the charge of the laptop bombardiers : those who urge bombing the serbs and arming bosnia delude themselves as to the result. - temporary partition

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-30
the charge of the laptop bombardiers : those who urge bombing the serbs and arming bosnia delude themselves as to the result.  -  temporary partition
In the past three months, we have witnessed the most surprising high
Since the elite of European left-wing intellectuals cheered their respective countries to the massacre of the First World War, they have started the war.
For more than a year, every new twist in Bosnia's horrific saga has brought warlike cramps from an extraordinary coalition in the United States, from the Wall Street Journal to The New York book review.
In the New York Times, armchairs warrior's tammerine Anthony Lewis urged NATO to tell the Bosnian Serbs, "for every shell that falls on marghui, your military headquarters in Palai will drop 10 bombs. " (Gen.
William westmoran must read these lines with an ironic smile. )
Their request to throw gas at esenor was hardly as urgent.
Religious conflict is an obvious member of the liberal left and self.
Claiming to be a socialist is like calling for the bombing of Serbs from the late American democratic socialist of Michael Harrington.
The momentum of dementia is very bad.
Like after World War II, liberals pioneered Cold War politics, and now their heirs are urging Western policy to exclude Russia from any constructive politics --
Military initiatives.
The key role of Russia in achieving the disengagement of the hot nest has been deliberately ignored.
Russia's proposal to send a large peacekeeping force to Bosnia is pending, and all real decisions are monopolized by NATO.
The only way to save AmericaN.
The role of peacekeeping, and more importantly, the lives of Bosnians, is to have a greaterN.
The Russian army matched the Western contingent with no corresponding influx of Americans.
For any Serbian, NATO forces are now in an irrevocable alliance with the Croatian --
Muslim Union
There's a good reason anyone Wise doesn't want youS.
Ground Forces involved
The troops are always directed by officials in charge of the Pentagon, not by American officials. N.
Unless such an order itself is completely subordinate to the Pentagon, it is the chain of command.
Clinton has a serious responsibility for the suffering of Bosnia.
He has maintained the hope of the Bosnian leaders that the West will forcibly intervene on their side in order to maintain their control over all the territories they claim to have.
Clinton and all members of the "bomb asshole" coalition are here to work together.
It is true that Muslims have experienced the most serious pain and chaos in the former Yugoslavia, but those who urge the leveling of the killing ground by lifting the arms embargo and arming the Bosnian government should be aware of the impact of their call.
The project of President Arya Izetbegovic and the Muslim military faction that controls him is to re-conquer the whole of Bosnia.
This can only be done if a large number of Serbs and Croats are removed from their homes ---
Echoing the bloody deportation of Muslims-
The horror of the deaths of thousands of Muslims, as well as Serbs and Croats has been extended indefinitely.
The "Bosnian armed" crowd accepted the statement of the government of Izetbegovic on behalf of the will of all Bosnian communities, which is legitimate ---
Although a third Serbian member of the Bosnian population has refused to do so ---
Just because NATO gave diplomatic recognition in 1992.
How to best build a post-all the concernsBosnia-Yugoslavia-
The problem is best entrusted to the temporary United States. N. protectorate--
Swept aside by a laptop behemoth and issued a short warning to put down the explosives or rush into the weapon.
Their hysterical campaign was hardly opposed.
Among the few criticisms, there was the voice of British journalist Simon Jenkins.
Jenkins gave us the useful term "laptop bomber," noting that the bombing of gorazide "met a demand, in fact a desire, A broader war in Bosnia seems to be hidden in the subconscious of Western media.
The same is true of most Western liberals.
What do they say when Macedonia or the entire Balkan region falls into a sea of fire?
We don't need calls from liberals.
Their call for "precision strike" shows a significant failure to learn from the 20 th
Military history of the century)
However, all Bosnian communities are under pressure for a political solution that necessarily involves compromises from all sides, possibly temporary partition and federation.
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