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the last word with lawrence o’donnell, transcript 08/11/15  -  build a room divider wall
Ari melber of MSNBC: a new recording of Martin Luther King Junior's important speech, it's easy to be the best new thing in the world today.
This is our show.
Now, it's time to say the last word to Lawrence O'Donnell, Lawrence, good evening.
Host Lawrence O'Donnell's last sentence: Good evening Ali, it's really great to hear this.
Thank you.
MELBER: Thank you.
O'Donnell: Tonight, Jeb Bush has just delivered a speech in which he said that when he becomes president, it is likely that he will send more troops to Iraq to complete him. (
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Former Florida governor Jeb Bush: to truly understand the problems that the next president will face, we must look at some policies frankly.
M: It was an important evening and an important speech for Jeb Bush.
Bush: the threat of the Islamic State and its followers is asymmetric.
Unidentified male: Governor Bush is trying to run on substantive issues.
Trump Entertainment Resort Donald Trump Organization and founder, President and President Donald Trump: I saw Jeb Bush give the worst answer the other day.
Jeb's answer to the women's health question the other day was a disaster for him.
Unidentified male: When you focus on Trump, you get involved in the clown car.
TRUMP: Look at the polls, I can only pass the polls.
A new Suffolk University survey shows he is still ahead in Iowa.
Unidentified male: This is not a sport. SEN. RAND PAUL (R)
Kentucky: because someone can stand up and say you're stupid, you're ugly, it's not equal to the vision of the country.
Trump: I'm the best whiner I can ever complain about because I want to win.
Unidentified male: Trump is still at the top of the list after the debate.
Trump: There should be 2 million people watching and 24 million of them watching.
I'm awesome and the ratings are high.
The best reality show on TV.
Jeb Bush, who do you think they're looking?
I don't think so. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: Tonight, at the Reagan Library in California and in an important foreign policy speech, Jeb Bush faced the biggest weakness of his presidential campaign.
Even Jeb Bush admits that his brotherly relationship is a war that should never happen. (
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Bush: none of the leaders or policymakers will claim that everything is right in the region, especially in Iraq.
However, in the long experience, including intelligence failures and military setbacks, there is a moment to stand out from memory and become the turning point we have been waiting for, a surge in military and diplomatic operations, to bring the event to victory.
It's a success, brilliant, heroic and expensive.
This country will never forget the courage and sacrifice to make this all possible. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: now we are joined by former Minnesota governor, former Republican presidential candidate Tim Borenstein, and with us. J.
Washington Post opinion writer Dion and Jonathan's chief political correspondent Jonathan Allen. com.
Governor pornetti, what do you think of Jeb Bush tonight in a speech that didn't discuss how we got into Iraq about making important speeches about Iraq?
Former Minnesota governor Tim Borenstein: First of all, Lawrence pays tribute to Jeb Bush or any other candidate who really wants to talk about the issue.
So I welcome candidates to talk about some substantive issues and caps for that.
If you're going to talk about Iraq clearly, you have to talk about how it started and how we got there throughout the story.
But he did focus on a turning point, the transition from the Bush administration to the Obama administration.
Leaving no remaining power is an important decision for us to live in a bad way today.
Failure to implement the red line in Syria is a major decision.
Therefore, it is fair to call on this government to make those very important decisions. O`DONNELL: E. J.
Dionne, how did you react to the speech tonight?
Washington Post columnist Eugene Joseph Dion: First of all, he will go all out and eventually defend his brother, a version of his foreign policy.
I think in tonight's speech you saw a very different reaction from Republicans and Democrats.
Democrats say-I think they're right.
If you expect a tough speech in November 20 to show that we will not win the majority of Chinese voters in the Middle East after all kinds of things.
But Republicans have different opinions about it.
A Gallup poll in June showed that 68% of Democrats thought the war in Iraq was a mistake.
But only 31% of Republicans think so.
So, then, I think Jeb thinks it's a way to see the president to the Republicans, and it looks like a tough Hawk to the Republicans, he thinks it's a way to get rid of the fact that he's been voting.
O'Donnell: Let's listen to his current Iraq plan. (
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Bush: Let's start with Iraq. as President, I will take five broad actions to help eliminate the threat from Iraq.
First of all, we must support the Iraqi army, who now have the will to win, but there is no way.
Second, we must give these forces a consistent advantage of the US Air Force.
Third, we must make better use of them by giving limited forces greater scope of action.
Now, we have about 3,500 soldiers and Marines in Iraq, and more is likely to be needed.
