ways to 'decorate' your office partitions - partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-06-18
ways to \'decorate\' your office partitions  -  partition wall
If you work in a company that does not have its own construction, your workspace is likely to exist in the form of some strategically placed office partitions.
Many people find these partitions boring or unattractive, while others like a minimalist look.
However, there are ways to decorate your office partition to increase your organization and give it a personalized home --away-from-home touch.
A smart idea is to find some paper trays and large clips that can be attached to the partition wall (
Velcro or command bar is perfect for this).
You can find some cheap items in the office supplies store.
In this way, you can clear all the clutter on your desk, maximize space by using blank partitions, and create a focus at the same time.
Think about hanging a clock on a wall in your office.
This is not only an actual addition to your workspace, as you can quickly judge the time, and the clock may be a real decorative feature if you choose an appealing style.
If you often receive memos or small notes, maybe consider installing a pin board on your office partition (
That is, if your office wall itself cannot be used as a pin plate).
This will enable you to organize important notes and reminders in a way that is clearly visible at all times.
It's also a good idea to find some hooks that can be connected to the office partition.
These are handy if you don't have anywhere to hang a jacket or you want to hang a photo in your cubicle.
You can find hooks on most of the walls that fit half an office supplies store
Height partitions, or you can nail a hook on the fabric.
The command hook works well on glass and plasterboard partitions and does not pose a risk of damage to your office.
Hang a whiteboard on your partition door with a mark on it (If you have one)
Or next to the entrance.
If you are not in the office, your colleagues can leave you a message and you can also leave notes and reminders for yourself.
When decorating and organizing office partitions, it is important to always remember that you should not bring anything that will distract you from your work into the office.
Following this rule and the "less is more" rule will help you create a personalized but powerful office partition workspace.
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