The Falwell connection - temporary wall

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The Falwell connection  -  temporary wall
A conservative political organization linked to priests
Sharon learned that Jerry Falwell had secretly paid more than $200,000 to those who had made curse charges against President Clinton's personal actions.
The money was paid in three pounds.
During the year, honest government citizens based in Orange County, California were between l994 and l996
These payments are detailed in the organization's confidential accounting ledger and other internal records, copies of which are obtained by the salon.
Payment and charges--
Some are either fabricated or exaggerated. -
It is part of a secret and complex political propaganda effort that affects public opinion against President Clinton.
One of Clinton's allegations of protecting Arkansasbasedcocaine-
When he was governor of the state, smuggling spread from local talk radio programs to promotional videos from mainstream media, which eventually led to millions.
On 1994, the House Banking Committee conducted an investigation into the dollar.
The investigation concluded that Clinton had nothing to do with the drug operation.
In another example, on March 1995, an Arkansas honest government citizen representative signed a contract agreeing to pay two Arkansa state police officers, they made suspicious allegations about the murder of the late White House lawyer Vincent Foster.
Soldiers Roger Perry and Larry Patterson had previously told news agencies about what Clinton called an affair, and they provided Whitewater independent lawyer Kenneth Starr with information about Foster's death.
Drug smuggling and Vincent Foster's allegations stand out in the Clinton Chronicles, a video produced by Citizens for an honest government and a coalition government
Funded, promoted and distributed by Falwell.
The infamous 1994 video also suggests that Clinton's political opponents often suffer from untimely and suspicious deaths.
Honest Government citizens also secretly pay individuals who provide information to the media, such as the Wall Street Journal editorial page and the American audience magazine, which names them as sources.
The PR people hired by citizens put these people on hold and they have made many appearances on the right
Radio programs.
In the group's accounting ledger, almost all those named Citizen recipients of honest government funds confirmed to Sharon that they had been paid by the organization.
They are classified as "expert witnesses" in the ledger ".
"The president of the Association of honest government Citizens, Patrick mariscana, admitted that his organization had paid these people, but denied that they were encouraged to tell untrue stories to the media and the public.
"We didn't pay people to lie," Matrisciana told Salon . ".
"We help people not to be afraid to tell the truth anymore.
Most of the people we paid were victims of political persecution and political oppression. These people [told]. . .
We want to compensate them.
According to the organization's records, some people who receive honest government payments from citizens also appear in the Clinton Chronicles.
Falwell spokesman Mark Demoss said in an interview that Falwell did not know how much the citizens paid to their "experts.
"Matrisciana also said in an interview that he did not disclose information about the changes to Falwell or to anyone else in the Falwell organization.
In a Salon interview that lasted for several hours, Matrisciana insisted that Falwell had no effect in the payments made by citizens to those who charged the president.
"I have not contacted anyone related to Rev.
"Hopwell has been at least a few years," he said . ".
However, the telephone recordings obtained by the salon showed that just before meeting the Salon reporter on the same day, Matrisciana had a long telephone conversation with officials organized by Falwell.
Asked about this, Matrisciana said: "I think I'm just a small character in all of this, but that's what I'm going to say.
"Demoss gives conflicting claims about the honest government relationship between Falwell and matrisciana and citizens.
At first he said, "Pastor.
Falwell and Pat matrisciana have had a relationship for more than 20 years.
Falwell believes that the products produced by Pat may be valuable.
But in a subsequent interview, Demus said Falwell and matthiana had only "met twice" in their lives ".
According to Demoss and Matrisciana, the two agreed that Falwell would promote the "Clinton Chronicles" on Falwell's "Old Times Gospel Hour" TV show and in
Advertising for one hour
"It was not until after a long time that we were involved in the video," Demoss said . ".
"The only role of Rev
Falwell wants to tell the American people about it.
However, a directmail fund-
Falwell's appeal shows that Falwell did participate in the video earlier than he admitted. The fund-
Increasing attractiveness also shows that Falwell also provides subsidies for video production.
Direct in August 1994-
Falwell asked supporters to "help me make a national television documentary to expose the shocking new facts about Bill Clinton.
"Falwell is ready to provide," the letter said, as long as I can raise about $40,000 needed to make this video.
"Clinton Chronicles" contains all the sensational-
Clinton's allegations of cocaine smuggling and murder are an effective propaganda.
With its sophisticated production and skillful film editing, the video imitates the style of evening news programs or television documentaries.
The video ends with a former Republican congressman.