We don't need it, and our friends don't ask the American combat forces to make a big commitment.
But what we need to convey is that we are serious and we are determined to help local forces regain their country.
Fourth, we should provide more support to the Kurds to give them decisive military power over ISIS. (APPLAUSE)(END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: Jonathan Allen, he kind of climbed to the question of how many more troops we need?
Lindsey Graham, you know, was very specific about that and he said we absolutely needed more and put in the real numbers.
But the closest thing he came to is to say that we may need more to do the job well.
Jonathan Allen, chief political journalist.
COM: Yes, the American public will no longer support a major ground war in Iraq, at least not at this point.
I think, you know, he said before that he wanted to be willing to lose the primary in order to win the general.
I think he means-E. J.
What I'm talking about is actually a primary. It sounds tough.
I'm not sure if his plan is now completely different from what President Obama has done or at least considered on American aircraft.
Obviously talking about something different there.
But what Jeb Bush didn't do was say the most important eight words, my father was right, and my brother was wrong.
Tim Borenstein, you think my father was right in the Republican primary, my brother was wrong, what would it look like?
PAWLENTY: Well, Lawrence, this can be explained in a number of different ways, but-O'Donnell: Yes-PAWLENTY: You know, this speech-Allen: about Iraq, about Iraq, yes.
PAWLENTY: You know, the president withdrew all the troops in Iraq, and then he put 3,500 of the troops back.
Jeb outlined tonight, the five steps you just played, these are all reasonable steps.
This president, this commanderin-
He said that defeating and destroying ISIS is the mission of the United States, and this has not happened yet.
So you have to change and upgrade tactics and success, and Jeb has outlined plans to do so.
These are all reasonable steps.
If you read the speech like I did, he's not talking about the main combat forces on the ground.
He is talking about surveillance personnel so that air strikes can be more accurate and timely.
He's talking about the Kurds, he's talking about the Sunnis, and maybe another Sunnis. awakening.
Working with Iraqis, so, these are reasonable steps if you want to defeat and destroy ISIS in Iraq. O`DONNELL: E. J.
Dionne, this is one thing of the Trump era, when you listen to or watch Jeb Bush's speech, you can't let Trump leave your mind.
As Tim Borenstein says, when you see this, it's a serious speech from a serious candidate.
You can disagree with the facts or with many of his ideas for the future.
But it's a very serious speech, as Donald Trump said about Iraq, ISIS, or any of these issues.
DIONNE: Well, you can make a wonderful montage of Trump's speech today with little substance, just before Bush's speech.
On one thing, I do agree with Governor Borenstein that it is good to hear the candidate give a serious speech.
Hillary Clinton gave a serious speech on student loans this week, with little concern.
But what's interesting about watching Twitter tonight is that people are almost acting like elections.
You know, it's really defending Jeb's speech.
I think one of the things you see in this campaign is that Jeb and Hillary both think that they're better off quarreling with each other than anyone they oppose in the primary.
Hopefully, this creates the feeling that they are inevitable nominees because they worked hard last week.
O'Donnell: We have a new poll tonight at Suffolk University in Iowa.
This is a poll in Iowa that shows Donald Trump is now 17 years old in Iowa.
Scott Walker is 12, Rubio is 10, Carson is 9, Cruz is 7, Fiorina is 7, and Jeb Bush is 5 in Iowa.
Jonathan Allen, is that why Bush is running tonight?
Alan: I think it must be bad news for them.
I think they should, obviously, want to wait for multiple votes to make sure it's not unusual.
But they should start thinking about their strategy in Iowa or working out a strategy outside of Iowa.
Voters in Iowa-I think Governor Borenstein can answer the question well.
This is a conservative group in the Republican primary. I don't think Jeb Bush was particularly conservative on the debate stage last Thursday. I think you will see some consequences.
O'Donnell: and Diang: Lawrence O'Donnell: continue-diang: can I say there's another poll showing Jeb is second only to Trump in New Hampshire.
I think Jeb will eventually give up-basically in Iowa.
He was very weak there and he had to fight for New Hampshire, but polls in New Hampshire also showed Kasich as high as 12%.
So, in New Hampshire, Kasich is gradually disappearing from the potential Jeb Bush vote.
What is Tim Borenstein, Jeb Bush's move at this point?
PAWLENTY: Well, I don't think he's going to play particularly well in Iowa.
