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the last word with lawrence o’donnell, transcript 1/23/2016  -  build a room divider wall
January 27, 2017 guest: Nicholas Kristoff, E. J.
Dion, Catherine Lamper, Mike debbonis, Eli Stoke, Marty Walsh Larker Madu, MSNBC anchor: in their retreat this week, they feared that once they had abolished the Affordable Care Act, they had no plans to replace it.
The Washington Post received a tape of them talking about it after they closed the door and built a car.
The person who wrote the story was reporter Mike debbonis, who then talked about "the last word of Lawrence O'Donnell", which means you should watch the show.
Start now.
Have a good evening.
Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC anchor: Another day, another humiliation of the president of the United States by foreign leaders.
In fact, it's a bit special today because he was humiliated today by two foreign leaders.
One of them stood next to him. (
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Mayor Marty Walsh (D)
Boston: I think you will see cities all over the United States coming to us and saying enough is enough.
28% of residents in Boston are immigrants.
Like me, 48% of our children have at least one foreign-born parent.
US President Donald Trump: By the way, my mother was born in Scotland.
British Prime Minister theresa may: this invitation shows the strength and importance of this particular relationship.
This is the most special relationship.
Host Jimmy Kimmel: We have had a special relationship with a new world leader.
His name is Vlad. He`s handsome.
There he took off his shirt and fought with the bear.
I don't know the gentleman.
I hope our relationship is very good.
We may not do the same.
John Roberts, Fox News: Mexico, can we get an update on the relationship between the two countries?
Trump: over the next few months, we will be negotiating to see what will happen.
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox: Mexico does not pay for the wall.
Trump: There will be a payment.
It will be a form, perhaps a complex form.
Host Seth Meyers "Late Night with Seth Meyers": so definitely not with money.
The bad news is that Mexico has not given us any cash to build the wall.
Good news. we have a new hat. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: The president of the United States was defeated by the President of Mexico for the second day in a row-please forgive this expression.
We have now completed the total humiliation of 48 hours.
Our former friends and permanent neighbors, Mexico, have never met people like the president of the United States.
This is of course the most avoidable and childish struggle between the president of the United States and another country.
Don't mind our neighbors next door.
When Donald Trump ran for president, he called Senator Marco Rubio "Little Marco ".
He did so both because he was a bully and because he was completely ignorant about government affairs.
Because Marco Rubio knows too much about the work they're all running.
President of the United States.
Because Marco Rubio knows more about this and more about governance.
It is impossible for Donald Trump to challenge Marco Rubio or anyone else in a real policy debate.
So he found the only thing an ignorant bully could use on the debate stage, insulting, nicknamed "Little Marco ".
Marco Rubio is not too small.
Marco Rubio is almost 5'10 ".
Donald Trump is almost an inch taller than me and he's about 6'2 ".
I don't think there are very few people in 5'10.
Donald Trump's fanatical bias towards people with Spanish names, does he think that all people with Spanish names are small?
Is that where he got the pony? Imagine.
Imagine why Donald Trump wanted to call Mexico's 57-serving President Enrique Peña Nieto, who has humiliated Donald Trump for two consecutive days.
Enrique in Enrique Pena Nieto, in near of a place 5 '6' or 5 '7 '.
4 inch shorter than Marco.
Think about how Donald Trump is boiling in the White House at the moment.
Two days after being defeated by the Mexican president, think about how many times he has touched his Android and started talking about little Enrique on Twitter, think about how many taxpayer-funded White House workers took Android from him and every time he wanted to tweet about little Enrique.
Our understanding of Donald Trump is that he doesn't speak Spanish except that California was actually all the place names in Mexico before.
But he certainly wouldn't think it was Spanish.
Of course, he thinks Los Angeles is an American word.
You know, he doesn't know what any word in Los Angeles actually means or what any word in San Francisco or San Diego means.
His ignorance is like a blanket, his nanny is wrapped around him during his infancy, he has been wrapped around him, and his life is blocking every one about not involving commercial real estate.
