the new sabrina spellman lives in a perfectly witchy teen bedroom - room divider wall with door

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the new sabrina spellman lives in a perfectly witchy teen bedroom  -  room divider wall with door
A few days before her 16 th birthday, Sabrina Spelman was in her bedroom.
There is a chill
One of her windows was held open and there were claw marks on both sides of the window sill. “What now?
She thought loudly.
It was a long week.
The principal of her school will not speak to stupid athletes who harass her friends.
She has been enchanted by three girls called Weird Sisters who interrupted her attempt to summon a "familiar" Goblin in the woods.
By the end of the week, she had to decide whether to sign her name to the devil as usual.
Suddenly, an unknown person called her name.
"Show Yourself," Sabrina ordered . ".
An unforgettable demon Image stretches out of the back of her vintagey triple room partition, right next to a bunch of Polaroid photos she sticks to the wall. And then, poof!
A terrible figure has disappeared.
A friendly black cat walks forward in his position.
World, meet sabehegan
That's how Netflix's new series, Sabrina's chilling adventure, introduces us to Salem, a familiar person who shapes one
This scene also made the debut of Sabrina's bedroom, in addition to the short Demon occupation, which is a dream paradise for teenage girls.
This space is gorgeous and full of retro decorations that run through the entire town of Greendale (
Neighbors of Riverdale in Archie Comics Universe). From the old-
She used the time y Black Cat calendar dutifully to "x" until the days of her birthday, and a series of popular cultural references appeared in her doll house that continued to blur the series's
Beatles, David Bowie, monky, Jason woris)
, There is a balance between the witty nod and the typical teen life, which reflects the two worlds that Sabrina is in
Magical realm and mortal realm.
Her bedside table has a spinning phone and a magic No. 8 ball.
"Some things are very important on the nose," said production designer Lisa Thorpe, pointing to the round window forged by Sabrina --iron bed.
"When you look outside the house, it's a window different from all the other windows. . .
It is also shaped like a spider web.
"Like other girls hiding in the corner of their home, her bedroom design has a sense of mania, an aesthetic result that she can't control, anyway, she wanted to make her mark.
On the show, an ongoing theme is how refreshing the plight of the teenage girl Sabrina looks (
Extremely slight spoiler in front)
She should choose half.
Immortal life and the ability to cast a curse on her sweet but ultimately vanilla boyfriend Harvey Kinkel?
Should she learn magic with other witches, or should she start a club with her friends at school?
She should obey her aunt and be ready for her dark baptism in the woods. . .
Go to the Halloween party and dance "monster mud "?
Compared to her
Amazing peers, Sabrina (
Played by Keirnan Shipka, who became famous for "Mad Men)
It's not just a single trauma of growth.
She's a complicated seesaw. than-
Normal expectations for her magical future and delightful weaknesses in the mortal world.
She is not a girl or a witch.
Sabrina's room reminds me of my own teenage bedroom, mentally, if not aesthetically.
I can't paint on the pink walls of Pepto Bismol that I grew up
Maybe, I'm a little worried about how I feel once they leave --
I use the posters of Leonardo DiCaprio and the Volkswagen Beetle first, and then use the one-off --
My friends and short camera snaps of infatuation and internal jokes are all hoping to be able to see the walls of my room, see myself and feel at home.
In fact, many teenage girls
I was impressed by the screen.
According to the number of Tumblr and Pinterest posts, others --over the years.
Shocking ladder
Angela Chase's grandma's bedroom-accessible "Clarissa Explains It All"
Her cool poster's ish floral quilt.
This year, Kayla's lovely bedroom in the movie "eighth grade" shows the self she wants to be, the sunny, confident teen she plays in the YouTube video.
Perhaps the most heartfelt feeling is triggered by the teen bedroom in Lady Bird, which is filled with clutter, posters, old and new things.
I was in pain when I looked at the character in the title to cross out the name of her old boyfriend, write it on the wall and replace it with her new boyfriend's name.
Even the predecessor of the Mind series has an enviable age --
Suitable for the interior decoration at the time: "witty" but filtered through the fleewood Mac lens with Whirlpool clove wallpaper, stained glass and serene-looking moons.
There was a big pot on her desk with pencils.
A magical person with math homework may need this kind of thing. “With [Sabrina’s]
Space, and all the spaces that lead to her bedroom, everything is based on duality, or make a choice, "Soper said of Netflix's remake design.
"Choose the road of light and the road of night.
"When Sabrina entered her home, she was greeted by a huge staircase divided into two, left and right, respectively.
There are a few small doors in Sabrina's room that represent more options.
"She's on her own path, so I always give her a choice," Thorpe said . ".
"The Witch side in history is usually left --hand side.
So, when she is leaning more towards the dark side, she may lean to the left, and when she is leaning more towards Baxter High School, she may lean to the right, Thorpe said.
And then there's less.
In Sabrina's bedroom, the obvious wit nodded.
"The reason why the wallpaper in her bedroom was selected is because. . .
The story about how witches hide themselves in the woods by turning themselves into rabbits is a little whispered. . . .
Instead of making a horrible, sketchy wallpaper or some old, sad stuff, I gave her something a little about to come --of-
"Age" and women, says Soper.
The pink color of the wallpaper also matches the beautiful red tones seen throughout the series, especially Sabrina, who is often seen with her red wallet and coat.
The front door of Spellman is also lush red.
As for the floor, Thorpe said that she created a spiral shape of a herringbone that represents a powerful symbol of Paganism and Witchcraft.
Shape is also an important factor outside the Spelman family: The Invisible Art Institute --
The Magic School Sabrina eventually attended
Composed of a series of perfect, five points connected to the Five Corners, five points Review five points
Five-pointed star.
But this is the human part of Sabrina's bedroom.
You can imagine her own posters and mirrors.
This makes her and her teenage whimsy more believable.
In the second episode of the series, Sabrina's benevolent aunt Hilda talked to the teenager about her father, who is said to have died in a plane crash with her mother.
Hilda stuffed her niece into the bed and sat under her feet, a mother's presence, reminding Sabrina and all the people who looked at her, this young witch has a lot of darkness. she can stay safe now.
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