He's going to have to put a lot of chips in New Hampshire, but this is-O'Donnell: Yes-pornetti: the same strategy as Kasich, O'Donnell: Yes, Chris ChristieCROSSTALK)
O'Donnell: everyone is begging now in New Hampshire-pornetti: Then you go to the southeast
Known as SEC primary, it's a conservative state, so Jeb has to find another gear here soon.
He has enough money to play with his abilities and hopes to see other things happen in this game that might help him.
Stability is one thing, but it won't get you a nomination or a presidential position.
So he has to find another gear, he already has it and he has time.
So, I think he can do that, but it probably won't happen in Iowa.
Jonathan Allen, have we met Jeb Bush before in the campaign?
Alan: only when he first ran for governor.
O'Donnell: Yes-Alan: I mean, this is someone who didn't actually punch back.
You know, the story of the past is that Jeb Bush is a better brother, a better activist, a better president, and George Bush sneaked in because Jeb lost in Florida.
I think what we saw in the campaign was George W.
Bush is a better activist than Jeb and we haven't seen his fight yet.
We saw on the debate stage that he did not have that energy and for the first time seemed a little nervous on the national debate stage.
I think he has to find it in him to really want it.
We haven't seen that from him yet.
Jonathan Allen and E. J.
Dionne, thank you for joining us tonight.
With Governor Diang: It's a pleasure to be with you-O'Donnell: pornetti will be wandering around and we will be discussing one of our favorite themes, socialism.
We did not finish the discussion on this project last week.
Donald Trump also said that there is no better presidential candidate than Donald Trump on women's issues.
Senator Claire McCaskill, who is actually a woman, will discuss this and other things with us.
In addition, the Democratic candidate for President Lincoln Chaffey will be here, and the Ferguson authorities released a new surveillance video today showing the police at 18-year-
Later on Sunday in Ferguson. (
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O'Donnell: Who was I thinking last night?
I 've heard on TV that Republicans have said to Donald Trump that it's not good to say these things to Rossi O'Donnell.
All the reports seem to make Donald Trump pretend that you can say anything to Rossi O'Donnell.
It was Matthew doode and George stephenopoulos who attended the "week of the week" together, and that was what he said. (
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Political adviser Matthew Dodd: I think the biggest mistake Republicans at that stage made when dealing with Donald Trump was that someone should stand up and take him away on women's issues.
It shouldn't be, oh, don't attack Megan Kelly, it should be about not attacking Rosie O'Donnell, not Michelle Obama, not Wendy Davis, Texas
It's not just about protecting your friends, they should be standing up-someone should be standing up, not waiting to say two days later, oh, by the way, Donald Trump shouldn't be doing that.
At this stage, respect should be given to women, not to the traditional values of Republicans or people --(CROSSTALK)(END VIDEO CLIP)(
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Trump: We're going to do a good job in women's voting.
I will do well on women's health.
I cherish women and I will do well in women's health. Believe me. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: Join us now, one of Donald Trump's cherished women, author of the new book, Sen.
Claire McCaskill (D)
Missouri: Oh my God-O'Donnell: Democrat Senator Claire MacAskill of Missouri said: "A lot of people like a lady-well, we're gone.
I mean, there's one-there's a very good campaign slogan, "I value women ".
Macaskiir: I cherish it-there were times when he said "woman ".
O'Donnell: he might sing this song all of a sudden, MacAskill: we might -- we might end up buying -- O'Donnell: He reminds me of someone, you know.
He reminds me of someone you might remember.
Let's take a look at this guy. (
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Former Congressman Todd Akin: if this is a legal rape, there is a way for the female body to try and close the whole thing. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: that's your opponent-MacAskill: Yes-O'Donnell: In your last Senate election, it turns out, you-we found out in your book-this is one of the great internal political stories you support him in getting the Republican nomination so you can compete with him.
MacAskill: support him, advertise him, spend millions of dollars on him, vote in the Republican primary.
O'Donnell: How did you advertise for him?
We looked into what Republican voters liked most about him.
Then we put it in the ad and I paid for it.
I approved the message but it said he was too conservative for Missouri because A, B, C and D
First of all, it comes from me-O'Donnell: Right-MacAskill: Republican primary voters-and if I think he's too conservative in their opinion, they think he might be perfect.
We put what we know about the Republican primary voters who are most interested in him in advertising.
He doesn't have much money either.
We ended up spending more money for him than he did for the entire primary I ran for, which worked in O'DONNELL: I remember that ad.
Now, so, it's like Hillary Clinton can now raise the number of Jeb Bush by advertising, saying he's too conservative to be paid by Hillary Clinton.
