the supermarket of the future - movable walls for home

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-27
the supermarket of the future  -  movable walls for home
As designers and marketers imagine, it may take 5 to 10 years for supermarkets to become commonplace in the future.
But these experts believe that the question is when, not if.
Here's what you might find in the supermarket in the future. (
The numbers in the above figure correspond to the information below. )1. Easy checkout. In-
The store sensor connected to the smartphone app keeps track of each item of your choice.
The app runs a count. It also cross-
Check your list or selected recipe to tell you what you forgot.
The app will charge your phone when you leavepayment system. 2.
Roadside pick-up.
Order from a smartphone or computer.
The staff will load your bagged order directly into your car within the time window of your choice.
Or you can ask for home delivery. 5. Grab and go.
Meal Packs, grilled chicken and other prepared food are right in the front where you can buy them in a hurry.
Or prepare fresh food while you're shopping. 6.
Feast of information.
Sensors for future supermarkets, detect that you pick up an item and start a display showing nutritional data, possible recipes and food combinations, about where and how food grows or is raised, even information about farm labor and animals --
Welfare practices. 7. Dynamic spaces.
Movable walls, racks and fixtures can be configured to create a cooking demonstration and tasting area during the day, creating a casual bistro at night.
Old Market, permanent removal of interior shelves, filling up space with fresh stuff
Fare "grocerants. ”8.
Virtual selection.
Instead of meeting up with a dozen brands of Dijon mustard, you might find four and a screen where you can scroll through and order one of the other eight varieties that the store's inventory can't see.
The screen can recognize your smartphone and it is recommended to try a new product.
Your choice is delivered at checkout or directly to your home.
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