So we know that Donald Trump doesn't even know how to say what Enrique Peña Nieto is saying. [22:05:08]
We also know that Donald Trump likes to nickname people he hates, especially hateful nicknames.
Tony Schwartz publicly diagnosed the pathology of Donald Trump for us on this project and elsewhere, and he wrote the first book for Donald Trump, it took a lot of time to get very close to the year of Donald Trump.
Even without this diagnosis, Donald Trump did not show us his pathology in the slightest sense of self-awareness.
We have seen the pain and evil of him publicly attacking anyone who criticizes him or makes him embarrassed in any way.
He always thought it was perfectly reasonable.
In the past six years, he has done this to me countless times, starting with the first time I called him a liar six years ago.
When I was the only one who said Donald Trump was lying.
In those days, he had more time to focus the hatred of Twitter on me.
But now, everyone who didn't hire Fox News called him a liar and he couldn't have kept up.
But it was a foreign leader and a president who stood up against Donald Trump and just said no.
Today, the Mexican president revealed to voters of Donald Trump something worse than his ability to defy Donald Trump.
The President of Mexico and the president of the United States have done something normal today.
They each made a statement, apparently a negotiated statement, which included the agreed wording of each chair's staff member.
This is how the presidents of the United States and Mexico should communicate openly.
Not because the US president tweeted crazy threats to the Mexican president, so the Mexican president tweeted shame about his decision to cancel next week's meeting with the US president.
You saw Donald Trump trying to painfully claim yesterday that they were all trying to cancel the meeting.
They both posted.
They all want to cancel, which is obviously incorrect, because if so, they will make a joint statement about it if they all agree.
Instead, the Mexican president shot Donald Trump's Twitter stream on his own and refused to meet with Donald Trump.
That's how the Mexican president's speech began today.
"Mexico and the president of the United States spoke by phone today.
"This is the way the presidential statement began.
"Donald J. , president of the United States ·
Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto spoke on the phone for an hour this morning.
The phone was arranged by their team.
"Now the whole world wants to know who is calling who, because the President of Mexico turned his back on the president of the United States yesterday and publicly forgot that I don't want to talk to you-need to talk to you.
Then the president of the United States pretended it was his idea not to talk to the President of Mexico.
So, one of them called the other today and whose idea was it?
There is only one line in Trump's statement that the phone is co-arranged by their team.
The Mexican president's statement simply did not mention how the phone was arranged.
That makes Donald Trump very likely to call the Mexican president to try to start fixing the reckless damage he has done to North America this week.
White House staff begged the Mexican president's staff not to specify in the statement who called.
It will eventually leak out.
We will know who called who it was, but there is a very important difference in the statements of the two presidents, which is the most extreme humiliation of the US president today.
The White House statement said, "with regard to the payment of the border wall, both presidents acknowledge that their positions on this issue have clear and very open differences, but agree to resolve these differences in a comprehensive discussion of all aspects. that's what the Mexican president's statement said in bilateral relations.
"With regard to the payment of the border wall, the presidents of the two countries acknowledge that there are clear and very open differences in their positions on this sensitive issue and agree to resolve them, as a comprehensive discussion of bilateral relations in all aspects of the United Nations.
These sentences are the same.
In the speeches of the two presidents, the only way the sentences become the same is to have each president's staff negotiate and work out the same language.
That's why the next line is so important.
The statement appeared only in the Mexican president's statement, not in the White House statement.
The Mexican president's statement said, "the presidents of the two countries also agreed at this point not to openly talk about this controversial issue. ”[22:10:10]
The Mexican president told Trump voters about their heroes who would force the Mexican president to pay for the border wall, which has now been forced-Donald Trump has even been forced to agree not to speak publicly about the border wall.
The Mexican president said Donald Trump "agreed at this point not to speak publicly about this controversial issue.
"So when Donald Trump was asked at a press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May about Trump's war with Mexico and his phone conversation with the Mexican president, what happens today(
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Trump: I would say we got a very good call.
I did very well in Mexico.
I respect Mexico very much.
I like Mexican people.
I have been working with Mexicans all the time.
Good relationship.
