upcycle doors: how to upcycle old salvaged doors into a beautiful room divider - room divider partition

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-04
upcycle doors: how to upcycle old salvaged doors into a beautiful room divider  -  room divider partition
An idea to cycle the door up is to create a room partition.
Learn how to do it below with these simple instructions.
The door partition of the upward loop provides steps for creating the door partition of the upward loop. Step 1 determine which doors are left, center, and right panels.
Remove the hinge from the left door.
Polish the surface of the door to smooth any rough area and remove peeling paint.
There will be cracks in this project, so there is no need to completely eliminate the paint that is raised or cracked.
Use a sticky cloth to remove sanding dust and dirt from the door.
Step 2 apply primer on the front, back and edge of all doors using the remaining house paint.
This color will be coated with a crack and will be shown through the crack of the finish coat.
Let the bottom clothes dry.
Paint the base coating with a crack medium.
Let the crack crackle media dry until it feels tacky.
Apply a coat of topcoat to the crack medium.
The crack medium will cause the top coat to crack immediately.
Do not knock on the paint many times, otherwise it may cause the crack to blur.
Let the cracked finish thoroughly dry.
Step 3 arrange your template design on the front of the door.
Note: the left door does not have hinges, and the left edge of the middle and right doors has hinges.
Please use this note to determine which side of the door is the front and which end is the top.
Place the dabs of each acrylic paint color on the paper tray.
For applications of each color, dip the steel mesh brush into the paint and scrub the bristles into paper towels until most of the paint is removed.
This trick will prevent the paint from penetrating under the edge of the template.
Template as needed, repeat if needed.
Let the paint dry.
Step 4, copy your upper loop door divider.
Pour brown acrylic paint into a small bowl and mix it in water until it reaches an unstable consistency.
Working in a small area at once, apply the mixture to the surface of the door using a sponge brush.
Wipe the mixture clean immediately.
This will give the door a really old end.
Continue until all three doors are out of date.
Step 5 put the door sidewaysby-side.
If the door in the middle and right is already attached to the hinge, use the free flap of the hinge to mark the hole position on the adjacent door.
Use a small bit to drill the pilot hole on the mark and attach the hinge.
If you want to add a new hinge, place it using an existing hole on the previous hinge.
Fold slightly at the door hinge to stabilize.
The door room divider for upward circulation is a great way to add storage to the corner of the room, especially in the case of minimal storage.
Install cheap full length mirrors on the back of the door to create a comfortable dressing room screen.
Connect the recycled clothes hook to store the accessories.
Use the cabinet door to create a micro partition that quickly puts a mess of things on the table out of sight.
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