ventures; when is a wall not a wall? - temporary partition wall

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ventures; when is a wall not a wall?  -  temporary partition wall
When two workers split his living room, julie dunnjuly 2000 shook his head and Craig Cohen was incredibly impressed by the sky in New Yorkhigh rents. His new 1,000-square-
A walking apartment on 34 th Street near Broadway, spacious but empty, costing him $2,700 a month, plus a broker fee and about $1,500
Two bedroom. bedroom.
"This is the only thing you can do for privacy," he said . "
Cohen is a fresh graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana.
When he pointed to the new wall, Champaign.
Or rather, partition.
It is installed by the Wall PPS, although its name does not build the wall.
The company builds a temporary partition that is deleted when the lease expires.
The panel is fixed by aluminum rods pressed on the ceiling and floor.
"I thought it was just temporary --looking,'' Mr.
Speaking of their partition, Cohen's roommate Aaron Watts said that the partition seems to be stereo --proof.
"I would say it's as good as a permanent wall.
I can't hear his music.
Scott Webb, the company's founder, was inspired by Pinke Floyd's album Wall, which he founded on Long Island, Queens, in 1996.
"This means that new people enter the city every year and try to make their mark," he said . ".
Partition advertising--
She, screws and Aluminum nails--
It takes about four hours to install.
Prices vary by size; a standard 8-foot-by-12-$826.
56, which includes a $150 deposit returned when the partition was deleted.
Windows, ventilation fans and French doors can be added, with a window ranging from $150 to $625 for French doors.
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The company builds about 100 divisions a month, mainly on the East Side of Manhattan.
Some are in the office, but most of the business is residential, including creating extra rooms for elderly parents who move in with their children.
TV and film studio Tandu Production has blocked an office by adding a partition to their SoHo loft headquarters.
"It's weird, but it works," said Gordon McGregor, Tandu manager . ".
During the busy summer season, the Great Wall hired about 20 employees due to the influx of college graduates.
The competition is fierce in about 10 years. round jobs.
Amir Harris, 22, said: "I am the fastest, only three hours at most . "year-
The old installer from Queens said while cutting the sheets.
The wall needs to be approved by the director of construction and the landlord, and an insurance document is provided that the partition will not cause permanent damage and will be removed.
"As if there was nothing there," said the gentleman. Webb insists.
That's what New York landlords like to hear.
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When is a wall not a wall? .
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