But, as you know, Mexico is with the United States.
Negotiate us through our past leaders and defeat us.
They made us look stupid. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: Yes, they made us look stupid this week, or more specifically, Enrique Peña Nieto made little Donald look stupid this week.
Donald Trump's answer to his war with Mexico is that he is clearly desperately trying to negotiate peace now, and he has said another 265 words, none of which is "wall ".
None of these sentences are "Mexico will pay ".
Enrique Peña Nieto shut the little Donald to the wall and he shut the little Donald to Mexico to pay for the little Donald wall.
Forgive me now, I am here to express my views in Trump's world language.
What I like is not language.
I don't tell anyone to shut up.
I don't create demeaning nicknames for people.
That's what Donald Trump did. Little Marco.
That's what Steve Bannon did. Shut up.
That's what Steve Bannon called for the New York Times to tell them this week what to do. Shut up.
I'm using Trump.
Bannon's language here makes Trump
Bannon White House can understand what happened to them this week, because it is clear that as the president of the United States and our friendly neighbors set off a crisis, who is our third largest trading partner, when the president's White House adviser called a newspaper, told the newspaper to shut up, and told other American news media to shut up through that newspaper, our White House is out of control.
I have no idea what it is doing.
Floating ideas about imposing border taxes with Mexico to pay for the wall and then dropping the idea in an hour.
When the president stood next to the British Prime Minister today and was asked about his position on sanctions against Russia, he said, "it's very early to talk about this. ” That`s it.
That's what he said about sanctions against Russia.
Steve Bannon and Donald Trump must have felt dizzy during this week's crisis, and they did not know that the moment after that, the president of the United States was once again humiliated by a foreign leader, the prime minister may have completely disagreed with Donald Trump at that time.
It's too early for her to talk about sanctions against Russia. (
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May: In terms of British sanctions against Russia's activities in Ukraine, we are very clear that we want the Minsk agreement to be fully implemented.
We believe that sanctions should continue until the Minsk agreement is fully implemented.
We have been debating this issue within the EU. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: Another day, another humiliation of the president of the United States by foreign leaders. today, in fact, two different foreign leaders have humiliated the President of the United States twice.
Donald Trump will be on the phone with Putin this weekend.
By tonight, Putin is no doubt betting that the only thing he has done for Donald Trump to lift sanctions is to praise Donald Trump for having the largest inaugural population in history.
We will be back soon after the group has a short break. (
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Trump: We have a great general who has just been appointed General James Mattis, Defense Secretary, who has publicly stated that he does not necessarily believe in torture.
I happen to think it does work.
I have been open to this for a long time, but I am going with our leaders. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: Join us now, New York Times award-winning columnist Nicholas KristoffJ.
Washington Post and MSNBC political analyst columnist Dionne and United
We are the author of the change we seek: Barack Obama's speech.
"I think another colleague
The author is a man named Joy Ann Reid of the book.
In addition, there is Catherine Lampert, the Washington Post's opinion columnist.
"Nick, when we heard him talk about torture and submitted a talk with Sean Hanney last night, he said it was very, very high --
The level man told him that it did work.
He seems obliged to tell us who these people are.
We know what his defense minister said.
Nicholas Kristoff, columnist for The New York Times: Yes, I mean, you know, he has these hunches.
I mean, I don't want to think about where they came from.
But he seemed to be listening to Mattis about it and I was a little relieved.
I mean, Mattis is, to some extent, an adult in the cabinet of John Kelly.
I hope he will hear from Mattis, Kelly, and perhaps Tillerson.
O'Donnell: Catherine, we 've stumbled into the end of the first week of the Trump administration.
Working days anyway.
There, he stood by the prime minister, who had completely disagreed with him on the issue of sanctions.
She thinks it's too early to talk about sanctions.
Catherine Lampert, Washington Post opinion columnist: To be fair, her tenure is also a little longer than him.
O'Donnell: Well, you know, it's been a few years since he was asked about sanctions.
He has clearly not figured out what he thinks of them.
RAMPELL: he hasn't figured out what he thinks about the sanctions, and he hasn't figured out what amazing things he's going to use to replace Obamacare.
