Where to stash books when your shelves are overflowing - room divider wall

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Where to stash books when your shelves are overflowing  -  room divider wall
Kiersta Barnes, 31, has many books.
"It's like a strange second-hand bookstore here," the compliance consultant said of the bookstore --
She lives with her boyfriend George mochaco, 39.
Both are avid readers and their collection fills every corner and Gap of the apartment.
Barnes was a greedy reader since childhood.
She said: "I hold summer reading clubs every summer, not just for pizza, but every year I read more than others.
"Since she was young, she has collected a wide variety of collections, including political memoirs, historical novels, Lauren Conrad titles, etc.
Mocharko tends to read more non-fiction.
He continues to read travel and business books and books by Dave egos, Thomas Friedman and Paul Kruger.
"My greatest fantasy . . . . . . Is to make the library swing around the room with a ladder, like in Beauty And The Beast, so that I can slide over and enjoy the glory of all my books, "Barnes gushed.
Ladder Without Library (yet)
But the walls of Barnes and morchaco are indeed full of books.
To accommodate their Union Collection, the couple had to buy so many bookcases that they filled up the wall space.
If you want to invest in your own bookcase, think about how long you will have.
Ben Dursch, realtor at Evers & Company, said renting r should "use things that are easy to move from apartment to apartment ".
He recommends Ikea products that are widely used and cheap.
The Kallax shelf unit can act as a room partition, a book player, or multiple
Use of storage space.
The company's popular Billy bookcase can sit on either side of the door and borrow a library
"It's like air," duershi said.
If you know that you will take a large collection of lighting to a new place, consider looking for a built-in unitin storage.
Many new units are being added --
Ins call for booking-
Lovers and Other collectors.
Mike Ennis, vice president of federal real estate residential operations and brands, said: "The proud display of the collection over the years on the shelves can really make the house feel like home . ".
They built the new properties in Paras and Ross-
In the corner of the shelf.
Of course, there are only so many bookcases.
For Barnes and morchaco, two books were once piled up on the shelves and placed on the shelves that were thinking outside the shelves.
In order to get the extra storage space, they chose other furniture.
"We have an Ottoman in our living room with space under it, and it's full of books under it," Barnes said . ". A side-
The desk drawers were also filled with literature, and there were piles of books in the bathroom and bedroom.
The 24-year-old Alec Albright, a graduate student at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Affairs, began putting books on the shelves when he first filled the shelves in his studio in Columbia Heights.
"Now I find a pile of books leaning against my wall, placed on both sides of the door frame, providing a column effect," he said . ".
"My table was so stacked that I had to work on the top of the book instead of the wooden surface," admitted Albright . ".
He doesn't seem to mind, though.
"Books are a piece of art that should be appreciated," he said . "
Once you have covered all the bookshelves and other planes with the book, it's time to become very cunning.
There is a lot of stacking space inside the fireplace.
Dursch recommends that "Be sure to clean up the books before you put them in, or line up in cartons" to protect them from soot, wear and tear.
Is the space really tight? Look up!
The top of the cabinet is a book.
Friendly Easter eggs and "if you're really tight, you can usually steal something at the door," Dursch said . ". The put-a-shelf-over-the-
The door trick is smooth, but the drill bit and fasteners are required for installation, then remove the shelf and patch the wall when moving out.
Dursch warns that renting r should always check the fine print before installing anything that might damage the wall.
"Tenants need to look at their leases and understand what they can and can't do," he said . ".
"There is a margin for the problem.
Olga Kuzmina, 25, said: "When it comes to storing stories," the entrance and the windowsill are a great help. ". The think-
Tank foreign policy researcher rent three-
Bedroom with two roommates, Bloomingdale.
She said she "arranged her books by genre --
Period novels, history, psychology, Russian things
Within these ranges, I change them based on color and size to enhance the look of diversity.
"A lot of people have turned to tablets and electronics.
Readers, but for the bibli family, reading is about the experience of holding a printed work in hand.
When it comes to her books, Kuzmina said: "I like to treat them as items, but I also look at them in a personified way as if they were friends.
"A book can be a refuge away from numbers, constantlyplugged-in world.
"I feel like I'm watching the screen all day.
"Escape to a book and I can turn off the technology a little bit," Barnes said . ".
"I don't have to worry about text messages or emails coming up.
These don't appear in my book.
"Some apartment units have an unusual floor plan and in order to make the most of the square feet, a bookcase that needs to be accurately measured.
There are several stores in Washington. C.
Renting r can find the right storage solution to suit their niche market.
Rooms and boards on the 14 th Street North West can be customized with shelf units starting at $379.
There are a few cool hardware stores throughout Area D. C.
The area offers DIY shelves at a lower price.
Brackets start at about $6, 1-by-8-by-4-
Can be cut into small inches of wood to make excessivethe-
The door rack is about $12.
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