While I'm not sure if she can do that, it's possible.
O'Donnell: it may not work-it may not work in the Trump world.
MCCASKILL: it may not work at O'Donnell: So the car
Mouth MacAskill-MacAskill: Yes-O'Donnell: that's what you call this show from now on-MacAskill: Yes-O'Donnell: I heard in the book, do you have this nickname at school?
MacAskill: in my youth, at school, the title of the book became-O'Donnell: MacAskill: too much to talk, too fast to speak, to speak out loud, I'm opinionated, A teacher told me --(CROSSTALK)
O'Donnell: it turns out that macaskiir has a profession-macaskiir: That's right-O'Donnell: Yes-macaskiir: I have a teacher who told me that if I didn't stop the boys wouldn't like me, that's not a lady. like.
Then, after the debate with Todd Akin on 2012, he told the media that I am not a lady --like.
This is the source of the title.
I'm O'Donnell: this is macaskiir: I want women to be ambitious-O'Donnell: Here, the preparations you have for Todd Akin are very clear.
He's not the worst person you 've ever met in government.
I 've been trying to figure out how I refer to some of the stories in this book. It`s 10:00 p. m.
I can have a knee brace in this book.
Can you-MacAskill: Yes-O'Donnell: is it clean enough for-MacAskill I was a brand new state council in my 20 s, single, and I asked him for the podium of the house.
I walked up to the podium and asked him if he could get the bill out for me ---
Committee, the first bill I came out of the committee, he looked at me and said Claire, did you bring a knee brace?
He thought it was very interesting and I tried to pretend that I thought it was interesting and obviously I didn't think it was interesting.
I filed it and it made me more determined to address some of the obstacles I faced and try to keep my sense of humor.
I'm not sure if I handled it correctly because I don't usually face O'Donnell: Yes, you didn't face him on this matter maybe I should but I'm very eager to be successful and effective, so that I can work around them and hope to be hired by the boss to do a bigger job.
It turns out that this is the result.
O'Donnell: You supported Hillary Clinton-MacAskill in this game: I supported O'Donnell.
There is an engaging story in the book about your support for Barack Obama against Hillary Clinton eight years ago.
It's all about your daughter McGrady (ph).
You said, "My family has always put me in the position of supporting Obama, especially my daughter Maddie (ph).
She stood up and said in front of me, I don't know how you can look in the mirror in the morning.
You told me you 'd do my life--
Because you want to make a difference, you have to do what you should do.
The only reason you don't publicly support this person is because you are worried about your political skin.
"You tell the story of you sleeping on it, you realize she's right, you approve-you called David Axelrod the next day.
What are you worried about your political skin?
Is this your concern about retaliation for the Clinton couple?
It's more about female supporters.
There are so many women, you know.
Whether it's Alan Malcolm, or O'Donnell: of course-macaskiir: It's amazing that in her great organization, the support for me and many of the events has been going on until today,
The women who helped me get elected to the Senate across the country, the women in the states that I have worked for so many years, most of them supporters of Hillary Clinton.
I know I'm going to get a bounce and I know it's going to be a long-lasting bounce.
So, I-I'm scared of it, and the birlington are more scared.
You know, I think some of the ideas that they are responding to are exaggerated.
They are very kind and friendly to me and I look forward to working hard for her as I did for Barack Obama to make sure she was elected president.
O'Donnell: Yes, I don't think the point that the senators don't quite understand is that when you can make a political choice and you end up against someone, but, if you're all going to keep doing political work, that person will need you again one day.
And-macaskiir: Yes-O'Donnell: all these things are forgotten when you come across and deliver later.
Electronic News from Hillary Clinton
Mail Server reception tonight
Her team said they might hand over private emails
The mail server, Hillary Clinton, is now turning over the server.
It turns out that the story is more lasting than I thought.
There may or may not be something on the server that advances the story.
As a candidate, what are your suggestions for Hillary Clinton?
MCCASKILL: I will push as much information as possible to the public as soon as possible.
I don't think there's a smoking gun here.
I think she's probably using her personal email.
Mail, because it was legal at the time, and also because she had the experience of communicating with people through her email
An email to obtain personal information.
Whether it's a daughter's wedding or a mother's illness, I think she feels pretty protective about some of her personal information.
I am trying to find a way to formally protect personal information while also respecting government information.
So, I don't think there will be anything here, you know, oh my God, she's trying to hide secrets from the Chinese.
