Top let: St Alban's Park, Sandymount, D4 - room divider wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-18
Top let: St Alban\'s Park, Sandymount, D4  -  room divider wall
St Alban Abbey in Haford County, England is famous for its gorgeous dyeing
Glass windows built to commemorate its saint of the same name.
According to legend, he was taken to the scene for execution because he was extremely thirsty.
He prayed for help, and the people above created a spring for him in due course for him to drink at his feet.
His head was removed in that place.
These days, Alban only needs to jump into one of many healthy puddles in sandmont village to quench his thirst on the road he named, which also has spectacular stains --glass windows.
Three N082bed semi-
The independent building, built in the 1930 s, the owner maintained many of the original period features intact. The red-
The curved exterior of the brick is the first giveaway, and there are large floating windows upstairs and below.
Inside, the felt of the period is increased by the thick yarn of the ceiling, the paneled door and the fireplace.
But it's an indoor hall.
Size of lead stains-
The most impressive are glass doors and fan lights.
The room is 1,614 square feet and the main reception room is the living room (with the Bay);
There is a fireplace here, it is done well and there is very little furniture but the time is right.
There is a separate formal dining room with glass doors placed between it and the modern kitchen/dining room (
Although the exquisite satin curtains are also a good room divider).
The room is in two sides and the back wall is full glass
The door leads to the long and landscaped back garden with a terrace area and high flower beds.
The cabinets and accessories are white with contrasting black granite countertops and an island unit with storage and sink.
There is plenty of room for tables and chairs.
Guest WC on the first floor.
There are three bedrooms upstairs.
The owner is a suite, another bay window and an actor --iron fireplace.
Separate family bathroom with bathtub and double sink.
Access to the floor loft from here increases storage capacity.
Agent Catherine O'Connor said: "The ideal tenant here is a professional family --
There are such good schools in the area and DART, which is perfect for them. " Indo Property
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