these open-concept lofts have sliding walls for changing rooms - sliding walls residential

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these open-concept lofts have sliding walls for changing rooms  -  sliding walls residential
The goal is to design amazing innovative modules in Beirut, Lebanon, to create the best of both worlds.
Faoud Samara architects hope to combine the purity of traditional Lebanese families with rich light and airy spaces in their 70 s
Loft Manhattan-
It also provides maximum flexibility for residents. Modulofts —a 14-
Multi-storey building with seven duplex lofts, built on the top floor of the first floor, supported by pillars-
Each unit has a sliding wall.
The walls slide from inside to outside, allowing residents to create the room immediately, or push the walls out to open the room for the suite.
The traditional Lebanese family has a central hall with an entrance at one end, a balcony or terrace at the other, and a living room and bedroom in the corridor.
The module follows the same design pattern as the seven vertical design patterns
Stacked loft with central, double build
Height of main space-
Living room/dining room-
There are two rooms on the lower level, and there is a slender bridge on the upper level, followed by two other rooms.
The cost of the module completed in 2017 is approximately $3.
2 million, it took seven years to design and build.
Fouad Samara architect Fouad Samara answered some questions about modularity.
What is your biggest challenge?
The only real challenge is the engineering of 28 sliding walls.
Although we want them to be economic, low.
Technical and elegant, we do not take lightly the engineering of this unique custom built part.
The wall is designed with a wind of 150 km/h and each wall has three safety functions and it is relatively easy for one person to operate manually.
How does the sliding wall change the living space?
The wall sliding outward introduces a layer of flexibility in changing the interior space and creating unpredictable configurations for the facade.
Each unit has 16 different ways to personalize and "adjust" the space of the residence according to its own lifestyle and needs ".
Mix and match any of the four options on the lower floor while being able to "re"
If these requirements change, please adjust the attic accordingly.
The apartment can be adjusted to have three honeycomb bedrooms and a honeycomb kitchen, which will constitute a traditional duplex apartment.
Or four orders can be opened-
Height to double room
Perfect bachelor pad or (for a)young couple.
Engineering instructions.
Steel structure with sliding wall, topAlong an I-
A beam fixed on a reinforced concrete ceiling.
They have aluminum panels on both sides, and the internal clamps have insulation layers to improve the acoustic performance of the walls as they move internally.
In addition to the other two safety features built into the system, all sides of the steel bull leg have eye masks, which is the third safety feature to trap the wall inside.
The walls slide manually along the protruding black steel ring, light enough to operate by one person.
What configuration did residents create?
Loft 1 has been our office space since the building was built, and we change the office configuration every day during lunch break --
Staff meetings are usually open all day-
Was closed.
The other six lofts in the building are residential and the occupants are replaced regularly.
One of the lofts is occupied by a bachelor who only has his bedroom and the other three are open to double high spaces.
When he had the visitor stay for a few days, both other rooms were closed and when he was alone again, the room was reopened.
George Binks is from Toronto.
Writer and freelance writer of Star.
Contact her at binksgeorgie @ gmail.
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