William danemeier urged President Clinton to be impeached while a message flashing on the screen warned: "If there is any additional damage to the film or their family, the American people will hold Bill Clinton personally accountable.
"According to toMatrisciana, more than 150,000 copies of the video have been sold.
It is reported that this number is twice the number of circulation.
The commercial success of the video is largely due to the fact that it advertises onFalwell's "old age Gospel Hour", as well as the commercial advertising of the video, where viewers can pass falwell's freedom
In a commercial ad, Falwell interviewed a personal silhouette that he only thought was a "investigative journalist.
"Can you tell me and the American people why do you think the lives of you and others in this video are in danger ? "
"Jerry, we interviewed an insider two weeks ago," the mystery man replied . ".
"His plane crashed and he was killed an hour before the interview.
You might say it's just a coincidence, but we're also going to interview another guy who was killed in a plane crash.
Jerry, don't I think that's a coincidence?
Falwell reassured the man: "Rest assured, we will pray for your safety . "
"In an interview with Matrisciana at the salon, a reporter told him that his voice sounded familiar.
When the reporter told Matrisciana that he was the same as the man in the figure, Matrisciana admitted that he was a mysterious man.
"Obviously, I'm not an investigative journalist," admitted Matrisciana. "I wonder if our lives are really in danger.
This is Jerry 'sidea to do this. . .
He thought it would be dramatic. "----------------------
Another key role of honest government against the government
Clinton's plan is Larry Patterson, an Arkansas mounted police officer, who joined two other former governors in December.
Clinton's personal security details first brought sharp allegations about the president's private life to the American audience magazine and the Los Angeles Times.
The American audience's "Troopergate" story mentions a woman named "Paula", which is the root of byPaula Jones's sexual harassment lawsuit against Clinton.
In the April issue of Mr. fashion, American audience story author David Brokke is skeptical about Patson and other troopers.
Admitted that he had an "ideological motive" to write the original story, Brok said he now wanted to know if the soldiers "took me for a ride ", and accused them of being "greedy" and having "stupid motives ".
"One of the soldiers, Roger Perry, told Sharon that he still believed that the story he told Brok four years ago was true.
But he also criticized the actions of citizens.
"I'm starting to believe their ideas are wrong," Perry told Sharon . ".
Luba Patterson is closely related.
Clinton's plan with Larry Nichols, a former Arkansas employee, has been a relentless campaign against Clinton since then --
In 1987, the governor dismissed him from an Arkansas agency for malfeasance.
At l994, Nichols joined the civil integrity government.
At some point in the early l995, he opened a joint bank account with Patterson.
According to financial and other records, from the account, the two paid a small amount of money to at least six other people who charged the president.
Patterson and Nicholas confirmed the existence of the bank account in a separate interview after Sharon learned about the bank account and payment details from other sources.
Nichols, the single largest recipient of honest government citizen funds, received $89,000.
Nichols, who talks about the Clinton Chronicle, repeatedly said in an interview that he had never appeared in the video or otherwiseClintonefforts.
But according to the records obtained by the salon, Nichols obtained more than $89,000 of l994 and l995 from citizens for clean government and afilm company called Jeremiah Productions.
Jeremiah production company shares office with honest government citizens in inhermet, California
Both entities are led by Matrisciana.
According to the citizen's record, starting in 1996, female parents and conservative conspirators Christopher Ruddy
Mindedjournalist maintained a joint bank account in the name of JeremiahProductions, which paid a small amount to the president's critics.
Rudy is a reporter for The Pittsburgh Tribune.
The review is a newspaper owned by Richard Mellon Scaife, a reclusive billionaire and Clinton's vociferouscritic who funded
According to the work of the interior Jeremiah, which is also the salon of wereobtained, as of September
1997 bank accounts controlled by Matrisciana and Ruddy "total assets are $3.
69 million "and no liabilities.
Scaife and Ruddy did not respond to many calls for comment.
Matrisciana claimed in an interview that no citizen and Jeremiah's work had received money from Scaife.
"I hope so," he said . "
Matrisciana said that the two organizations are directly-
They sell all kinds of movies and videos.
A former employee of the three citizens told Sharon that Nichols received far more than the $89,000 paid by the organization.
Former employees said Nichols boasted that the sale of Clinton's chronicles and other anti-corruption books earned as much as $200,000.
The Clinton video produced by Jeremiah.
According to bank records and sources familiar with the transaction, in l995, Nichols also began to pay other people who charged Clinton with his personal life.
The payments come from the joint bank account that document sshow maintains with Arkansas Mounted Police Paterson.