Yes, there are still many gaps in our newly sworn president. O`DONNELL: Yes. E. J.
The president and the White House woke up in a heavily worded editorial in The Wall Street Journal, bashing Donald Trump for what they call his little Trump's little Mexican War.
All of a sudden, one day, the Trump administration will definitely feel a reversal and panic-stricken trying to do some sort of repair with Mexico. E. J.
Washington Post Dion: Yes, I mean, I think what you're seeing this week is the wreckage caused by the government impulse.
You know, first say what he thinks about the wall, then we have a 20% import tax, and when many people, including you, point out that this is not a tax on Mexicans, they immediately give up, this is tax on us.
What is truly shocking here is that our relationship with one of our two close neighbors has been screwed up because building this wall is purely symbolic commitment, it will cost us a lot of money. Mexico will pay for it. this is a promise that cannot be fulfilled. [22:20:09]
So, as Nick said, the adults in the White House grabbed the documents from Mexico and said we couldn't go that way.
I am sure they have heard from many business people and many others, besides the general, that they say, what have you done with this relationship? O`DONNELL: Yes. And E. J.
If you levy this tax because Congress has not completely lost its mind, it will never happen, but what you're doing is you're charging -- you're saying that American taxpayers will pay for the wall, then American taxpayers will also be punished for paying for the wall, and the price of all goods that American taxpayers buy for Mexico will rise.
Dion: That's why I use the phrase "government" impulsively, because you clearly see Trump speaking out of his mouth about the policy and repeating it, because he did not change from candidate status to President status at all.
Then all of his people had to go around and say, well, how can we prove what he just said is correct?
That is the source of this policy.
When you talk about taxes, when you talk about basic tariffs, you want someone somewhere in the White House to do a little analysis before the idea is abandoned.
You want to know that this will happen frequently during Trump's presidency, and the White House will announce in a few minutes, in a few hours, the official position that they have to give up. (CROSSTALK)
RAMPELL: It's not clear-it's not even clear that they're talking about specific tariffs in Mexico.
It sounds like Spicer hinted at the border adjustment tax, which is not only what Mexican imports have to do-it's like a complicated accounting thing, basically with all imports and exports.
O'Donnell: What's worse.
Well, I mean, it's more technical than I think we have time to get into the field right now.
But the Mexican people will certainly not be affected. O`DONNELL: No.
There's absolutely nothing in it-I don't think anyone of them understands that.
Nick, I suspect that people in the Trump world think that if you impose tariffs on Mexican goods, Mexicans will pay them.
Kristoff: But I think it's useful to distinguish politics from policy.
I mean, it was an incredibly confusing week because of the fact of the Washington Post
Checker said that every day of President Trump's first week expressed something completely untrue.
And-but I think, after what happened last year, we, as journalists, should be very cautious in predicting how this will have a political relationship with voters.
I mean for people who are watching MSNBC or are reading the New York Times or The Washington Post, at the end of the day, I think they may have a different view of things that are done on election day.
So I think we need to be cautious about it.
However, in terms of policy, there is no doubt that these effects are devastating to the United States. S. -
Mexico relations.
You take a look at the global gag rule, which aims to reduce the number of abortions and in fact will increase the number of abortions significantly and increase the number of births worldwide and other diseases in various types of female deaths
So I think this is a disastrous week for policy.
I hope this is politically disastrous, but I just think we need to be cautious about it.
O'Donnell: Well, in our politics, we 've never seen a voting public in the White House that likes chaos.
As the White House appears to be in chaos, no polling stations have risen.
Catherine, an extreme issue with Donald Trump's vote is that he will go to the Republican Congress and ask them to do what they have been against before the inauguration day of 2017.
He asked them to do what they obviously don't know how to do in healthcare.
We're going to talk about this later through the massive amount of confusing audio leaked today, which does happen in a closed-door meeting of Republicans.
He asked them to do what they don't know how to do in legislation and they don't have an answer yet.
They always focus on the president's poll numbers to decide how hard it is for them to want to work for the president.