I really don't know-O'Donnell: Yes-MacAskill: What is the charge.
You know what her motives are?
Did you know that she really wanted to overthrow the United States?
O'Donnell: But the weird thing is that if they hand over the server now and someone called to hand over the server a few months ago, we can skip the whole month, month to find out where the server is?
MCCASKILL: Well, she admitted she didn't think she was dealing with it properly, or you know, she had a second idea of the way she handled the whole thing.
But she's going to testify again.
She has been in front of a very opposing Congress many times.
She's back.
She posted an email on page 55,000.
If there is hope for her server, the American people will begin to find that this is a big part of the political attack-O'Donnell: your presidential candidate is passionate about supporting the agreement that President Obama has reached with Iran.
Your future Senate leader Chuck Schumer, the leader of your party in the Senate, everyone expected him to, and is now against the president on this agreement, where are you?
Macaskiir: I called the country that held the money.
I know the deal is not perfect, but I was wondering what the new status quo would look like if we walked away.
The country holding the money is not in the deal.
The agreement includes Japan, South Korea, India, China and China.
I called these countries and wanted them to tell me, would you still respect the second U. S. sanctions if we gave up this agreement?
Or will Iran get the money?
I think this is a very important thing before I make up my mind.
O'Donnell: Finally, you represent the trouble of Ferguson on the weekend in Missouri, the anniversary of last year.
How do you react to what is happening now and tonight?
On the whole, we held peaceful protests.
We broke out on the periphery of the protest, causing a young man to be shot and killed by shooting at the police.
But overall, it was a peaceful protest, and by the way, we have made some progress in Ferguson.
We still have a long way to go.
But we chose more Africans.
We have an African in the city council.
Americans leading the police station
We have reformed the municipal courts and we are working on employment training programs and we are working on housing projects.
As a community, we are really trying to come together and get rid of this claim between the police and the protesters.
O'Donnell: Senator Claire macaskiir, author of my favorite new book "many ladies" on women's political life.
Can you tell from that book that I'm not running for president? (LAUGHTER)
O'Donnell: I have something you can't say here.
MCCASKILL: It's true-O'Donnell: Here you can't talk about it on a family project.
Thank you so much-MacAskill: Shake-O'Donnell: Really-MacAskill: Thank you, Lawrence-O'Donnell: Nice to meet you-O'Donnell: Thank you, thank you, thank you.
O'Donnell: Next, Republicans call Bernie Sanders socialist, and we're going to look at what the Republican candidates are doing.
But first, the Democratic candidate for President Lincoln Chaffey will join us. (
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Martin O'Malley (D)
Presidential candidate: if the DNC is trying to limit the debate and stop us from coming up with a better path for our people to have the economy serve us all again, then we are the party.
So I think we need more debate than less.
I think it's outrageous that DNC will try to make this process meaningless. Democratic. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell: he is Martin O'Malley, former governor of Maryland and Democratic presidential candidate.
Now we are joined by another Democratic presidential candidate, former senator Lincoln Chaffey, governor of Rhode Island.
How do you react to these six? Debate schedule?
Lincoln Chaffey (D)
Presidential candidate: I agree.
There will be many opportunities for us to get together to discuss these issues.
We have five of us in Des Moines, Iowa-only five on the Democratic side, and we are-most of us will be back in Iowa next week to talk about these issues.
Not necessarily a form of debate.
So I'm happy with the six forums they have arranged, and then there will be many other forums where we will get together to discuss these issues.
Sounds like-Chauna: It's not necessarily a form of debate.
O'Donnell: Martin O'Malley, who has a campaign lawyer who is talking about legal challenges to it, said the rules of the Federal Election Commission stipulate that the party cannot prevent you from participating in other things.
In the debate, you all said, well, we won't-we promise we won't be involved in anything else.
If you do, they will exclude you from their big debate.
They said it was actually illegal.
Let's ask the lawyer to solve the problem. O`DONNELL: Yes.
Chaffey: But I know it's been a long time since the governor of OMALI was in politics.
The last time I ran for governor, I think we just had a couple of debates, but I think we have 30 opportunities to get together and all the candidate forums are called, talk about the specific issues that an advocacy group has before us.
So I think Governor O'Malley knows we have a lot of opportunities to get together.
O'Donnell: I 'd like to hear from senior Senator Chuck Schumer of New York about the Iran deal.
As we all know, at least until then, he was locked into the next Democratic leader in the US Senate.
Let's hear this. (
Start Video Editing)SEN.
