the dream home r-house designed to bring green design to the masses - partition walls for home

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the dream home r-house designed to bring green design to the masses  -  partition walls for home
Dream House R-
The houses presented at this year's National Home Show are part of the developer's effort to "bring contemporary green design to the mass market. ”The 3,600-square-foot R-
The house designed by Michael Upshall and built on site at the Direct Energy Center in less than a week will eventually become a model home for the new sustainable living community in northern Toronto.
Families use renewable energy to produce their own energy.
It also collects rain, Gray.
Recycling of waste water from laundry, dishwashing and bathing and water systems for irrigation or flushing toilets. R-
House integrates "smart home" technology, including automatic control of lighting and HVAC systems.
TV with mirror at home
The whole speech.
These systems can be controlled via an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. R-
The house also has its own green roof
Maintain vegetation that produces food and walls that are farmed vertically.
Covered courtyard-
The atrium is the central hub connecting the two buildings.
The main building includes the main suite, kitchen and large rooms;
The other building is a guest house with two bedrooms, a media room and a kitchenette.
The sloping roof of the atrium allows for an influx of natural light, as well as a large sliding wall open to the outside.
Carpenters, refiners and builders in Caledon
Based on Upshall, the first two-
Time winner of the annual BILD Renovator Award (2002 and 2006)
For three consecutive years, he was selected as the design and construction of a dream home for the National Home Exhibition (
2007, 2008 and 2009).
2012 dream house R-
In addition to plumbing, major electrical infrastructure and infrastructure, the house was built in less than a week.
"This is a feat," Upshall said in an interview . ".
"I cannot stress how difficult it is to do such a thing.
"Students from the College of Applied Technology at Humber College will participate in R-House.
The structure of the residence consists of prefabricated modules and panels delivered to the site.
Building modules and panels in a factory environment helps ensure quality control and avoid weather-related damage.
Prefabrication also minimizes the harmful effects of construction;
It reduces wasted materials and reduces emissions and fuel consumption from truck transport materials and labor entering and leaving the site.
And modular design methods.
Site construction can be done faster and more destructive than traditional sitebuilt home.
Upshall is very clear about the shame of modular structure.
But he noticedFactory of House
The building module has a basic pillar and beam structure where the buyer can choose whatever external material he wants, whether luxurious or simple. (
Dream House R-
The exterior cladding of the house has composite wood skins and cement wall panels. )
"There is a grid mode where you can leave," Upshall explains . ".
"You can change it;
It's not necessarily a modern look, you can put on anything (the structure). Because R-
The house is modern and eco-friendly
Being friendly doesn't mean it has to be sterile.
He stressed that it is structurally. While R-
The House will be made of modern materials such as glass, concrete and metal, and the partition wall of the home will be shaped by a cross
Laminated wood with solid wood appearance.
Stone was also used in the design.
"The house looks and feels warm," Upshall said . ".
Green houses are usually more expensive than traditional houses.
But the goal of Probuild is to design a house that is flexible enough to allow owners to afford any level of green.
If fate changes, the house can be upgraded with minimal hassle.
After appearing at the national family show, Dream House R-
The House will be demolished and transported to the sustainable living community that Upshall and his team plan to build in the north of the city. R-
The house will become a model residence for development, and Upshall said that it will eventually include more than 100 homes, all different from basic green housing to super housinglux eco-mansions.
"We hope to break ground in early 2013," he said . "
• Michael uptake and R-
The House team will speak at the National Family exhibition at five o'clock P. M. on Saturday, March 17m.
• March 19 at two o'clock P. M. on Mondaym.
• March 20 Tuesday four o'clock P. M. m.
• March 22 Thursday four o'clock P. M. m.
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