trumpmania: president storms the states on final weekend - wall slides

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trumpmania: president storms the states on final weekend  -  wall slides
Donald Trump returned to what he knew, posting a political attack ad before the mid-term election that blamed illegal immigrants on Democrats.
In Pensacola, Florida, when the president staged his famous performance, every word in the crowd was repeated.
Image source: APTHE scene is a pure theater.
A wall is open to the sunset, the crowd is in a frenzy, and the music reaches its climax.
A giant jet with the words "United States of America" slipped through the elegant landing and then returned to the field of view as the best sound from the speakers.
A door opened and a man with a stiff orange hairstyle waved on the stairs and stepped onto the stage to bless America to God.
Sometimes, at a rally held by Donald Trump in Florida on Saturday, I was almost overwhelmed by the frenzy of the crowd.
More often than not, the president repeats all the familiar lines, which is boring --
The dangers of the immigration convoy, the United States becoming a "shelter for ruthless gang members" and the corrupt Democrats who let others "steal our jobs.
The audience hangs on every word, booing or cheering as required by the pantomime, waving signs and chanting the key phrase: "drain the swamp! "Lock her up! ”, “USA! USA! USA!
Even "space power!
When Donald Trump talked about all of his most popular topics, the crowd was ecstatic --
The immigration convoy, the botched "Obama" and the theft of American jobs.
Picture: Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images/AFPSource: AFPMr Trump is nearing the end of his stunning 11 rallies in the six days leading up to Tuesday's midterm election.
According to a bystander, he is the "energetic rabbit", which is probably his greatest power.
There are dramatic storylines, good and bad, and childish whimsy.
That's why his supporters in central America think he's a real president.
"He's not the status quo in Washington," 30-year-old Chris Oaksyear-
Old audio technician told the newscom. au.
"The differences we have in America, I kind of pushed it to politicians in the past. “He is pro-
In my opinion, the United States does not approve of taking over socialism in the world. He’s pro-capitalism.
"The president drew his fans in Pensacola with the dark story of the massive immigration and financial disaster under democratic rule, and then painted the seductive picture of his dream America.
The audience is not enough.
"Red wave is coming", some people who have lined up long lines in the airport hangar have camped overnight to make sure they can enter, while others arrive at dawn to attend30pm.
There is a festive atmosphere on the conservative pot handle in northwest Florida, with portable toilets, entrepreneurs selling goods from carts, dressed in red, white, blue and slogan T-shirts.
Pop music with information is the key today.
Under pressure and under the YMCA, there is a manly man, Sweet Home Alabama.
Trump even sang a few of the latter bars to help us recall the name of his new trade deal, the USMCA (US-Mexico-
Canadian agreement).
Trump: The United States won again because we finally put the United States first in Florida. twitter.
Make a photo of the entrance Trump. twitter.
On the last weekend before the US vote, Trump is doing his best --
Make sure Republicans maintain control over Congress.
Democrats may struggle to get a majority in the Senate, but are expected to win the 23 seats they need in the house.
Even Trump acknowledged the possibility this week, insisting it was OK.
The crowd here is about "red wave-coming”.
The president pulled his big-
Rally in the South
On Wednesday, West Florida, returned to battlefield state three days later, determined to make sure the rest of the purple state became as red as Pensacola.
Trump needs Florida.
The state elected him 1-1 in the presidential election.
But Obama was voted twice.
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Largo golf resort
He said to the crowd, "This is also my home . "
"I like Florida and I have to tell you that we like panhandel.
"Here, Republican Ron destens and Democrat Andrew Gillum will fight for the governor in the strictest and toughest conditions in the country --
Outgoing Republican Governor Rick Scott and current Democratic Senator Bill Nelson are also facing another race. close-to-
Telephone contest in the Senate
Mr DeSantis is a carefully crafted figure in Trump's image.
The former Republican Navy prosecutor appeared in a television commercial where he taught his young children to "build walls" with building blocks and said "make America great again ".
The party kicked off in a photo of Peng sac la midterms2018. twitter.
Com/lj0n5fbildbarjun Walters from Alabama is right in front of the Florida rally, ready to get a photo of Trump's iconic Midterms2018. twitter.
Com/vXJiXVK88PHe use the same phrase, same voice style
The president joked that the candidate for governor had "stolen his speech ".
Mr. desandis is not the only one.
"The US is back, we're just starting, Florida," Vice President Mike Pence told the audience . ". Celebrity-
Trump-obsessed people were even selected among some of the little stars, and boxing player Holly field and American football coach bowdoen attended the match.
"Our country is characterized by balotte," Florida is also Cesar saryork, who allegedly made a chilling plan to address some of the country's most outspoken Democrats and Trump.
Many have accused Trump of inflammatory rhetoric and tweets that have spurred white people in the suspects --
Hot anger and hatred
Fueling Violence, such as the killing of 11 people at the Pittsburgh Synagogue, is the worst
Flash attacks in American history
But instead of admitting guilt, the president accused his political opponents and the media.