Charles Schumer (D)
New York: There are so many flaws in this agreement that need support.
I must therefore object to it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: How do you react to this?
Chafei: As President Obama said, many people support the initial invasion of Iraq. this mistake, the huge mistake we made, is now against my point of view, president Obama believes it is correct to resolve the mistakes we made in the 2002 and 2003 invasion of Iraq. And the vote --
Senator Schumer voted yes, and I did not.
Now we have to fix it.
Let the Shiites and Iranians come together with the help of China, Russia and Europe, and they have reached such an important agreement with the Americans to ease the chaos caused by the war in the Middle East.
O'Donnell: talk about what it looks like-chaffi: the bad situation of Kurds, Turks, Shiites and Sunnis is all because we have made huge mistakes.
Now, we have to work on this with the help of the Iranians, the Chinese, the Russians, the Europeans I mentioned.
O'Donnell: I'm very interested in what you might think about decision making.
In the Senate, you have to make a decision on this war in Iraq and this vote.
You are under the same pressure as everyone else.
You get it-you hear everything that turns out to be a lot of false information for everyone.
You're sorting out-how did you sort out that information?
How did you vote?
What does it tell you about how to make a ruling decision at the White House?
Chaffey: Well, as you know, as a Republican, I supported Governor Bush when he ran for president.
As a united front and not a demarcation, we will have a humble foreign policy and we will regulate carbon dioxide.
When they went in, they did the opposite.
So this is a character problem.
I don't trust them.
I don't trust them.
They came here with a big tax cut and were arrogant about the world, and when they talked about weapons of mass destruction, I had learned not to trust them because they had broken their campaign promise.
So I was wondering, is there really evidence of weapons of mass destruction?
So I went to the CIA by myself, without the staff.
Met with about 20 analysts and said that I had to vote on this in about three weeks to show me everything you had at the Lanley Central Intelligence Agency, which was over an hour --
Long meetings, even if they could-they highlighted that, Senator, it was clear that this biochemistry, they didn't-had no enthusiasm for what they showed me.
It's not only the bad evidence they showed me, it's the lack of body language and enthusiasm, and I know it's all a scam.
There is another reason, but certainly not a weapon of mass destruction.
This was supported by the Downing Street memorandum and other evidence. O`DONNELL: Yes.
Chaffey: And one more-O'Donnell: In your experience, how many senators have taken this initiative on such a question?
Chaffey: not enough.
O'Donnell: they will go to Langley by themselves.
I can tell you I never heard of it. CHAFEE: Yes.
You spent a long time in the Senate. O`DONNELL: Yes.
I am very serious about my work, especially the war.
I went through the Vietnam era and thought we would-go back to another dilemma on all veteran issues, not only cost and death, but also veterans, post-traumatic stress that has been around for decades, we just ended this pressure in the Vietnam era and now we are back again
So I want to do my best to work very, very carefully and make a good decision.
O'Donnell: we're gone. But now we have to move on.
This is the most important thing.
This is a mistake. now we have to solve it.
Iran deal-O'Donnell: that's going to be-it's going to be your last bid tonight.
Thank you very much for joining us.
Thank you, Lawrence.
Lincoln Chaffey, we really appreciate it.
We will get you back.
With the exception of Hillary Clinton, you are clearly the only one who thinks the debate schedule is normal. All right.
We will bring you back.
Next, Bernie Sanders sparked a new dialogue on socialism.
Former Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty and I will close the conversation we started here last week on socialism.
Later, police in Arlington, Texas announced that the officer shot and killed the unarmed teenager late last week at a car dealership there. (
Business break)
O'Donnell: The police chief in Arlington, Texas fired and shot and killed an unarmed 19-year-
The old man at rest
At a car dealer on Friday.
Christian Taylor allegedly kicked the windshield of a car and then crashed his Jeep into the dealer's showroom, where police were summoned.
Police said they found Christian Taylor roaming inside the dealer, he refused the police order, refused him to get on the bus and told an officer he stole a car there
Police said police officer Brad Miller, a new recruit still undergoing on-site supervision training, entered the building alone without telling other officers.
The decision puts other officials at risk, the director said. (
Start Video Editing)
Will johnson, Arlington, Texas: I am seriously concerned about the rationale for the use of lethal force in this incident.
However, it is best to address these issues through criminal investigation procedures.
