the teenagers pushing israel to the right - wooden partition wall

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the teenagers pushing israel to the right  -  wooden partition wall
Yair Greenberg, 18, and Yotam, a 17-year-old brother, wrote in a text message to their friends on February 1: "As fast as possible . ".
Police have just arrived and evacuated Amona, an unauthorized settlement in the West Bank, where the Greenberg family grew up after the Israeli High Court ruled it was built on Palestinian private land.
Call for protest
Released on the same day by many others in Amona
As news of the imminent evacuation spread, mobile phones in Israeli and West Bank settlements were lit up.
Hundreds of Orthodox Jewish teenagers, mainly boys, poured into Amona, an outpost of about 300 people who climbed up in the wind and rain after police blocked the road
Many of them went to Amona a few weeks before they supported the troubled outpost --
And can also eat a big meal where parents can't see.
One night in December, evacuation seemed imminent (
Before settlers reach an agreement with the government that will eventually collapse)
At least 1,000 teenagers flocked to Amona, where they jumped on and off electronic music in an impromptu spree, with side curls and ritual edges jumping in the cold wind.
The girls wore long skirts and winter clothes rotating behind wooden partitions erected for modesty.
A few young people smoke marijuana.
Six weeks later, when the final showdown began, the mood became desperate.
Most of the protesters listened to the calls of politicians to refrain from violence, to keep themselves in Amona's home, to keep arms together and to sing "Al Tira of Israel ", "Israel when they are pulled away.
But others threw stones, paint, bleach and bottles at police and paramilitary forces.
Recommendation: The evacuation of the US climbing Islamic State team ended up in a standoff at the Amona synagogue, where protesters fought police with tear gas, pepper spray, iron bars and stones, police said.
On the wall inside the synagogue, a police sign was drawn with the words Nazi and "Ismail police", equating the Israeli police with biblical figures that produced Arab states, according to tradition.
Other doodles accused "Zionists of withdrawing from hell.
With the evacuation taking place, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin netyahu announced that he would build a settlement somewhere in the West Bank to accommodate Amona's family --
The first new in nearly 26 years.
Earlier, Israel announced that it would build 5,500 homes in the West Bank and nearly 600 in East Jerusalem.
It is estimated that the total number of settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem is between 600,000 and 750,000.
In the past, this behavior has aroused strong condemnation from the United States. S.
A government that undermines relations between the two partiesstate solution.
But Donald Trump has broken America's foreign policy for decades, declaring that he does not see settlements as an obstacle to peace, despite the White House's recent warning that new settlements"
On Monday night, the Israeli parliament passed 60-
52. a bill that allows the government to declare Palestinian private land for the construction of settlements "in good faith or in accordance with state instructions" as Israeli state property.
Netanyahu has informed the White House that he will vote on the bill, ignoring warnings from British Prime Minister Theresa May that the move will further isolate Israel around the world.
The bill will almost certainly be challenged in the High Court.
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Two days after Amona's departure, the Greenberg brothers, who took part in the French presidential election, wore glasses and a knitted cap and sat down for a lunch of fried meat chops and cabbage, eat rice at a buffet in Ofra, and a nearby settlement now shelters several of Amona's 41 families.
The brothers could have joined their family at their grandmother's house, but they preferred the company of Amona's neighbors, choosing to sleep in the bunk beds at the Ofra women's school.
"It's important to stay together," Yotam said . ".
Yotam never expected the protest to reverse the evacuation, but said it was important to express his complaint to the world that he believed the Jews were expelled from the land he thought God had given them
Unlike those who painted graffiti, he said he had no objection to the police who evacuated his family, thinking they were pieces that the government did not know.
He said teenagers have a unique voice in the struggle to save Amona.
"We can't vote. we can't change things.
Adults, most of the time they don't listen to teenagers, have a chance here.
Yair described the goal of youth activism with Trump doctrine, saying: "It is our own responsibility to make a change. We want Israel to be great again.
Despite the end of the protests, the support of young people is still evident.
Outside the cafeteria, Ofra's fence hangs
Welcome to the painted logo of the amonna evacuees.
"Amona, there is you all the way," said a signed man, "the youth of Psagot [
Another solution.
Another quote from Genesis said: 'I will give you all the land you see. ’ Love you.
