this boring looking tram shed in london is on the market for £3.5million and it hides an incredible secret - room partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-18
this boring looking tram shed in london is on the market for £3.5million and it hides an incredible secret  -  room partition wall
You can forgive this anonymous person.
Did not give it a second idea to see the front electric shed.
But once in, you will be stopped by an extraordinary warehouse.
Fashion Home just listed for £ 3. 5million.
Its owner, fashion designer Ashley Isham, has created a stylish, lightweight
The residence is full of modern atmosphere.
In 2012, when he bought a tram in Lower Holloway, north of London, it had been converted into a home, but Isham put his own creative imprint on it for including Kylie Milo, Lady Gaga and Paloma.
The house, which has 4,556 square feet of residence, is divided into four floors with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a garage and a South-
Facing roof terrace.
Open kitchen/living/dining room on the top floor is the main living space.
A glass roof lantern extends the length of the entire room to fill it with light.
In order to make full use of the space, the floors are staggered.
The master bedroom suite is located on the first floor and also features an open bathroom with a rolling bathtub and fireplace hidden behind the low partition.
There is also a second bedroom and combined garage on this level.
Complete renovations include new appliances, boilers, air conditioning and under-floor heating-which is far from the time it took to repair the tram.
The white walls are decorated with the colorful art collection of Isham, so the new owner must find enough space to fill the space.
Stunning home in a popular area of London, near Islington, Highgate Village and Hampstead Heath.
A spokesman for the modern house being processed for sale said: "The house is entered through an independent Street on a quiet street, but once you pass through the integrated garage, the House will lead to a wide hall with industrial stairs leading to it.
"The owners create a unique, International interior space that embraces a huge space to showcase a variety of international art.
"The floor is staggered and the light and space are well optimized.
From towering roof lanterns spanning the length of the room, a lot of natural light poured into the space.
"It's a huge, light-
Full warehouse conversion.
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