However, based on the substantial amount of evidence at my disposal and the facts disclosed by the investigation team, I decided to terminate Officer Miller's work at Arlington police station because of his poor judgment. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Next, good socialism and bad socialism. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)Bernie Sanders (D)
Presidential candidate: I am an independent person in the vote, if you look at C-
They will say independence, I am the one vote.
But in philosophy, you know, I'm a democratic socialist. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Donnell: Bernie Sanders was attacked as a socialist by Democrats and Republicans who didn't seem to realize that they were also socialist, as Newsweek announced to the nation six weeks ago on its cover.
"We are all socialist now.
"Newsweek" means that much of the work the federal government is doing now is funding and managing socialist programs such as social security, health insurance and Medicaid.
These projects alone account for a large part of the federal budget. of course, when Newsweek reported, the federal government's bank bailout was a major socialist intervention in Wall Street affairs in the United States, the private sector wants to do everything possible to avoid a banking disaster.
As I have said many times on this project, there are good socialism and bad socialism, of course, the worst socialism in the United States is the sports socialism that the national and local governments provide huge subsidies to billionaires, who are the owners of sports teams and build new playgrounds for them, they will then hire a quarterback who earns $26 million a year, earning $17 million a year for a short stay.
The latest shocking example of sports socialism is being visited by someone who does not know he is socialist.
Tomorrow, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will formally sign $0. 4 billion in Wisconsin taxpayer funding to give the Milwaukee Bucks a role on a new stage.
Needless to say, the owner of the money is a contributor to the presidential campaign for Scott Walker and his super PAC.
Economists looked at the impact of building new stadiums across the country, and they couldn't find any economic benefits other than the billionaire owners of sports teams and the millionaire athletes they hired.
Tim Borenstein, the former Republican governor of Minnesota, met with us again.
Governor pornetti, last week we were drawn to a discussion about socialism triggered by Bernie Sanders.
I think that as long as we have a self, the dialogue will appear again and again
The Socialist Party presidential candidate was announced.
So I just want to spend a little more time giving you more air.
What do you think of Scott Walker's socialist giveaway that started on the professional sports stage? TIM PAWLENTY (R)
Former Minnesota governor: Lawrence, let me talk about this.
But let's start with the basics.
Words have meaning.
There are definitions associated with these tags.
Bernie is not off the label of socialism, he admits he is socialist, if you go to mereyam --
Webster defines socialists as people who support government control and have means of production and distribution.
Of course, capitalists mean that the private sector has done this, and it's a continuous process, there's room between the two to deal with things, but if you give incentives or subsidies, this does not necessarily mean that you control or have means of production or distribution.
So these words and labels make sense.
I think there is enough money in professional sports to build their own stadium, but they don't.
So the market must be distorted.
When I was governor, I built a football field at the University of Minnesota, which, by the way, was a public institution and we allowed a local county to support our double Stadium, but this has happened all over the country and there is no doubt that the government has injected capital into private enterprises, either to motivate accounts or to subsidize the results.
But this is not the definition of socialism that I just quoted.
Bernie just said, hey, look, I'm a socialist.
He didn't say I was a liberal, he didn't say I was a Democrat, he didn't say I supported more government.
He said I was a socialist.
Well, Social Security is a socialist project.
This is a project operated by the government under purely socialist conditions.
Like medical insurance, it is imported from Europe.
These are European socialist ideas that take over our government.
But we all have to pay for social security, Lawrence.
I mean, it's certainly a government project.
O'Donnell: Well, the problem with Social Security is that many of us pay far less than what we get from Social Security, many other people pay far more than the return they get from Social Security, so it's completely neutral distribution
This is true.
This is accurate. That`s right.
O'Donnell: But anyway, let me go back to sports socialism, because you actually signed a bill in Minnesota to fund the target area for twins to play?
Pornetty: Yes. That`s right.
O'Donnell: But you-initially, you opposed it when you were a state representative, but when you were the governor, you agreed to one of the deals.
PAWLENTY: Well, we will-as you know, we allow hennipin county to raise taxes to pay.
It's not a country thing, but we authorize them to do it if they want.
By the way, I don't think the tongue and cheeks have or control the means of production because the twins are not producing.
O'Donnell: OK.
Well, that's it.
But yes, I mean, you're issuing this tax and it's a bit counter-productive in itself.
Republican dogma
No, this is the county, but I understand what you mean. O`DONNELL: Yes.
The money was used to fund the playground for these rich athletes and the owners of these rich sports teams.
Pornetty: Yes.
But if you accept that definition, as I mentioned earlier, the government owns and controls means of production and distribution.