Embrace, the youth of Ofra.
"Recommendation: how to build a dictator yotam said he was moved by the unity of his peers.
"No matter what happens, these friends will be with me.
"On 1995, when Amona's parents settled on the top of the mountain on private Palestinian land outside Ramallah, their teenagers were not yet born, but they would become purists at the outpost, than before
Over the years, the fate of the outpost has been pending as the government struggles with the expulsion order of the 2006 High Court.
On 2014, the High Court Won and ordered the removal of the outpost within two years.
When the leaders of Amona agreed to the peaceful evacuation of a new West Bank site in last December, the teenagers were discouraged.
It is reported that when the elders of Amona uploaded the News of the deal at a community meeting, the teenagers rushed out angrily. (
Later, when the Palestinians filed an additional claim for the location of the relocation in the High Court, the agreement was canceled. )
The disappointment of Amona's young supporters has spread, sparking protests.
These young activists, who are more loyal to the land than institutions, represent a strong and growing political force.
Although many of these activists are too young to vote, they have shaped Israeli politics, and with every public protest, they have gradually moved to the right.
Twelve years ago, the seeds of the Amona protest were sown in the settlement of the gshufff in the Gaza Strip and evacuated under the orders of the time --
Prime Minister Sharon, 2005.
At that time, the elders of the settlers promised that God would prevent the forces of the Jewish state from tearing them apart from the biblical Israeli land they thought Gaza was part.
When this did not happen, young settlers lost confidence in their parents, the state of Israel and the army.
When the leader of settlers from the Yesha Council, an umbrella organization composed of the Council of municipal settlements, foiled a plan, the plan will see tens of thousands of young people marching from Kfar Maimon outside the Gaza Strip a few weeks before the evacuation to the Ghush Asif.
Since then, "The Yesha committee is no longer considered the leader of these young people," said Yair Sheleg, a religious nationalism researcher at the Israel Institute for Democracy.
The withdrawal of Amona was far from the size of the gshufff, where 8,600 settlers were uprooted, but it contained a similar theme: the settlers were protected against what should be
As evacuation approached, Naftali Bennett, a supporter of parliamentary settlers, was appointed as a bodyguard for threats from the right.
Activists launched for his failure to save Amona.
The teenage boys who protested at Amona can be roughly divided into two categories: those who live at home with their parents, attend yeshivas and plan to join the army, and a much smaller number of boys, those who wander outside of traditional life.
Elsewhere in the world, homeless teenagers may find themselves trying drugs or alcohol.
In the West Bank, the essence of choice is ideology.
In a broad sense, these teenagers, often referred to as mountaintop youth, are considered hypocritical Israeli self.
Identity as a Jewish and democratic country.
The most extreme of them tried to create chaos in order to overthrow the democratic system and establish a Jewish monarchy in their place.
"I don't think the battle for Amona is over yet.
Some of these teenagers are in traffic in violence and do so
Known as the "price tag" attack on Palestinian individuals and property, it was retaliation for the Palestinian attack and an Israeli government effort to contain unauthorized Jewish buildings in the West Bank.
"Young people who are not connected connect themselves with the extreme ideologies of the land and religion," Scherger said . ".
"It makes them feel like they are not the worst part of society, but the best part of society.
"In sensitive times like Amona's evacuation, the two groups protested with adults, something politicians can't ignore.
Paradoxically, these protesters against the government are also the bases of the government.
Israel was right when they spoke.
Listen to me, right wing politicians and prime minister Benjamin.
"The key is to say that this kind of action comes at a cost," said Gady wolffield, a political scientist at the cross-disciplinary center hertzlia.
Violent confrontation between the army and settlers "is something the government wants to avoid at all costs.
As Bennett said, the vote on Monday night seems to confirm this view, providing evidence that "determination is worth it.
The politician also posted a word on Twitter: "Revolution.
Bennett echoed the mood of Israel's "Carnival --
Settlement of young people may be the best embodiment.
Sit in the buffet lounge of Ofra and take a short walk from their upcoming downhill --to-be-
The Greenberg brothers expressed the same confidence in the house that was demolished in Amona.
"I don't think the fight for Amona is over yet," Yair said . " He recalled the energy of protest excitedly.
"We will continue to fight back.
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