when you hit a wall - temporary partition wall with door

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when you hit a wall  -  temporary partition wall with door
Joyce Cohen hunting in November.
2007 when she came to New York last summer to start a new job, Hallie Stephens had been running into something unfamiliar and she planned to share an apartment with two roommates: building a wall
"I have never heard of building a wall in an apartment," she said . ".
"I think, 'do I do the same myself?
I'm not that convenient, so I'm not sure if a wall I built can still stay.
"No, of course she won't do it herself.
She would hire a company to install a temporary pressurized wall so that, as many of her friends have already done, turn a room into two.
Then she can squeeze one more person.
This is the only way she can afford her rent in Manhattan. (
Temporary walls are allowed in some buildings and some are not allowed. )Ms.
Stephens, from Oak Park in the suburbs of Chicago, graduated from the University of Michigan last spring.
When she started looking for an apartment she lived with three men she knew from college and they shared two
60-bedroom in Stuart Townyear-
The old complex, built by Metropolitan Life Insurance for the placement of veterans, was recently sold to an investment group led by Tisman Speyer Properties.
A wall separates the living room and forms a third bedroom.
These guys are investment bankers and "make a lot more money than she and her friends who plan and earn ". Stephens said. (Two-
The bedroom in Stuyvesant Town starts at $4,025. )
The wall, she says, is very well installed and looks like a "part of the original structure ".
She and her two friends raised the target rent from $1,300 to $1,000. Ms.
The 23-year-old Stephens spent hours searching online for a two-man at an affordable price.
Rent can be converted into three bedrooms by adding a wall.
The $1,300 figure, however, has helped her roommate.
"One of the girls is out of work . "Stephens said.
They spent a day in East Village and Upper East Side of Manhattan.
Everything looks dirty or small.
"At the end of the day, I cried to my parents on the phone," Ms. Stephens said.
It's for Brooklyn.
"I look at every place I see, because people have told me . "Stephens said.
"This is all hearsay: So --and-
The same is true of living in this neighborhood;
You should check it out.
I think we were looking for it on the Park Slope.
We don't know much about Brooklyn.
"But it feels so far away that there seems to be nothing worth paying there.
Next is Hoboken, N. J.
Where a friend of a friend livesMs.
Two of Stephens.
Roommates like it very much, they decided to rent a small two-
The bedroom is there for $1,225 each. But Ms.
Stephens wants to live in Manhattan.
Also, Hoboken will mean it's hard to go to her office in East Midtown, an assistant to a television production company.
Now she can only rely on herself, although in the fall, there is little chance that another friend will join her as a roommate.
So she decided to find one.
The bedroom, did not have the idea of staying there alone until the roommate's situation was consolidated.
Other friends live in Murray Hill. So Ms.
Stephens stops into a rental building, the Lawrence building on East 33 Street, where there is
The price of the bedroom is $2,800.
But if she had a roommate, the rent would go up. (
If someone builds a temporary wall, the building costs $500 more per month. )
Advertising may be more affordable for another friend in the financial district.
On the top of Wall Street
Stephens can rent one.
Less than $2,900 bedroom.
There is no extra cost to add a wall.
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But no one seems to be in the area at night.
She said: "You can't even go to Duane Reade because it's closed and I think it can be painful for me to live there, especially without roommates.
At the same time, she decided to take a short
Most of the summer is semester so she can evaluate her next steps.
In the Upper East Side, she bought one for $1,225.
Bedroom and by. -two together. now-
Familiar temporary wall
She became a quick friend with a colleague Holly parkfall, who is sharing a reason --
A brown apartment on East 18 Street with two roommates. Ms.
The parkfall bedroom she bought for $1,125 used to be part of a very large kitchen, but as the walls increased it had become a bedroom. (
This is permanent. )
She wants to move.
The Shower "is too small for me to bend over and shave my legs --
I had to open the door, "she said.
Parker fall, 24, graduated from the University of Southern California from the San Fernando Valley.
When the mouse arrived.
For more than a week, Pakistanis have fled to the residence of a friend.
When she came back, she found rat feces under the pillow.
"I want something clean," she said . ".
So she wanted to join.
Stephens is hunting. Ms.
Stephens flashed through a small town of Stephens.
Now that she's sure she has a roommate, they can afford it. bedroom.
There is, of course, a wall. Ms.
Parker fall is not sure what the town of Stuart is.
"I saw it from F in a taxi. D. R.
"I always thought it was a project," she said . ".
One for two.
Newly renovated bedroom near Avenue A for $3,075.
They moved earlier in the fall, sharing the $1,000 cost of the temporary wall. Advertising Lady
Stephens paid $1,675 for the real bedroom. Ms.
Parker fall paid $1,400 for her room, which was created from the living room.
It's not only for the money, but sometimes their parents help.
Both of them are very happy in their new home.
"It feels very mature and clean," Ms. Stephens said.
Some of her colleagues and former sorority sisters also live in the town of Stuyvesant, so "I know I have neighbors and it's good when you're away from home.
"It looks big compared to the place of friends.
In half a room, though.
Pakfar actually moves around in space.
"It seems strange that this is special," Ms. Stephens said.
"I 've seen places where you have to squeeze the walls sideways in order to get out of the bedroom.
But before you reach a certain age and have a certain income, you have to do something to cover the cost of living in the city. ”E-
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