the room planners: how to make use of glass walls - wooden partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-03
the room planners: how to make use of glass walls  -  wooden partition wall
Space provided by interior design team Paula and Phil Robinson-
Save solution, architectural suggestions, and style tips.
Paula suggested: small rooms with low ceilings can make people feel claustrophobic.
But you can push the wall back and create some breathing space with a transparent glass wall.
It can turn a studio into a bedroom apartment by dividing the living and sleeping areas;
Open the dark kitchen;
Bring light into the bathroom through opaque glass, or create a home office in an open environmentplan space.
If the glass wall is not balanced with the fabric, color and elements of the soft and warm space, it will give a little cold and simple atmosphere.
Glass is also much more effective in reducing sound transmission between rooms than partition walls.
Privalite glass enables visual privacy.
Through electronic control, it changes from transparent to opaque when touching the switch.
If the solid glass wall is too far away, consider transparent or translucent glass tiles.
They cost more.
Effective, but they immediately attract people's attention to themselves, thus rendering a part of the object invalid.
If designed well, creating a wall that combines glass bricks with clear glass can be an interesting feature.
Glass panels or windows are ideal for entering dark areas.
Consider the high-rise transparent panel between the bedroom and bathroom, kitchen and living room, as well as the dark corridors and corridors, or the larger opaque glass area.
If the budget is not that worrying, Please INCREASE the heating capacity on the Privalite glass wall.
Glasstherm will replace the radiator as a heat source depending on the size of the glass wall and the room it divides.
Phil note: glass supplier: Rankins www. rankinsglass.
Com 0207 729 4200;
Preview glass www. preedyglass.
Com 020 7700 0377; Luxcrete www. luxcrete. co.
UK 020 8965 7292; Pilkington www. pilkington.
Com 01744 692000.
Glass design and installation: Privalite www. privalite.
Com 0121 555 0330;
Ozone glassozoneglass. co.
0870 005 3107 in the UK;
London Glass Company www. thelondonglass. co.
UK 0208 325 1325
Short glass www. schottglass. co. UK 01785 223166
Nero designs www. nerodesigns. co.
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Margolis furniture www.
Margolisfurniture. co.
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Glass Wall: glass wall technologyglassblocks. co.
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Local glass suppliers: Federation of glass and glass windowsggf. org. uk;
Local structural engineer: Society of Structural Engineersistructe. org.
Made in UK 020 7235 4535-to-
Measurement panel track: Rufflette www. rufflette.
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