The county does not own and the state does not have twins.
We're not the manager of the twins.
We don't manage the distribution of what they do.
But if Bernie says he's a socialist, I mean, like I said, it means.
I think if you look at what he voted for, what he did is more in line with the identity of the Liberal Democrats.
I don't know why he went so willingly to get that label.
I tried to show this last week and you were angry about it and it looks like the country is not ready to elect a self
Declared socialism.
You know, it's not necessarily a personal attack on Bernie.
It is only that socialism and the United States do not agree at this moment.
They just don't.
O'Donnell: As economists have seen, there is no pure socialist country in the world.
There is no pure capitalist country in the world.
We call it a mixed economy.
They are a mixture of socialism, a mixture of capitalism.
We combine socialism with our professional sports.
We include it in our social security system and in our health care system.
When they voted in the Senate, the charge of health insurance and Social Security was that they were socialist.
This is completely correct.
These are socialist projects.
But we don't have time tonight, governor.
I'm glad we have more time to get it on the air.
I think-pornetti: next time-you can continue to defend Richard Nixon's policy next time. (LAUGHTER)
O'Donnell: Tim Borenstein, whom I like very much, is the young representative-the state representative against use-you say you don't want to subsidize the billionaire team owner with state money, millionaire athletes and privileged elites who compete in luxury box games.
I agree with that guy.
Governor Tim Borenstein, it's always a pleasure.
Thank you very much for joining us tonight.
Okay, Lawrence.
Thank you. thank you.
St's police are here.
On Sunday night, Louis released a new video about what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. (
Business break)
O'Donnell: Good News Now. Very good news.
Last night, the last word attracted a new audience.
Joseph Michael Kramer was born a minute before the show began last night.
His mother, Joanne Denyeau, was the producer of the show, and yesterday she was on her first day of maternity leave. Just in time.
Joseph Michael reached 8 pounds, 13 ounces and is only 18 years away from our ratings.
Let's hope he gets a Nielsen box for his 18 th birthday.
Joan, sleep a little now. (
Business break)
O'Donnell: The state of emergency is still in effect tonight in San O'Nell.
Luisshire after violence in Ferguson on Sunday.
If the situation remains calm tonight, an emergency order may be lifted tomorrow.
Earlier today, St.
Louis police released surveillance footage of what they said was 18 people. year-
Old Tyrone Harris waved a pistol in the crossfire on Sunday night.
The shooting took place near a demonstration.
The first anniversary of Michael Brown's death
Tyrone Harris was shot dead by police in that incident and is in critical condition.
Now joining us by phone is Antonio Frenchman, member of Ward 21 St Ward. Louis.
French MP, how do you react to the video released today?
MP Antonio French, representative of Ward 21
Louis: Good to see the chaos there.
You can-you know, I saw myself in the video.
I am one of the running people.
There were a few shots first, and then there seemed to be shots everywhere.
You can clearly see the young man holding a gun and running forward.
He may shoot when he comes out of the frame.
But it's just a mess.
I'm glad no one was hurt.
O'Donnell: Why are you-why are people in that particular place and why are you there?
French: So there was a protest.
From last August, the police came out with riot gear, a familiar sight.
There was a brief confrontation between the protesters and the police.
To make sure there is no violence, many of us are trying to calm things down and ease the situation.
After a while, the crowd dispersed.
There are also some people walking north to the West. INAUDIBLE)
The businesses and types there are gathered there.
After a while, there seemed to be some activities.
So I went there with some other people and we actually saw a reporter come back and he was beaten and robbed and some businesses were broken in.
So I blocked an open broken window in the back and wouldn't let the robbers in.
Then the gunfire began to sound.
O'Donnell: many people who know him say they suspect he might have a gun.
Do you think this video will help to purify the air?
French: Well, you know, I don't-I don't know Tyrone Harris.
I don't know what he looks like.
The police said it was him and they recognized him in the video.
But I know a lot of people have guns.
I know a lot of people are coming to these events to use the cover of the protests to commit crimes and violence, so, you know, if someone is shooting outside with a gun, whether shooting at the police or others, there are children outside.
Someone outside.
This is not the environment of the gun.
He should never shoot people.
This is a criminal act.
This is no longer a protest.
This is a criminal act. So yes.
You know, unfortunately, there was any kind of violence that night.
But, you know, we have to move on.
O'Donnell: Antonio French, thank you so much for having witnessed what happened there with us tonight.
Thank you very much.
Next is Chris Hayes.
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