In a separate interview with Sharon, Nichols and Patterson acknowledged that they had paid at least six payments from joint bank accounts to individuals in Arkansas who charged President Clinton with his private life.
In an interview with Sharon, Matrisciana denied that his or the citizens of the honest government supported the payments made by Nichols and Patterson: "We gave Larry Nichols a large sum of money, but we don't meet our requirements by guiding him how to use it. "
He's not one of us. out.
He's not our front line.
In turn, we are never the front line of Rev.
Well, or someone else. "----------------------
One of the allegations spread by citizens for the honest government's paid "Expert Witness" is that Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas, provided protection for the cocaine trade.
Beginning at the end of 1993, Nichols and three other people who received payment from citizens told the media that during Clinton's stay with Arkansas governor, state law enforcement officers were ordered to turn a blind eye to a cocaine smuggling gang, the gang is traveling 120 miles west of Little Rock, outside the Arkansas airport Mena.
Nichols and another paid "witness" from the group claimed that Clinton protected the cocaine operation because one of the gang's supporters was aClinton's campaign donations.
They also claim that drug trafficking gangs are linked to a secret organization in the United States. S.
Intelligence operations in Central America
The allegations quickly found ways to talk on radio shows and the Internet, and began to go mainstream through articles from the American audience and the conservative Washington Times.
But what ultimately legalized the allegations was a series of edits and articles on the subject that appeared on The Wall Street Journal editorial page in 1994. Rep. Jim Leach, (R-Iowa)
The chairman of the family banking committee admitted in an interview in the fall of l996 that after his first reading in the Wall Street Journal he directed committee staff to conduct a full investigation into the Mena allegations.
"I read the magazine editing page with great interest," Lich told Sharon . ".
They raised some very serious and interesting questions.
I have decided that this should be the appropriate subject of a Commission investigation.
Two committee sources told Sharon that House Speaker Newt GingrichGa.
He also read the Wall Street Journal editorial page about the allegations in the Middle East and North Africa, and learned more from his conservative supporters of the political action committee conservative ac.
According to sources, Gingrich personally urged leach to investigate the matter.
House Bank Committee spokesman David Lonker said that although there are two
In a one-year investigation, the commission found no evidence of Clinton's involvement in Menadrug-
Smuggling operations
"We conducted appropriate investigations and found valuable information about money laundering and other issues," Runkel said . ".
"With respect to the President, we have found no evidence of any misconduct.
Investigation by CIA inspectors
The general also concluded last year that there was no evidence that Clinton had any role in protecting the Menaka ring.
The House Banking Committee of Lich has called for an investigation into the matter. Rep.
D-Henry Gonzalez
Rankingminority member of the House Banking Committee, Texas, has strongly criticized the investigation.
Gonzalez said the Justice Department worked more than 13,000 hours. -
"Equivalent to the value of the work of 8 full-time employees for one year --
Gonzalez said.
Ricky asked the CIA inspector --
Gonzalez said the general survey led to "six [additional]full-time [CIA]
40,000 pages of documents were consulted.
"In addition, four bank committee members have sacrificed other important Commission operations during the investigation," Gonzalez said.
Among those quoted on the Wall Street Journal editorial page as a source for action in the Middle East and North Africa ---
And received generous payments from citizens. -
John Brown, a former deputy sheriff from Ark salt County.
According to accounting records, In l994 and l995, Brown received more than $28,000 from the organization.
Brown also appeared on a citizen.
Made a video about Mena.
Brown told Sharon, "I did an investigation for them," he added, adding that the citizen investigated him while he was a private investigator rather than a police officer. On Sept.
On the 21st, l996, Brown received at least an additional payment of $1,000 from the joint bank account controlled by matrisciana and Ruddy, according to a copy of the canceled check obtained by the salon.
Another recipient of the Citizen Fund is Jane Parks of Little Rock.
Shortly before the l996 presidential election, the editor of the US magazine "bystander" R.
Little emit Tyrell
She quoted Parkes as saying that Clinton witnessed him using cocaine as governor of Arkansas in 1984.
Parks said she was the resident manager of an upscale rock apartment.
Parkes claimed that her office was separated by a fragile temporary wall.
Parkes told tirell that she worked on one side of the division, while on the other side, the president's brother, Roger Clinton, maintained a Bachelor's mat. "Mrs.
The park observed cocaine being brought into the apartment.
"She also had to convey a complaint to Roger about his party noise. . .
"Once, when I opened the door, Bill Clinton was sitting on the couch rolling.
He stared straight ahead and looked at the stone. . .
There was a row of cocaine on the table in front of him.
