the room planners: dividing the wide, open spaces - room divider partition

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-04
the room planners: dividing the wide, open spaces  -  room divider partition
Space provided by interior design team Paula and Phil Robinson-
Paula's advice: removable partitions are perfect for your mood and needs.
Choose a partition that is consistent, easy to handle, and aesthetically pleasing with your home and furniture, whether open or closed.
They can be used: or, wooden paneled doors that slide back to the wall, called pocket doors, can be made in the style of the hotel, giving an open feelplan space.
More adventures are possible for contemporary families.
The traditional Japanese shoji screen allows the light to filter from one area to another and to remain quiet on the eyes.
They can be made of cedar wood and rice paper, or they can be made of modern washable laminated rice paper.
The disadvantage is the lack of sound insulation.
Folding or sliding metal plates in simple or complex patterns can also be a striking feature, but will not provide visual privacy or sound insulation unless supported by glass, which makes them very heavy.
On the other hand, wood and glass are visually stunning while providing privacy.
Choose a colored transmission of sandblasted glass, opaque film, or patterned, which still allows light to be passed from one area to another. Screen-
The printed door can be eyes.
But be careful to choose a scene that may look old.
From ordinary walls to sliding bookcases, there are various custom styles for acoustic partitions.
Other options can achieve a clever sense of division without the main work. Consider floor-to-
The ceiling is pure metal cloth, a pair of carefully placed tall independent screens, or simply add casters to tall, full, multi-leaf plant rectangular flowerpots.
Note to Phil: useful contacts custom removable wood paneling and doors: William Garvey, www. williamgarvey. co.
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