what happened when glasgow school of art went up in smoke? - wooden partition wall

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what happened when glasgow school of art went up in smoke?  -  wooden partition wall
The phone has not received much attention.
Over the years, the Johnston command center of the Scottish Fire Rescue Center has received many
The famous Glasgow School of Art (GSA)
Always drill or false alarm.
Nevertheless, the dispatcher immediately radio three nearest fire engines.
Arriving at the building on Renfrew Street 4 minutes later, the firefighters were hit by the speed of evacuation, and the students passed through the double doors, flowing down the stacked front stairs.
That morning, the building was the 102 m final.
Art students of the year and their undergraduate assistants made the final touches on the works of the degree exhibition.
The product of four years of work sounded the alarm four hours before the deadline.
It was the only time all the work was concentrated in one place.
Adam Quinn, a painting and printmaking student, said: "It's been a busy week . ".
"I came in at eight o'clock A. M. and left at 11 in the evening.
Polish the walls, paint the walls, clean everything up and install my work.
This is just the last point when the alarm rings, I just need to complete the settings.
"The firefighters soon changed their approach.
"We saw a wisp of smoke.
This is a no-nice colour;
"It's almost brown," said David goodhorn, the official in charge of the day.
"Not only does this tell us that something is on fire, but it tells us that it is a serious fire.
When black smoke points to the fire of plastic fuel, Brown says "deep-
"The fire of sitting and working ".
This is the color of the smoke you get from the fire that burns the building materials-has entered the building structure.
As more staff arrived, the incident quickly changed again when someone pointed to smoke coming out of the roof of the building.
"It doesn't make sense," said goodhorn . ".
"There was a fire in the basement and we got an alarm.
"It's hard to exaggerate the importance of the building to Glasgow," said Pamela Robertson, a professor of research at Mackintosh at Hunter University.
"In many ways, the Acropolis in Glasgow is our building on the mountain, adding luster to the city.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh is 28. year-
Old junior drafters from Holiman and Kapi construction in Glasgow submitted to the Competition Commission plans for the city's expanding new art school.
To reach a budget of £ 14,000, the briefing was tricky by the ruthless site: a tight plot on a steep slope, limited by the requirement to have a big Northfacing studios.
The library is located on its west wing, but conceptually it is located in the center of the building.
The dark pine and oak paneling and the protruding vertical buildings are stunning in the shadows;
Gems on the crown
"People have to look at the library as an integral part of the building," Robertson said . ".
"There is a journey from the street, stairs, foyer, museum space to the corridor.
Before you get to the library, there is a magnificent way through the building.
It makes you sensitive.
"The fire that devours the building during the day was controlled inside the West Wing, and although dramatic pictures were seen from the streets and television sets below, only 10 lost half of the structure.
But the library is gone.
Due to the rapid action of firefighters, they effectively formed a human chain, removed the contents of the building from the damage, and many students' work survived.
But for many people assigned to the West Wing studio, all or part of their portfolio is lost.
The pressure of deadlines is a general experience-it's hard to imagine a more disturbing hand --
More than a day in the class of the Glasgow School of Art in 2014.
It is not clear how the fire started. Just before 1. 30pm, third-
Annual sculpture student Felix Welch hurried along one of the four main corridors in the basement with two mentors and a classmate.
In front of him, he heard a loud noise.
"It sounds like someone is knocking on the door," he said . "
Welch took a few more steps to see an inflated large bubble lit up in a temporary studio.
One of the homeroom teachers grabbed a fire extinguisher from the stand on the wall and tried to solve it.
But within a few seconds, the flame jumped onto a wooden partition wall and spread rapidly.
One of the instructors sounded the alarm and walked up the stairs.
Over the next few days, people have different descriptions of how the fire started to spread-including hints that the fire might have started with a rush to try to dry the expanded foam with a hairdryer.
But it is now popular to say that the fire was caused by a faulty projector.
Quinn came out of the burden building on the other side of Scott Street, and his mind was filled with whether he was now able to get everything ready in time.
"My initial response was 'Deadline may not be 5 now: it could be eight, nine, or even Monday, '" he said '. ".
"It doesn't look so serious.
"Outside, the smoke from the roof was quickly discovered.
At first a barely
The visible curl, then the stripes, quickly turned into a thick yellow color.
Apply charcoal columns to the bright spring sky.
Around one o'clock P. M. , the heat intensity inside the building broke a big North --
Facing the windows and pieces of glass fell down the street below.
The police acted quickly to block Renfrew Street, forcing the remaining few to retreat.
The form and function of the building quickly became a victim;
It was built largely of wood and took a century to absorb pine fat.
