three ways to cover an ugly wall in an apartment - room divider wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-22
three ways to cover an ugly wall in an apartment  -  room divider wall
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If you rent your space, it is likely that the landlord will not want you to do any major renovations or repairs.
This is the benefit of renting a house, your landlord has to fix these things, but if there is an ugly wall in your apartment, your eyes are not well painted by the wall, just ugly.
Maybe from paint or repair to drywall, there are too many bumps and bumps that don't meet your standards, or maybe dirty space for old wooden paneling.
You can do something to cover up this ugliness anyway.
The landlord usually asks you to knock on the picture hook with a hammer, but if your hook doesn't, you can get a 3 m hook that can hold the artwork and the picture, but it can be without increasing the scar. Credit: amazon.
Communication Industry 4 by 6-
12-inch format framePack (65471)
Amazon price: $18. 48 $10. 48 Buy Now(
Prices as of July 11, 2016)1.
4x6 photo frames to fill the space, take as many photos or photos as you can, or print what's in your phone, then get a lot of 4x6 inch frames in the same color you can arrange in very close colors now.
It is worth buying a lot of such frames to cover the walls.
As a package deal, you can buy these online. Credit: amazon.
ComCommand sticks the nail line-
Price: $21. 99 $3. 58 Buy Now(
Prices as of July 11, 2016)
This can now be your focal wall and will make your guests very happy and they will not notice the ugliness behind all of your wonderful shots.
We always have pictures on our phones, so go to a local print shop or Wal-Mart
Print them out in black and white, such as following the theme or using a computer printer at home. 2.
Fabric canvas, frame fabric or vintage fabric make a frame with wood, then find some very cool fabric and wrap them tightly around the frame with a nail gun.
Hang on the wall.
You can create a large one that fits the size, or you can create some that are placed as a collage.
If you get bright happy fabric, it will add vitality to your room and cover up the ugliness.
If you don't want to make a frame yourself, go to the thrift store and find some old canvas pictures, you can stretch your fabric and even consider the cheaper larger photo frames.
You can draw them like a picture and frame your fabric.
This is a very fast way to create some artwork.
You can go to the thrift store and antique store to have a look at the vintage style fabric and even check it out online.
Frame these and it will look awesome. Credit: amazon.
4-comcoaster Oriental style
Panel Room screen partition, black frame Amazon price: too low to show purchase now (
Prices as of July 11, 2016)3.
Free standing frame or room partitions these are perfect for use as partitions but can also be placed against the wall.
These have fabrics or panels that can add your own artwork or frame.
It's a 3D way to hide anything, including something you don't want anyone to see if the storage is a problem.
But sticking this on the wall is a quick way to get rid of ugliness.
If you don't know what to do, and your creativity doesn't flow, then go to the thrift store or rummage and find old artwork or pictures or anything that can be hung on the wall, and create ideas for it.
A lot of the parts of the thrift store will come back to life very quickly, apply a layer of paint or do some cleaning, and now you have something worth seeing.
So, turn that ugly wall into your focus Wall and enjoy your space!
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