Tiny House Movement comes to Aylmer with construction of a 225-square-foot home (with video) - movable walls on wheels

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Tiny House Movement comes to Aylmer with construction of a 225-square-foot home (with video)  -  movable walls on wheels
Martin bissenjian believes that beautiful things will appear in small packages, and he plans to unveil the little house of lumbeck at the cottage and backyard show next weekend to prove this.
Bisson is a small construction company in Aylmer that specializes in garden sheds, pavilions and backyard decks, and the owners of the company spend months fine
Adjust the layout of 225-square-
A prototype of the foot designed for a couple.
Despite its compact sizeit’s only 8.
6 feet wide and 16 feet long
The skilled carpenter insisted that his house had a greater home comfort.
Bisson, 36, said: "By building this prototype, we want to show Canadians that it is possible to live in a smaller house, but still have everything we need, "including a loft bedroom with a king.
Size bed, bathroom with separate shower and kitchen with agas stove top.
"Our goal is to show what the size looks like.
Bisson acquired Lumbec in 2012 and is looking for ways to grow from seasonal to seasonal --
When he was interested in the small house movement, he started a comprehensive business activity, which is an increasingly small trend of living space sweeping across the United States.
There are many reasons to give up the mansion and reduce it to 100 square feet of House size: buying, heating and maintaining them is cheaper, reducing your carbon footprint on earth, they simplify your life because you don't have the space to pack up or stock up on excess stuff.
The concept is not yet popular in Canada, but Bisson wants to change it all.
"The possibilities are endless," said the father of the three children, who could see that the small house was also used as a cottage, a guest house or an office.
The construction of the Lumbec small house began in February at the corporate workshop at Aylmer Industrial Park.
Once the floor and exterior walls are attached to the custom trailer frame and the roof is installed, the house is moved outside, in April 10-12, in the center of EY, Ottawa, bisson and his carpenter have been working long hours and weekends to complete the screening time for the cottage show.
"We set the bar high," admitted one of the two busy men, perebieson --
The most recent visit to the unfinished interior of the House, the monthly construction schedule.
"But we are confident to achieve our goals.
"To maximize the efficiency of the tiny design, we use space per square inch. Built-
On the bench in front of the house, there are hidden dining tables and dining tables as working spaces.
The ladder leading to the attic has an open-plan small room behind which books, hats, gloves or shoes are stored, and the wardrobe beside the bed includes a built-inin TV unit.
"Every object must have more than one purpose," Bisson said . " He also designed 24-
There is a bedroom foot mold next to the bathroom and Murphy bed, which turns into a table when not in use.
Unlike mobile home and entertainment trailers, Bisson says there are about 15-
Before the roof begins to leak water and mold installation, the Lumbec small house was built using high-quality finishes and materials, many of which came from local suppliers.
The interior combines the natural tongue, and the exterior is shaken by dyed pine and cedarand-
Pine trees and regeneration trough barnboard.
Although not built to meet the green specifications, there are energy star windows in the home and it's goodinsulated.
"It's very small, it's very effective," Bisson said . " He admits that it doesn't take much to keep the little house warm on a cold winter night.
Canada's cold climate is just an obstacle to the idea of selling small homes to buyers north of the border, where homeowners spend months hiding in their homes.
Bisson, who has been writing a blog about the Lumbec prototype building since the first day, said that the bigger challenge is to convince municipalities to change their zoning charter and allow the construction of miniature houses.
In Gatineau, 527 square feet is the smallest size for a single person
He said the family is an independent house.
The City of Ottawa zoning charter does not specify the minimum housing area, but Ontario regulations stipulate that studios must have at least 269 square feet, one-
344 square feet bedroom area
Emily Davis, a planner at the planning and growth management department in Ottawa, said the bedroom is 441 square feet.
Davis said the city is conducting a study on "secondary residential units" as a viable option for urban reinforcement.
She said the rules governing grandma's suites, basement apartments and "all forms of independence" houses are currently being reviewed.
The results of this study will be released in May.
"Small houses can be a viable form of reinforcement," Davis said . ".
"This study will take into account all forms of independent residential units, assuming they comply with provincial regulations.
"John Herbert, executive director of the Greater Ottawa House Building Association, has been following the small house movement in the United StatesS.
He said that although the City of Ottawa strongly supports the strengthening of housing, he doubted whether it would accept micro-housing as a supplement.
Herbert spoke of the public reaction to the construction of a small house next to a larger house: "neighbors will go crazy . ".
When it comes to reinforcement, he says the more profitable option is to "cram as many people as possible into a home ".
Quality of life is not even a consideration, he says.
"This is pure economics.
Just put them all in high-rise buildings . . . . . . This is all cost driven.
Bisson estimates his small house design will cost about $200. a-square-
Built on foot, close to including La p che and Val-des-
Monts, selling the idea of building a small house community.
He also held talks with rural owners who wanted to scale down.
The firm builder said: "The movement of small houses will continue to exist, whether on wheels or on foundations . " He is looking forward to getting about his design from visitors visiting the cottage show
"We know there is a market for this type of housing.
"9 p in the cottage and backyard. m.
Friday, April 10; 10 a. m. to6 p. m.
Saturday, April 11; 10 a. m. to5 p. m.
Sunday, April 12
EY Center, Dr. 4899 Highland
Garden Workshop by landscape architect John Szczepaniak in Ottawa, with the return of the floating dock party, drinks and live music, this is the magical fairy tale forest for the children and the handmade cottage crafts for the new grocery store,cash only)
Free admission for children aged 17 and under. Parking is $8.
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