Of course, the library is packed with thousands of pages of books.
To make matters worse, the ventilation system is made of wood.
Although modern building regulations require at least one hour of burning
The time between floors, this flammable chimney system saw the fire from the basement to the six-story building on the roof in just four minutes.
The students gathered at the gathering place of the nearby Garnethill Park.
On them, the plume is getting thicker and thicker, drifting south and west to the other side of the city.
Residents across the River Clyde, three-
A mile south, smelling the burning wood, the city's traffic slowed down --
The center of the M8 extends when the cigarette Post floats.
Rumors began to spread in the park.
The titbits of the people who joined the crowd combined with the BBC and Twitter updates, some said the roof was on fire, others said the fire had spread to studio 40, Studio 44.
Melissa malloko's studio is right below the Mackintosh library, while Freya Stockford's studio is right above.
"I know that because of where the smoke is coming from, the damage to my work can be very serious," Maloco said . ".
"Then the BBC posted a picture on their website.
There are firefighters pouring water from their cranes and you can see flames coming out of one of the windows.
It's on the first floor.
I started counting how much.
I realized it was my studio 43 and I knew I lost everything.
"It's a different story for Stockford.
"I have no idea that any of my work has not been completed.
It was not until the next day that I received an email sent to staff and students, which included a press release.
It outlines the extent of the damage and says the area above the library has been destroyed.
I had been removed before the fire spread, and the last time I saw the smoke on the roof, not the smoke on the west end of the building.
"After the initial shock, she said her emotional state was" getting worse and worse ":" It felt like losing an old friend ". At around 5.
At 30 p. m. , firefighters came out of the building and told GoodDay, West.
Facing the mountain wall, it seems to be falling.
At the suggestion of a council structural engineer who rushed to the scene, goodshey called his crew back from the location of Scott Street, where they had been spraying water directly to the Mackintosh Library
As the evening approached, the students began to head to the National Bar near sochhall Street.
Five hours after the fire began, ash still fell from the evening air, filled with the smell of fire.
The mood is heavy.
"I 've never been to a place where there's no funeral, and so many people cry," says Rob Hodge . ".
"It's pretty grim, standing there with a pint of beer and watching our degree show rising in flames," Quinn said . ".
"It's supposed to be pin' right, it's us.
We enjoyed it from here on.
But everyone is crying.
"The sad feeling goes beyond the loss of the student's personal portfolio, but that feeling continues to penetrate into their working methods.
"It's like mourning a death, and I know it may sound like it's over --
"It's an exaggeration," said Maloco.
"But I think everyone feels that way.
The idea of doing new work seems very strange for some time to come, and I just can't really understand re-creating things and going back into the process.
"It was clear that day that most of the work on the West Wing was destroyed, and the East Wing was basically not damaged.
But Ella Porter said, "No matter which side of the building you are on, everyone feels the same damage more or less.
Everyone thinks it's their building ".
When the night fell, firefighters judged on the mountain that the fire had been under control.
Floodlights are brought in so that the team can work all night on the "check and fire out" mission to ensure there is no burning debris residue.
But long before the lights turned on, it was clear that nothing in the library survived.
"I have been using the present tense," Pamela Robertson said four and a half months after the fire.
"I will continue to do so.
"That day she said she felt compelled to leave her desk and go to GSA to" say goodbye ".
But now she is optimistic.
After the disaster, a campaign was launched to raise between six and seven pounds to repair the building.
Most of the money comes from the British government, while the Scottish government promises to provide --
Match any other donations (up to £5m)
, For the rest of the total.
Despite the iconic status of the library in the city, there is currently a debate about whether the library should be restored to Mackintosh's original plan or replaced by a new design.
President of Friends of the GSA group, local fashion entrepreneur David Mulan, said in a statement released last month that the original plan to rebuild Mackintosh would be an "embarrassment ", it is equivalent to the blatant display of "mokentosh ".
In the library, he called for a "high function space, a bit like a common room ".
However, revivalists believe that the necessary materials and crafts are readily available in order to faithfully rebuild the original.
All the students graduated in June and were assessed using the mitigating plot agreement.
In addition to their choice to return abroad, they will also receive a total of 750,000 pounds of grants funded by the Scottish government.
It is named the Phoenix scholarship and will allow them to study in one of several institutions around the world.
The destination will be announced this week, and all students plan to create original work instead of re-viewing the degree presentation.
Melissa Maloco has created some new works.
A month after the fire, she returned to "Mike ".
She removed the ashes from the fire and applied them on a series of canvas.
"Carbon is the source of all new lives," she explained . ".
"It seems appropriate for me.
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