RAMPELL: well, credit that's due.
Trump did say that he would be an uniter, not a divider.
He brought the Mexican people together against him.
As for what will happen to his relationship with the Republicans on the mountain, their situation is very tricky.
Because Trump says a lot of what he wants, they say they want it.
Not trade itself, but in the affordable medical act, they have been curating and curating for years, trying to replace it with something, I think they will talk about it later today.
They don't know what it is.
Because if you look at the courage of the legislation that they want to repeal, it is very popular to a large extent.
So getting rid of it won't make them feel good about voters.
O'Donnell: continue, Nick.
Kristoff: Yes, I mean, in terms of Catherine's Point of View on managing Mexico. [22:25:05]
I mean, I think the concern in the foreign policy community is, at the end of the day, managing the U. S. -
You know, the relationship in Mexico is kindergarten.
O'Donnell: Yes.
Managing China is a university. O`DONNELL: Yes.
Kristoff: I mean, it's a PhD.
O'Donnell: Yes. Yes. E. J.
In terms of foreign policy, Canada is the easiest thing you have to deal with, Mexico is the second easy and everything gets complicated after that. DIONNE: Right.
It's a little scary about what the phone call with Putin will look like tomorrow. O`DONNELL: Yes. Oh boy.
Dion: because I think it may be after the doctor. grad, post-
Doctor, what.
One more thing I tell you though, I'm really worried about a policy.
Trump will propose massive cuts for low-income people
The income person, we will not pay attention, because it will be in the fog of all these impulsive control conversations.
We do have to pay attention to policy.
A good reminder.
Nicholas KristoffJ.
Catherine Lamper, Diang, thank you for joining us tonight.
Really grateful.
Dion: Thank you.
It's a pleasure to be with you. Thank you.
O'Donnell: Next, Republicans privately think about Obamacare and it proves that Republicans are not crazy. They get it.
They understand what they are in trouble. (
Business break)
O'Donnell: this has changed the work of American police.
Now every police officer in this country knows that everyone around them has a video recorder in their pocket, and as we know in Washington, these things are about to change management.
Today, The Washington Post got an amazing recording of what Republican senators and House members said in the room when they closed their private conversations.
They are considering abolishing and replacing the Affordable Health Care Act.
They talked about it and the recording shows that not all Republicans are crazy.
This is good news for this recording.
Some of them actually understand how politically dangerous it is to repeal and replace Obamacare.
Some of them understand how complicated the legislation is.
Some of them have a clear understanding of how the health insurance market works and how the government is destroying the insurance market. The audio clearly shows that even private Republicans still don't have a real plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.
The Washington Post reporter who revealed this explosive recording will join us next. (
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Start Video Editing)[22:32:47]REP. PAUL RYAN (R)
Speaker of the House: The good news is that we made a plan in 2016.
This is the plan we are working on when implementing the solution. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: Paul Ryan is talking today about plans to repeal and replace Obamacare.
The only problem he says is that a secret recording today reveals what everyone is skeptical about, and Republicans have no plans and are not close to them.
Now joining us is the Washington Post's congressional correspondent, Mike debbonis, who revealed today a recording of private comments by Republicans.
White House political journalist Eli Stoke has joined us.
"This is an extraordinary recording, Mike.
Absolutely amazing.
I'm sure this is the first one since everyone in these rooms now has recording equipment in their pockets.
When we read your report on what was said in that room, we found that there was obviously no plan.
Republicans are not close to the plan, and more interestingly, there are a lot of Republicans who are worried and are not ready to move forward with any suggestions.
Mike Derby for the Washington Post: Thank you Lawrence.
We can only hope for more of these recordings, and we encourage anyone who has the ability to make them to do so.
O'Donnell: Hey Mike, when you're doing this, tell us what the Washington Post has set up for people to provide such anonymous source material, and that's what it is.
DEBONIS: there are indeed ways on our website to provide us with tips anonymously and securely.
I wish I could give you a URL, but if you go to the Washington Post.
O'Donnell: OK.
That's enough.
You can do that. O`DONNELL: Yes.
