uni pioneers design for the deaf - moveable walls

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uni pioneers design for the deaf  -  moveable walls
Tony Tatum, a senior at the University of gateut, a liberal arts college with a focus on the career development of deaf and hard-hearing students, talked about just
In August 22, 2012, a living and learning dormitory was opened on campus in Washington, D. C. The new 18.
$5 million student housing building designed for deaf students at the University with 175 beds in the suite
Accommodation in style, as well as flexible spaces, allows students to gather to study or give lectures in an environment specifically designed for university students.
AFP Photo/Sol lobuyuan: recently, Tony Tatum, a college footballer, sparked a round of applause with an interesting anecdote.
The only thing is that you don't hear much applause.
But you can see.
The man who listened to the charismatic student spoke waved his hand in the air to show appreciation --
Because Tatum communicated with his audience in sign language.
Mr. Tatum has a poor hearing and is attending the University of Garot, a high school specializing in programs for the deaf.
Lush green campus in Washington, DC, school-
His charter was signed by then President Lincoln in 1864.
It has developed into a hotbed of architectural design, facing a community that mainly interacts through gestures --
Not spoken-word.
The latest example is Mr. Tatum's dormitory, which is $18. 5 million ($18 million)state-of-
Art building with 175 beds. "It's very deaf --
"Very friendly," said Mr. Tatum . " In addition to wearing a hearing aid, Tatum also wears conspicuous gold earrings.
"You can see everything. that's what I like.
"What makes Living and Learning Living Hall 6 innovative is that it was built on a set of design principles called deafening spaces.
"In short, the deafening space is a term created in the University, referring to a way of building, designing a building, hansel Bauman said:" It's just a way of thinking, too, that is, to create an environment conducive to the feelings of the deaf, and to be consistent with the feelings of the deaf, "de TE's campus design and planning.
Tour of five-floor complex -
There is a feeling of kindness, modernity and ventilation-
It reveals that the concept is not just theory, it is far beyond the visual alarm of fire alarm and doorbell.
The most striking feature of the building is the large amount of light coming in through wide windows or coming out of a series of lights in a way that avoids glare.
At the same time, huge open spaces, and even movable walls on wheels, allow the formation of a circle of dialogue, allowing everyone in a group of deaf and hard-hearing people to participate visually in the dialogue.
Then there are wider corridors and sidewalks that can accommodate the signers walking side by side while maintaining enough space between them to measure facial expressions.
Sensors can't be forgotten.
Operation to drive continuous interaction front door and ramp are often blocked
Even dangerous.
Through steps or stairs.
What is also impressive about the "over-time" is that some walls are painted with special blue shadows --
A color that provides a pleasant background for people whose eyes show key information
According to Mr. Bauman, the role of the gathering may become tense.
"The color of the walls is almost the page that the visual words are against," he said . " He added that Blue is a cooler tone that provides "refreshing" in contrast to the warm tones of the skin ".
"People are reading sign language all day and you are also visually managing the space --
So it tends to cause eye fatigue, "he said.
Although this seems counter-
In the beginning, acoustics played an important role in deaf and heavy listening.
This is because many devices that wear cochlear implants or auxiliary hearing, for example, convert reverb in tall spaces to echo types.
Mr Bauman explained: "The Echo becomes a noise, not a signal, it masks the spoken or specific sound you want to hear," moving towards the dark heat insulation plate on the ceiling, to minimize this phenomenon.
Sometimes, the biggest impact is small things.
Mr. Tatum noted that the bathroom light switch he shared with his suite partner was located in public space --
When the person on duty calls, replace the bang on the door with a flick of the switch.
David Lewis, partner at LTL Architects, was selected to participate in the project, and his team spent "thousands" hours completing the project, which he hoped would become
"I very much hope that this building will not only be a home, a place to live and learn, but also a real test ground, a place to learn," he said . ".
Howard Rosen Bloom, chief executive of the National Association for the deaf, praised Garot's employees as "pioneers ".
"Architecture has made great progress in general design, and it was not until recently that the deafening space design was considered," he said . ".
"This question should have been considered long ago.
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