turn to the dark side with black interiors - interior dividing wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-12
turn to the dark side with black interiors  -  interior dividing wall
As residents of the northern hemisphere, we have become accustomed to welcoming as much sunlight as possible into our home, which includes lighting the room in light colors.
So it's hard to put it aside and consider a dark color scheme, not to mention the darkest color scheme: bold, moody, gorgeous black.
For many contemporary new buildings, there is a clear preference for the Black appearing in the design building, the burnt or dyed wood cladding is preferred, and more architects are specifying black window frames.
The interior decoration echoes this, the glazed hard partition, the skirting and the black paint used on the building outline the room, and even the whole room.
Niloufar Bakhtiar said: "People don't fear wearing black clothes in their daily life, but they seem to be afraid to use it indoors.
Bakhtiari designed by NBB.
"The dark colors are soothing, comfortable and elegant, all of which are wonderful qualities in the room. ”Bakhtiar-
Bakhtiari has a charming
The black bathroom features metal reels that cycle along the walls, a mirrored wall and many open shelves, and the backlight can significantly illuminate silhouette books and other objects.
It shows how you can better embrace it in a room with little or no natural light to appreciate the high drama that black can bring.
When many objects are set in a dark background, they sing positively, a trick interior designers have been trying for years to make furniture and accessories look amazing in photos.
Bakhtiar said: "We often recommend clients to put their artwork in a black background because it greatly enhances the workBakhtiari.
The latest trend in metal finishes in furniture and lighting is a perfect match for dark tones: brass table lamps or steel consoles on black walls offer maximum contrast.
"We use dark finishes in rooms without natural light," said Christopher Peacock, founder of the taxi maker of the same name.
"As long as it is tied to reflective materials such as light-colored walls or metal wall coverings, it works well.
I did not hesitate to use dark colors in the main bathroom, kitchen and dressing room.
If you surround the cabinet with textures, it will feel very complicated.
Helen Shaw, head of Benjamin Moore paint, said: "If you want to paint a wall or the whole room black, you can also balance it with some lighter surfaces.
"People are very concerned about the color of the wall and don't think about the light reflection of everything else," she said . ".
"If you have a large light-colored sofa, or a glossy dining table, the color of these rooms will be darker.
Adriel Lack, creative director of interior design for residential buildings and interior studios, has locked current trends in the impact of industrial design.
"We are definitely moving in a more positive direction," she said . "
"It's partly because customers are confident to choose a darker palette, but it also fits the look of the New York loft.
But not every room should be treated dark.
It should be reserved for those who use it mainly at night, or for those who need a comfortable atmosphere.
The trick to successful black interiors is to create visual interest through textures.
"While matte finishes have something very luxurious and luxurious to absorb the light, if you're playing colorful games, you need a combination of matte and glossy, as well as other contrasting textures such as woven leather or wood finish.
"The perfect combination of Lack to black is other neutral, such as" concrete Ash, steel-like blue or gray-brown-those soft colors that appeal to everyone and make it sharp with a dark contrasting color.
I will keep it monochrome instead of mixing the bright color with it ".
However, many people will disagree.
Emerald green and dark pink are two colors that are often matched with black at present, and one of the 2016 color trends suggested by Benjamin Moore is Mondrian-
Esque color palette in black, white and primary colors, rarely used to highlight architectural features such as doors and windows grooves.
Benjamin Moore has 30 different shades of black and offers each color in a variety of finishes, which means great flexibility in creating low-key effects.
"Black with shades of green, red, blue, purple . . . . . . These subtleties give a scheme a level of sophistication that you can't get ridthe-
Xiao said: "shelf products.
So, with good advice from experts, making the most of Black doesn't need to jump in the dark.
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