Derby nice: Lawrence, what you see on the tape is, you know, Republicans have principles in health care, but they don't have plans.
They have principles, though they say they have a plan.
And, you know, it's a mess to turn principles into plans, and the room is a mess.
You have people asking some very tricky questions about how you will transition from our current system and abolish it, then replace it when the Senate does not have the support you need through a complete alternative plan. [22:35:07]
This has troubled many Republican lawmakers. and-
Submit the files of Republican lawmakers, and the answers given by the leadership, that we will move along all these different paths at the same time.
Doing quick reconciliation, they will do administrative action and do some smaller bills, which will not necessarily replace Obamacare.
Okay, I tell you, when I work in the Senate, I 've been in a room like this, and when people are upset about what you're trying to do, usually, the situation will get worse.
When members are so unstable, I have never seen either side make these things.
I just want to read what New Jersey Republican Tom MacArthur said when you were talking about principles, Mike.
He reminded everyone of one of their principles and said they couldn't do it.
He said, "We told those people that we wouldn't pull the carpet out of the bottom, and if we did it too fast, in fact, we were going to pull the carpet out of the bottom.
Eli, analysts like me and all the people who know something about health care have said that from the beginning.
Eli Stoke, political figure: Yes.
But this is one of the highlights where policy and politics have never been coordinated.
Republicans can't say that on Paul Ryan's stage because they have to say that in a private room because they 've been running for six years and telling people they're going to repeal and replace it.
Donald Trump has been telling people that it's simple, we pick something with just a finger move and it will be beautiful.
This is not how it works.
I think even Donald Trump understands better than some Republicans that Obamacare really changed that model because now that people have this kind of health care, you can't take it
That's why he said outside that we're going to cover everyone, while Republicans and Paul Ryan are actually just trying to moderate expectations and say, well, everyone can get insurance.
Therefore, the White House and the Republican Congress are certainly not consistent in this regard.
O'Donnell: some wonderful quotes from California Congressman Tom mclintoke, I 've been following him since he served in the State Council.
He ran for a governor and, while not winning, he knows policy better than most Republican California lawmakers.
He said, "we 'd better be sure we're ready to live with the markets we 've created.
This will be called Trumpcare.
Republicans will own the lock, stocks and barrels and will be judged in less than two years of elections.
"Mike, I have to tell you that when you hear someone say something like this in the room, you mark them as negative with a pencil.
Yes, I mean, these are very serious issues that he raised.
This is really the key-the key issue here is that this simultaneous replacement and repeal mentioned by Donald Trump is not possible.
It won't happen unless they get some magic potion to convince the Democrats to continue their plans.
But beyond that, within the Republican conference, there is a big disagreement about how to make alternative efforts.
Even if they have-they don't have to deal with the obstruction of the Democratic Party, when you have a range of ideologies and a set of policies that are biased, it's hard to get them to unite in a single plan, this does not necessarily fit neatly. O`DONNELL: Yes.
This is very clear here.
Mike, it is very important that what we are seeing here is the ruling party, the majority party, they have no agreement, and they are not close. John (INAUDIBLE)
Republicans in New York are worried about what they do with family planning.
He said, "If we go on the path of family planning in the health insurance bill, we just go into a huge political trap.
I have no problem if you want to do it elsewhere, but I think we are creating a political minefield for our own House and Senate.
Eli, you will never smell this if you are outside the room.
This is a huge revelation that Republicans really think about.
Yes, that's right.
They will have to reconcile their ideas, you know, real ideas and what they say publicly.
Because they are obviously very different.
I think the Donald Trump administration really has to figure out how to deal with this because they 've made it big-you know, it's at the top of their list.
There are obviously a lot of problems with the first thing they have to do.
O'Donnell: Starting today, these recording devices on everyone's phone have changed Washington forever.
Mike DeBonis and Eli mouols, thank you for coming.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you, Lawrence.
O'Donnell: Next, the normalization of Steve Bannon can't happen because Steve Bannon is not working properly at the White House. (
Business break)[22:42:44]
O'Donnell: Tonight's "Twitter story" and one of you tweets.
