watch ’em if you can - cubicle walls

by:EBUNGE     2019-06-30
watch ’em if you can  -  cubicle walls
It's™Become the main business of the global corporate office.
As we all know, office buildings include small boxes called "compartments"™.
But no matter how many times they tell you, think outside the box™You can't™Don't do it because of you. ™Actually in the box!
What's more, if you™You raise your head on the partition wall, then Mr. executive or miss. ™Grassland again-dogging! Prairie-
Dog or compartment-
Peep is a term used to describe the situation in which the head of the office staff pops up on the wall of the partition to cope with loud sounds or noise.
The office full of compartments is definitely a commonplace,™-™Architect William Jay Hartman is an expert in interior design in the office, but this design may not work for everyone because they encourage effective compartments --peeking.
-™-™Someone found the cubicle.
Sharat Ruhia, an executive at a multinational company, is perfect for peeking: Prairie-
It's a great audience sport to play dogs.
Standing up, looking at the panel of the office, often talking about the panel of the office, this practice is considered acceptable office behavior.
-™-™Everyone™It's the grassland. dog talk.
But just in case. ™A new compartment
Peeper, here are some tips on etiquette: make some warning noise before the real Prairiedogging;
Keep your voice down™Climb up the chair or working face;
If peeking in two or more compartments, don't™Direct eye contact with occupants of the middle compartment;
If you™I have an interesting insight to share, name the person who left the message, don't™Don't yell at anyone.
Yes, both people involved in the indirect conversation should be standing.
Now, some expert tips: next time you want to get excited in the office, just close a door and watch all the prairie dogs Pop Up!
Or if you™I'm in a bad mood. send an e-
The Mail message in the office said: The last one came up with stinky eggs!
This is definitely an acceptable practice, but only observed in a limited range,™-™Dr. Sanjay chough, a psychiatrist, said it became a problem when one could not take the middle road.
At this time, the compartment
Peeking can lead to negative emotions such as distraction and jealousy.
-™-™But not every prairie dog has its day!
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