virtually a real art gallery experience - meeting room partition walls

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-24
virtually a real art gallery experience  -  meeting room partition walls
Something strange happened at the Uffizi Gallery this week.
Walking around, you get the impression that you are not so much stepping on the parquet floor as sliding on the floor.
You can even slide through the partition like magic, or jump from room to room.
Giottos, Botticellis, and caravagios didn't get into the field of view smoothly, but it seems to be rushing at you in a series of creepy bumps.
The most strange thing is that at the beginning of the tourist season in Florence, there is no soul in this place.
This is not the Uffizi that most tourists know and like, but the computer lovers will call it in an inverted way.
Comma precision of "Uffizi-the virtual-
Real version just released on CD
In Italy, Rom is about to land in computer stores and bookstores around the world.
No museum has ever been copied so precisely before.
Not only can you bring up photos of Uffizi on the screen and check them up close, you can also see them on the wall they hang.
The layout of the museum has been reproduced in the simulation
3D, allows you to move from room to room and slowly walk to each photo as if you were actually there.
You can even look out the window and enjoy the view of Florence on the Arno River. The CD-
The Uffizi Rom version produced by the subsidiary of opera multimedia company Olivetti is not the first virtual museum in the world
National Galleries, the Louvre and Barnes collections from Philadelphia have entered the computer disk --
But this may mark the biggest leap in technology knowledge.
How the revolution in publishing and tourism happened and foreshadowed.
Even if the price of the package is around 60 (
Retail prices in the UK are not yet determined)
It's still much cheaper and much easier than jumping on a plane to Florence, staying at a hotel, queuing up for hours to pay high family entrance fees at the front door of Uffizi.
You and your mouse can bring up the detailed explanation of the picture, text and hearing, click on the video movie, provide a lot of background information, and-
Maybe the most interesting.
Solve up to 300 pieces of jigsaw puzzle by Uffizi's masterpiece.
But art purists can rest assured.
Although the quality of the picture marks a considerable improvement in the ordinary postcard, computer technology cannot make up for the texture, depth and pure atmosphere of the original painting.
"The idea is not to make Uffizi redundant, but to make visitors happier, whether or not they look up the CD-
"Before or after coming to Florence," the mayor of the city, Mario primisario, said at a press conference. week.
The buzzword of the computer industry is "entertaining", whether it is applied to natural books, encyclopedias or virtual museums, "entertaining" has become the guiding principle behind Multimedia Publishing.
Very good travel business-
Because it is the fastest in the world, it is suitable to marry the multimedia revolution
The development of the industry has created a huge market for traditional publishing through guidelines.
The best picture guide on the market, the best-this may not be a coincidence
A series of sales witnesses produced by a company (
Kindergarten)that is 20-per-
Bill Gates's Microsoft company has cents.
It was Microsoft who made the CD.
18 months ago, the Rom version of the National Gallery of London and Corbis, another gates company, recently published a passion for art.
This is a virtual rendering of Barnes Impressionist and Post-Impressionist collections.
Impressionist painting has been on tour in the World Exhibition Hall for the past year.
Top computer companies are competing for CD-s from other famous galleries and museums-Rom market.
This is an expensive game that can only be affordable by a larger publisher if the number of markets is unknown.
Not all computers in the futuredriven, though.
On the day the opera multimedia launched its Virtual Uffizi, a Ghirlandaio mural of the Last Supper was reopened to the public at the convener of St. Mark in Florence
After looking at the computer images for a few hours, the difference is very obvious.
This may be the technology of the past, but it is also art.
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