to get the film recognized.
The absence of the country means that Sindh films cannot benefit from government subsidies.
So it is no surprise that many people have moved towards a better prospect.
For example, Jumani is making his first Hindi feature film based on his own Sindhi drama about fear of death.
Kamal Nathani is also exploring the boulevard in Bollywood.
His 2006 Indian films did not stop him.
Vir Das will launch his product in September.
Nathani is also creating and producing Marathi films.
Regardless of the prospect, Ashok-of uhasnagar-
Anil Multiplex and the sound of music will continue to carry the torch for the Sindhi cinema.
Anil Chanchlani said he will make sure that the "good" people have at least two shows a day.
Lali will win more titles for him.
Expand the collection of Sindhi films and songs to sell VCDs and DVDs to those who want to stay in touch with their roots or curious about what Sindhi movies are about.
Hi, the movie is all about.
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