What says 'modern' now in decor? Some trends for Spring 2019 - room divider wall panels

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-03
What says \'modern\' now in decor? Some trends for Spring 2019  -  room divider wall panels
As the weather improves and the hibernation period ends, there is often the urge to update and update one or two rooms.
It may be simple, just add some new decorative items or replace the worn-out-
A piece of furniture.
Or maybe something more ambitious like a new room layout or a color scheme.
Elaine Griffin, interior designer in New York City, says several designers are now considering "fresh and modern": the texture "is an important moment for Wood ".
"Layers of wood, different shades, make a sharp contrast --think wood-
On the thinner hardwood floors there is a framed chair for a walnut coffee table. Wood-
The paneled walls are also modern, this time with a smooth, oversized panel or sculpture design.
"Wood meets iron in the combination of elegance and industry.
Pier 1 has a new fir and iron shelving unit with a sloping "roof", creating a sense of place while acting as a storage room and room partition.
Also at Pier 1, galvanized iron plates and mango wood provide you with a round coffee table with personality.
Not just iron.
"Now the black metal is modern," Griffin said . "
"Think about bronze, wrought iron and almostBlack brass. They’re super-
Combine or decorate with other elements.
"For Benjamin Paldo, the design director of Noel furniture, the new is a new interpretation of some of the iconic works of the Bauhaus era, which is the 100 anniversary of Bauhaus.
"I'm particularly excited about the new designs in Brewer, Mies van der Rohe, Harry Bertoia and Warren Platner," Pardo said . ".
The iconic 1966 glass of Prana
Top table with roses now availablegold wire base.
The classic 1952 wire side chair of Bertoia has been re-built
Imagine it in gold, and there is also a curled wool cut mat.
Other retailers, like CB2 and anthropology, echo furry trends with curlyup-and-
Cold chair and sofa decorated with sheep fur.
Another contemporary trend: Rattan.
These are traditionally materials for outdoor furniture, but we see that almost everyone provides indoor seating and cabinets in these organizations.
There is a rattan in front of the CB2, while Anthropologie has a Hatcher with a rattan in front.
In Ethan Allen, there are medieval and island-
Inspired recliner with woven back.
In Serena & Lily, the custom, textured bed stand is made of honey or gray rattan and comes with a brass leg cap.
To Meg Roberts in New York.
Headquartered in Echo Design Group, the most exciting thing in the spring of 19 is the explosion of dramatic tropical patterns. “From large-
From palm trees and jungle murals to plants and toyle-
The patterns show exotic birds and animals and celebrate a variety of gorgeous green plants, "she said.
"They can be classic, modern, fun or organic, but they are always hopeful and attractive.
The real thing is just as hot.
"Indoor plants look modern now," Griffin said . "
"They are the most modern --
Feel accessories: the on-site elements that bring the outdoors are extremely fashionable.
I like the white, handmade, ceramic green plants.
"Flower designers are also creating simple and compelling vignettes, like the big monster leaves in a striking vase, or the delicate leaves in a textured basket.
More direct online salesto-
Consumer plant businesses also (
Bloomscape, windowsill, etc ),
, Provide purchase and care instructions for those who are lessthan-green thumbs.
The art of statement is having an impact, online and physicaland-
A physical retailer that offers all prices of large contemporary oil paintings.
"There's nothing better than a huge painting or print on the couch or taking up a huge empty wall," Griffin said . ".
Today's design also includes the development of environmental-oriented production.
Cathy Bailey is the creative director of Heath Ceramics Studio in San Francisco, which has been producing ceramic utensils, cutlery and accessories since the end of 1940.
"Pure, thoughtful, honest and beautiful is the modern feeling I want now," she said . ".
"We have gone a long way in appreciating the objects we use and their effects.
Heath is producing tableware in sosarito, California, and in Sheryl, New York.
Bailey said the initiative "supports these communities and has less impact on the environment ".
Heath is back.
Thought packaging tries to eliminate plastic, replaced by recycled newsprint for packaging ceramics, and goods shipped using a triangular recyclable filler, Expandos, made of recycled cardboard.
Bailey said, "the choice we made was thoughtful and modern. ”
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