"Later, she told the London Daily Telegraph that her husband, a private investigator, used to do security work for the l992 Clinton presidential campaign, due to his involvement in the Middle East and North Africa
Parkes also claimed that she had found thousands of dollars in cash in the trunk of her late husband's car.
She said her husband told her that Vincent Foster had instructed him to smuggle drugs in atemena.
According to the organization's accounting records, In l994 and l995, the park and her other family members received more than $16,000 in clean government revenue from citizens.
Based on direct knowledge of the records and individuals of the transaction, in 1995 parks, the joint bank accounts maintained by Nichols and Patterson received an additional $6,000.
Parkes declined to comment on the article, but her son told Sharon that her story upset her.
A former employee of the US spectator told Sharon that tirell had several conversations with conservative activists in the last days of the l996 presidential campaign to discuss how to promote the park's opposition to Clinton
In an interview, the former employee said, "A lot of serious questions about the 'President's story of cocaine addiction, 'and [Tyrrell's]sources . . .
But he does believe in these things. this is his magazine.
Tyrrell did not return several calls to the salon. ----------------------
The death of White House lawyer Vincent Foster has also played a prominent role in the fight against corruption.
Clinton's campaign was funded by Citizens for an honest government.
Just a few days after Foster committed suicide at Fort Marcy Park in Virginia.
On July 20, Larry Nichols told a radio talk show audience about how Foster was murdered and how his body was moved from other places to marciburg Park.
Nichols claims that on the afternoon of July 20, his secret contact with White House staff saw Helen Dicky, a White House employee, out of control at l993.
Nichols said his contact reported that Dicky told People that she was crying because he had just learned that Foster had died.
It was not until 6: 35 that the police found Foster's body. M.
According to investigators, it was not found in a few hours.
Nichols said Dicky knew about death a few hours ago, which seems to prove that Foster was murdered and his body was moved.
Nichols recalled in an interview that before he told the story to Roger Perry and Larry Patterson, he has lost all the hope of confirming the story at the civic integrity conference on February 1995, and I am a VIP.
Perry told Nichols that he remembered calling the Arkansas governor's residence earlier that night before Foster's death.
Nichols noted: "Roger is always very loose in time, but the lawyer for the two soldiers, Paterson andeline Davis, is sure Perry called them earlier in the evening to tell them the news
According to Perry, it was at that time that Nichols told the soldiers and Davis that he had business ideas for them: if they tell their sensational story about Foster's death in a sequel to The Clinton Chronicles, he will share with them the profits of the sale.
Perry said Nichols complained that he was not fairly compensated as the narrator of The Chronicles, so he wanted to make the next one himself.
Perry and Paterson signed a contract with Nichols to ask fornichols to pay two soldiers a dollar for each video sold.
Daviswas will receive less compensation.
In a separate interview, Perry, Patterson, Nichols and Davis both confirmed the existence of the contract and confirmed other details that Perry had originally provided.
The person familiar with the agreement provided the salon with a copy of the contract.
After signing the contract, Perry and Patterson told independent lawyers investigators at Kenneth Starr's office about Foster's death.
Sources at Starr's office say they don't know about Nichols's financial relationship with Perry and Patterson.
"We never thought about asking this question," said an investigator . ".
"We have suspected that the witness may have been paid, or [financial]relationships.
Looking back, I think the only thing we have to say is,
Nichols promised to make a big profit for Foster video.
According to Perry, he boasted that Hopwell agreed to buy 50,000 to 75,000 copies of his video and promote it on television.
Citizens of the honest government also agreed to buy a large number of videos, Nichols said, as several radio talk show hosts, Nichols, were frequent visitors to their programs.
"We sold 100,000 copies of the Clinton Chronicle.
"There is no reason why we can't sell so many new videos," Perry quoted Nichols as saying . ".
But Perry said he didn't get any compensation from Nichols, who told him there was no profit from the video.
However, Nichols told others that he earned more than $150,000 from video sales, and Perry said she thought Nichols had cheated him.
In the face of bankruptcy, Perry said he asked Nichols and Patterson to help him financially.
According to Perry, they wrote him a check of $3,000 from a joint bank account owned by Patson and Nichols.
Perry said the check bounced when he deposited it, and Nichols and Patterson said they had no money to pay.
Perry described what he called a "very painful experience ".
"My children and I have been in the restaurant all the time and I was asked to leave because of the public talk about Clinton.
"When I learned about what Larry Nichols and patramariana were doing, I began to believe that what they were doing was also wrong. . .
Now, there will be a price to speak again. "
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