TVs built into shelves, furniture that transforms into exercise equipment and a herb garden in the kitchen: IKEA reveals how Australian homes will look in 2025 - sliding walls ikea

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-23
TVs built into shelves, furniture that transforms into exercise equipment and a herb garden in the kitchen: IKEA reveals how Australian homes will look in 2025  -  sliding walls ikea
Ikea has released pictures of what they predict will be an innovative family in Australia ten years later.
International furniture retailers predict that, from sliding walls and furniture that act as fitness equipment, to indoor gardens and "digital windows", there will be interesting changes in modern homes in 2025.
According to the forecast of Australia's Future report, as the population grows, the family population decreases, and house prices rise, their main way of life will change, and environmental problems will become more and more concerned, people are still attracted to the city center.
Most of Ikea's predictions are based on the assumption that families will become smaller and therefore need more
Functional design of layout and furniture. Eva-
Carlin Baker Johnson, Ikea's future home project manager, predicts that rooms will be able to transform into multiplepurpose spaces.
By 2025, MS Johnson said, we will see increased demand for sliding walls to create modular living and entertainment spaces.
The movable walls will become more and more popular, allowing the lounge to become a bedroom, or doubling the bathroom as a laundry and living room to be easily converted into an office.
It is also possible for the walls to be used as cabinets or wardrobes with folding furniture.
In the central location, the kitchen is expected to be the main room of the House, able to translate into work and social spaces while maintaining traditional functions.
The new furniture design will also try the idea to create more "stackable, foldable, scalable" items that "can adapt to a variety of social needs" and are easy
Over the next few years, what we call "social furniture" will increase, such as the multi-functional kitchen island, allowing food preparation, socializing, working, said Australian futurist Barry Barton, watch TV or spend time with your family.
Ikea's report also points to trends in sustainable living and health-conscious, so it shows that indoor gardens-with the help of artificial lights, herbs and vegetables are planted directly in the kitchen-will become common.
In the kitchen, the planters will be fed with recycled water, while the open panel on the roof of the balcony will allow sunlight to shine into the living space, Johnson said, so that we can feel close to nature in any downtown residence. MS.
She added that the technology will be used to transmit the outside through "digital windows and sky lights", which will replace traditional lighting, while the new design of materials will include textiles and even smells that reflect the outdoors.
The boundary between the inside and the outside, between nature and people --
The report says things made will become more and more vague.
Barton told Australia's Daily Mail that part of the reason for this trend will come from Australia's historical connection with nature.
"The situation in Australia does need to change, but we don't have the luxury space we have in history.
The proximity to nature is Australia's characteristic and cherished, but as cities become more modern and built,
It will become more important to us, he said.
The family will also be "healthy-
This shows that more efficient food waste and recycling systems will be developed, and a healthy lifestyle will be evident in wall art, the report said.
So far, 2025 home gyms will become more and more popular, and furniture will become fitness equipment.
Technology will be used to create a harmonious environment, says Johnson, and wall projection will help create a space for meditation and mindfulness. MS.
"Every square inch will be used to adapt to our way of life, which is why you can expect to see something like an electric bike double as wall art.
"New technology" will also bring a more relaxed and intelligent life, and IKEA's report predicts that as a partner of furniture brands and technology brands, sensor, new equipment and communication projects will be carefully integrated into the day-to-day
One idea is to combine furniture as a charging station so that putting your phone on the bedside table at night will actually charge automatically through induction.
We expect that by 2025, the kitchen will include smart countertops, smart storage solutions and smart waste management systems, and there will be no difference for other families.
Soon our home will give us what we want without our request, Johnson said. MS.
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