The whole picture - living room partition wall

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The whole picture  -  living room partition wall
Amit Pasricha's home of India, known for his panoramic photos, is not only an extensive visual archive, but also a sociological study of contemporary Indian lifestyles
An old couple reclined on a rope in the middle of the room and casually leaned on a thin pillow.
She is dressed in a blue-printed cotton sari, which is cheap and good-looking. washed.
He was wearing white dhoti and kurta, wearing a headscarf on his proud head.
Behind them, the paint once
The shield wall is peeling off but striking is a row of sparkling steel plates, bowls, glasses, Decis, cans, etc, arrange along one wall on the open wood rack-it's worth the installation of Subodh Gupta!
About 10 years ago, Amit Pasricha filmed residents of Champaben and Hargovan Prajapati in Ismailpur, a small village in north Gujarat.
It was these vessels that were shown in their home that triggered this picture.
The climax of the book is the documentary "India at home".
Pasricha is known for his panoramic photo I. e. near-
360-degree images of Indian monuments and abundant street views;
His two photographs, the Indian commemorative book and the sacred Indian book, received several awards in India and abroad.
But it wasn't until India was home that he thought of applying the technology to the limited interior of the home-the panorama was made by digitally splicing a series of images.
However, the photos of prajapatis's family opened his eyes.
"Here it creates the International
"The relationship between so many things, leading to so many stories, reveals the context of so many things," he reflected . ".
This result is evident in the 100 or so images of the final publication of the book, making India a vast visual archive at home, a sociological study of contemporary Indian lifestyles, representative images of East, West, North and South;
Rich, poor, Mediumclass;
Occupation, religious belief, etc.
In fact, as Pasricha admits, "I think I'm a chronicle, not just a creator.
"Thus, on the one hand, Kochi has an elegant, luxurious, modern residence of an antique dealer, decorated with traditional furniture, wooden columns, and antiques obtained from the crumbling mansions of Kerala;
Grass on the other hand-
A foreshadowing hut for nomadic herdsmen who live on the Buni Prairie in KuchiPak border.
There is an 8'x8' chawl in Mumbai, offering a combined bedroom, kitchen and living room for the family of four who live here;
And the House of "him and her (
Dormitory for boys and girls)
The situation of the remote Liyai Khullen village of the Poumai Ga tribe.
Then you have an octagonal. Dressingroom in a 400-year-
The Palace of Prince ruscaragi Singh meval of udabul, with open cabinets showcasing a colorful collection of 200 crocodiles;
The shed on the side of the street is made of abandoned Flex posters, and Pratima Devi in Delhi shares with her 200 street dogs, grooms, vaccinations and nurses when she is sick.
But this is not the documentary aspect of these images that will stop you and want to know the inner life of the people who live in these spaces-their love, hope and fear, their history, heritage and desire for the future.
"There is a certain" performance "of being photographed in your home, I am very clear and want to avoid it.
"So I'll tell the people at home that I'm going to be themselves, wear whatever they want to wear, and do what they want to do," Pasricha said . ".
The results are amazing. At a century-
Old Bundi Barry (
House of Nobility)
In Kolkata, for example, the women chose to take pictures in the formal living room decorated with their rich Bangladeshi cotton yarn, and the men in the house wore crumpled vests and pajamas.
In Bangalore, a yoga teacher sits on the Afghan carpet in the living room, her legs are in the air, unfolding in merudandasana, while in Salcete, artist Shashi D'Costa was photographed in his quirky bathroom wearing only torn gamcha.
But the most intriguing thing is the image of letonjam Kailan Singh sitting on an old man. fashioned four-
Poster bed, leaning against bright pink
Purple mosquito
His arm was tied tightly to two beautiful women.
There is also another modern bare bed in the room and you will notice a wooden partition covered with clothes.
The title says they are his two wives and adds that Laitonjam has three wives
He had a daytime rotation sleep system between two women with five children.
"He is part of the government of mannipur and I am very eager to go home and take pictures of him and his wife.
He's absolutely important. of-
"In fact, both of his marriages and even the women in the photos seem happy," Pasricha laughed . ". India at Home (
Text: Bharati Motwani)
): Panorama: Rs 10,000
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