Last night, I wrote on Twitter: "regular patrols.
Any former president would fire Bannon for calling the media opposition and telling them to shut up.
Traceysullivan22 replied, "Bannon will never be hired by any former president or by any decent person.
"Well, I don't know where Steve Bannon will still be hired, but that's right.
It's absolutely right to say that no other White House would hire Steve Bannon, and of course, some have worked in the White House before, and they are very angry with the news media, to put it mildly, of course, many people have worked in the White House before. they think the news media are opposition parties.
What's crazy and out of control about Steve Bannon is that he actually called the New York Times, the world's most important newspaper, directly to the New York Times, and then to the world, he wants them to shut up.
He did so as a sign of a madman treating the media.
They always tell you angrily how they want to be cited.
Bannon said to The Times: "I want you to quote this sentence.
The media here are opposition parties.
They don't know the country.
They still don't understand why Donald Trump is president of the United States.
The media should feel embarrassed and humiliated, shut their mouths and listen for a while, he said.
Now, when Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward in the Washington Post approach their crimes, there must be this feeling among the people at the Nixon White House, and the impeachment hearing begins in the House, but no one has resigned, even at the Nixon White House, to call the newspaper and say something crazy. Everyone at Nixon's White House thinks that person is just a mental breakdown and needs help and they may rush him to the hospital.
This is not normal.
Steve Bannon is not working properly at the White House.
One of the many things Trump's White House has to resist is that the news media and elsewhere have any tendency to normalize Steve Bannon. Not normal. [22:45:08]
As everyone in politics knows, the mayor is tougher than the senator, and when the mayor of Boston stands up against Donald Trump this week, just says no, he proves it again.
Our next guest is Mayor Marty Walsh. (
Business break)(
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Walsh: I think that's the beginning of today.
I think you will see cities across the United States come forward and say enough is enough. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Marty Walsh is crazy.
He was angry with Donald Trump, but he never said the word Trump at a press conference at Boston City Hall.
Mayor Martin Walsh, son of Irish immigrants, when Donald Trump announced this week that he would issue an executive order to cut off federal funding for the sanctuary city, city Marty Walsh, who refuses to work actively with federal agencies in enforcing federal immigration laws, shoves as many news cameras and microphones as possible into Town Hall to ensure that what he says will be heard at the White House. (
Start Video Editing)
Walsh: We will not waste important police resources on wrong federal operations.
We will not be intimidated by the threat of federal funds.
We have each other's support. we have the Constitution of the United States on our side. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: On that day, the White House amateurs found out that the mayor, politically known to others, was tougher than the senator.
Now, you may find that there are occasional exceptions to this rule, but in our political history you can think that there are more severe mayors than harsh senators.
Some are disappointed by the number and style of resistance congressional Democrats have shown so far on the Trump agenda.
I just want to say, don't judge them too early.
Overall, the senators are boiling at a slower pace, and most of them now have a long way to go to catch up with Marty Walsh.
When was the last time you heard the senator say he or she would use his office to provide shelter for people Donald Trump wants to hunt down and expel? (
Start Video Editing)[22:50:11]
Walsh: I want to say directly to anyone who feels threatened today, or vulnerable groups, USAID and Boston, that we will do everything we can to protect you legally.
If necessary, we will use the town hall itself to shelter and protect any unjust goals. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: then when the reporter asked the mayor what it meant to use the town hall to provide shelter for people, he said. (
Start Video Editing)
Walsh: that is to say, people will live here if they want to live here.
They can use my office.
They can use any office in this building.
Anywhere they want to use the building as a safe space.
Unidentified journalists: can you stop the federal authorities from coming in if they want?
Let's see what happens. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: "Let's see what happens.
This is what the mayor of Boston said to the president of the United States, you pull out who you want to go to my town hall and pull out the people seeking refuge from there.
You send your troops to them and we'll see what happens.
Donald Trump has not met a politician who is stronger than Marty Walsh.
Oh, did I mention that Marty Walsh is from Dorchester and is from the same block as Mark Walberg?