He told everyone to turn around and insisted on getting the media to move cameras around to show the size of the crowd.
"They never did that," he laughed as the audience turned around, some waving cheers, some waving their fists and booing.
Others are looking for the despised CNN or their favoriteright bloggers.
The crowd was large, but the hangar was certainly far from full, and many began to leave before he was finished.
A vendor outside said he had seen violence before but was calm tonight.
Local protesters reported that they were inaccessible, with police and Secret Service agents everywhere, transporting ticket attendees from the parking lot by bus.
In Florida, there is a choice between Harvard/Yale educated man @ RonDeSantisFL, a great congressman who will be a great governor --
Dem, a thief and poorly managed mayor of Tallahassee, is said to be one of the most corrupt cities in the country!
Florida is a perfect example of a divided America, and Mr desantees and Mr Gillum are both incarnations.
Mr. desantiz has colored the reaction of Mayor Tallahasee.
He accepted tickets for a group Broadway show Hamilton, including FBI agents.
Mr Gillum, if he could take advantage of the wafer, he could be the first black governor in Florida
The polls are narrowly ahead, denying any wrongdoing and have not yet been investigated.
But Trump seized the opportunity to call him a "thief" and mayor of "one of the most corrupt cities in the country.
Last Saturday, he called Mr. Gillum a "radical socialist" who "will tax and regulate your work to make it forgotten" and warned: "When someone is camping on your front lawn, remember that someone is coming in Gillum.
Republican Governor Candidate Ron DeSanti said at a rally in Florida.
Image source: Outgoing governor and Senate candidate Rick Scott.
Image source: AFPBarack Obama has nominated Florida Democratic Governor Andrew Gillum, left and current Senator Bill Nelson.
Image: Rhona Wise/AFPSource: On the other hand, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama issued their own warnings when they ran for Mr. Gillum and Mr. Nelson in Florida.
Obama told 4000 people in Miami on Friday: "The features of our country are voting . "
"In the last few weeks of this election, we have seen repeated attempts to divide us with words that have made us angry and fearful, in order to take advantage of the history of our racial, ethnic and religious divisions, it sets us against each other and makes us believe that if it weren't for those who don't look like us, or who don't like us, order would be restored in some way, or prayed like we did.
Everyone will pay attention to this election.
It has become a debate about what the United States represents and its relationship with the rest of the planet.
Gender, class and race are the most important.
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In his final debate with his Republican opponent on Wednesday, Mr Gillum said that many times people thought he was doomed to "I will not call Mr DeSantis a racist ".
"I'm just saying that racist thinks he's racist.
Thomas Brown attended the meeting at the age of 17. year-
The old son said he had voted for Obama before he decided, "Don't do what the president said.
Mr. Brown is one of the few Africans.
Americans in the crowd are not worried about allegations of racism, and are impressed by Trump's way of abandoning trans-sexuality
Pacific Partnership trade agreement
He also believes that the president is an effective leader in addressing unemployment.
"He is no worse than anyone else, judging people by their actions," Mr Brown said . ".
"He seems to care about America, and we all do well when America does well.
"Look at what we have done to other countries and they are beginning to respect us again.
Do you feel different? ” -
Trump Peng sac pulled Midterms2018. twitter.
What a beautiful night, the crowd disappeared from every word of Trump.
Looks like he's a rock star here, but will Tuesday be reflected across the state?
Most of these people believe it will be filmed in the 2018. twitter.
Mr Trump, Com/1 vprizdmaytrump's biggest trick, hopes that the great results he achieved in 2016 can be repeated, using a tried and tested approach.
There are always new topics.
For example, the inherent civil rights and the unfair treatment of Brett Cavana
But repeated sounds and repeated verbal repetition seem to work.
More importantly, his audience believed that he had personally improved employment and the economy.
"He's one of us," said Sandra Miller from Mississippi . ".
But that's it.
Billionaire Trump has been embarrassed in expressing sympathy.
"Take care of this person!
"When a woman who is unwell needs help from the crowd, he will tell the security guard.
His words of sympathy for the recent Hurricane were also strange.
"It's a bad, like a huge tornado, not like 50-
"A tornado a mile wide is incredible," he told the crowd . ".
Perhaps this embarrassment, his verbal stumbling, is why conservative voters from small American towns are associated with him.
"You are great people and we are 1,000 with you," Trump said . "
"In just three days, the people of Florida will elect Rick, Scott, and Ron DeSanti to protect their work, defend your borders, and continue to make America great again, we are only a few days away from the most important election in our lives.
"Another vote may be more important to Trump --
Presidential election in 2020
He has never stopped running for a second term.
"We will never surrender!
He announced at the end of the rally that he would guide Winston Churchill as the hysteria reached the level of fanaticism.
"We are all bleeding red, white and blue! "Our new theme --
We can do it now because we're ahead of time.
Keep America Great.
When the crowd joined his chorus, the room rang. emma. reynolds@news. com.
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