wallpaper can pack a punch at low cost - temporary wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-29
wallpaper can pack a punch at low cost  -  temporary wall
Interior designer Mallory Maisen has been watching: customers will flinch when they hear the word "wallpaper", fearing that it will make their home look outdated and boring.
Everything changed when they saw the finished product.
"When you look at the samples, you really don't know how much wallpaper has an impact on the room," Mathison said . ".
"They always say when the wallpaper comes up, 'Oh my God, I love it.
Rooms are more private and special.
And it doesn't cost a lot of money.
Designer Brian Patrick Flynn said: "wallpaper is back 20 years after getting on the cool list.
There are plenty of rich textures and eye-catching patterns on the market today that can bring charm to the room-it's hard to achieve with paint alone.
Flynn says wallpaper is a great tool for giving any room an affordable facelift.
Designer Janine Carendi suggested that wallpaper should be used in a small cost, large impact, economical and strategic manner.
On a wall, bold graphic patterns or warm textured paper are great, perhaps at the entrance to your home, she said.
Sticking only one wall-the wall behind your bed, for example-creates a compelling focus without the need to cover the entire room.
This method gives you the freedom to use patterns that may be over-used if used on all four walls.
Another option that these designers love is to stick only the ceiling in the dining room or bedroom and create some drama.
The restaurant is also a good place to install the chair track, only use paper on the wall part above or below the track.
Wallpaper borders of 1980 are no longer popular.
However, in a room about 60 centimeters below the ceiling, the wallpaper works well.
One of Flynn's favorite tricks: If your wall doesn't have a building panel yet, make a rectangular panel with a mold and then use paper in it.
What works, geometric printing and big-
The scale pattern is very popular now, and the texture wall is also very popular.
Mathison said: "The grid pattern is very large, just like the palm of the hand. Beach-in-the-
In his 60 s, it looks chic.
It looks very modern but has a classic base.
"Bold patterns like this work well in small spaces, like the dressing room.
It may be thought of as another item left over from the post-80 s-graskelos has once again attracted attention.
In ABC's TV series "Brothers and Sisters", the main floor of the family's sprawling California home was completed in grascloss.
"There has been too much discussion about this," Mathison said . " From the audience who wants to replicate this look.
Grasscloth is perfect for making the formal living room feel warmer, more casual, or adding a fresh look to a paint-based home.
Carendi likes to use temporary wall coverings such as wall decals (
Blik is her favorite brand)
And wall tiles made of recycled leather.
They are affordable and ideal for a wall or for making headboards that are easy to glue.
Should you do it yourself?
These designers are a big fan of DIY projects.
But they all recommend getting experts involved in anything but the smallest wallpaper project.
Mistakes with paint can usually be fixed with more paint.
But errors are expensive for wallpaper-you may have to replace all the paper that is hanging wrong. (
It will also "severely damage your hair and nails," Mathison said ". )
As with any home improvement project, it is best to get a few estimates.
Depending on the expertise of the paper hanger and where you live, the price can vary a lot.
If it is too steep and you want to try to do it yourself, please find a course in the home improvement store.
Or, Flynn says, hire an expert to do a small paper job in your home and learn as much from them as possible.
"These people who used to work full --
"The 70 s and 80 s are not so busy now," he said . ".
Let people ask what they do and they may be "excited ".
Another DIY option that is easier than traditional paper and glue is: try spraying a section of the wall with starch and press the light cotton panel on it, Carendi said.
The fabric will stick to the wall and should remain firm once dry. (
It can shrink, so a little more than you need, trim the edges with a tool knife. )
Flynn's last tip: Don't be afraid to do something bold, but avoid Design Supertrendy.
If you are creating something compelling, you want to make sure that you will like it in five years.
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