Where Marty Walsh grew up, the air was filled with perseverance.
This is resilience formed by strength and confidence in who you are and your position.
In Marty Walsh's case, its framework is generosity and compassion for people who may need your help.
The mayor stood in front of the microphone until the reporter had finished asking questions, something Donald Trump would never do.
Thank you for coming, this is the last sentence of the mayor. (
Start Video Editing)
Walsh: a simple story.
I was a young man who came to my office a while ago and his mother had no papers.
He was afraid that his mother would be kicked out of the country.
He was born here.
He is about seven years old.
I saw him the other day and actually I saw him two months ago.
He wrote me a note that was-I kept the note in my pocket for the past 1/2 months. “Dear Mr.
Walsh, I thank you because you protect our city from madmen and you will make me and my family feel safe.
Your man, Brian.
"That's why I stand here with my colleagues every day to protect people who can't protect themselves. Thank you. (APPLAUSE)(END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: Mayor of Boston, respected Martin J.
Walsh will join us next time. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Walsh: The president's latest executive order and statement on immigration is a direct attack on the people of Boston, Boston's strength and Boston's values. (
Start Video Editing)[22:55:02]
Join us now, Marty Walsh, mayor of Boston. Mr.
Thank you very much, mayor, for coming tonight.
I really appreciate it.
I'm just wondering if you have a chance to talk about it directly with Donald Trump, and what do you think he doesn't understand about what he needs to know?
Walsh: I don't think he understands that there is a fear in this country, and this country doesn't fully agree with him.
I think if we have the opportunity to explain this to people and talk about what we really need in this country is immigration reform, republicans and Democrats have been unable to agree on things for the past seven years. there is another way of doing things.
I mean, as a leader of a free state, it's about compromise and moving the agenda forward, and that's not what it does.
I have been in two schools since the press conference and the children are scared.
This is not something that the president of the United States should be a symbol of young people.
Brian, the little boy who wrote the letter, was 7 years old. this is his assessment.
This is not the way our country should be.
Mr. O'Donnell:
Mayor, this is personal to you because you have a close history of your own parents being immigrants.
But I know that at that press conference, a lot of people around you are not-and not recent immigrant families, some are.
As you said, this is the real picture of Boston, the real picture of the United States.
So you don't have to be a recent immigrant family to understand that.
Walsh: No, you don't need it at all.
When I went to my office after the press conference, someone cried and said thank you for doing so.
Thank you for defending us.
Defend our city and our country.
I think, you know, it's too much.
I mean, I think the first week of the government is over, and you know, our relationship with countries is getting worse and worse.
We are in internal turmoil.
These things we are talking about are not about making America great again.
If we want America to be great again, I don't agree, we are already great, but if we want to continue to make America great again, let's talk about reaching out and building opportunities and bridges.
Let's not talk about isolation and challenges with every leader in the world.
This is not how we move forward as a country.
I think of Boston, in our city, yes, we are made up of a group of different types of people who have different political philosophies, but as mayor, my job is not necessarily to agree with everyone, everyone should not agree with me, but some progress in our city.
That's what we do in Boston.
This goes against our identity as a nation and what happened this week. O`DONNELL: Mr.
The mayor, CEO of Trump hotel operations, said this week that he hopes to at least double the number of Trump Hotels and expand to every major city in the country.
Is the Trump hotel a popular building project in Boston?
Walsh: because we are open-minded, we will definitely sit down and talk to them.
Because we are open-minded.
We won't-we won't say we won't let you into our city.
But there will certainly be a lot of conversations before that, because I bet there are a lot of immigrants in the Trump hotel in the country tonight making beds and providing food at the hotel and there without talking about what's going on there.
Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh, thank you so much for joining us tonight.
I really appreciate it.
Walsh: Thank you.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
US Vice President Mike Pence: next week, President Donald Trump will announce a Supreme Court nominee who supports God
Given that our constitution gives traditional freedom to the late great Justice Antonin Scalia. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: So the biggest challenge for Senate Democrats will fall on them next week.
Next is Chris Hayes.
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