text of ted kennedy's speech - build a room divider wall

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text of ted kennedy\'s speech  -  build a room divider wall
Here is the text of Sen.
Address by Edward Kennedy at the Democratic National Convention: Thank you.
Thank you, Bob Caro, for your generous introduction.
With the continued support of the people of Massachusetts, I intend to continue working on this until I have the hang of it.
For my delegates and Democrats, I waited a long time to say this: Welcome to my hometown!
For Americans around the world, we are gathered here tonight in the cradle of freedom, and their wishes are rekindled by this movement, and they say: Welcome home!
The hottest news about Google cloud service disruption missing connadik mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters disruption Harris welcome home ideal born in Boston and strengthened service and sacrifice for centuries.
Ideals of freedom, equality, opportunity, fairness and common dignity --
The ideal that all Americans aspire to achieve.
There is no doubt: Let John Kerry be the president of the United States and take them back in November.
These basic ideals ignite the fire of each of us, do what we can, and then more so to see that on next January, John Kerry had a beautiful new home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
I am proud that our Congress of democracy is held in this city, and that this sacred place breeds these enduring American ideals.
Like my grandfather and my former brothers, I have the privilege of serving this place where every street is a home of History: The Old North Church, where the lanterns signal Paul Rivelle;
The old State Council, as John Adams calls independence;
The Golden Steps, the wave of new immigrants enter this new land of freedom and opportunity, including my own eight great countries.
Grandparents from Ireland
In New England, we love our history and learn from it, like all Americans.
Because it supports us, it guides us, it inspires us.
It is not by chance that Massachusetts was established as a union, where authority does not belong to a ruler, but to the people themselves, United for the common good.
The old system is based on inequality.
Loyalty is required and never received.
A leader ruled by fear, force and special favors to a few.
Under this old system of inequality, your relationship is more important than the content of your role.
Not hearing you.
Your concerns don't matter.
Your number of votes is not counted.
The colonists know they can do better, as we know we can do better today, but only we work together, only we reach out together, and only we come together for the common good.
Now, we, the Patriots of this new century, should do so to shape our own better future and make it the value of our past. Choose a leader worthy of the respect of our country, that is John Kerry.
Today, more than two centuries after the troubled farmers stood up and shot, hearing the voice of "all over the world", the ideals of our founders still resonate globally.
Young people from other countries inspired by freedom, we cherish the weapons that are linked together, and when the Berlin Wall falls and apartheid ends in South Africa, they sing "We Will Overcome ", there were brave protests in Tiananmen Square.
The goal of the American people is as high as it was more than 200 years ago.
If the United States fails to achieve these goals today, it is not because our ideals need to be replaced, but because our presidents need to be replaced.
We have no malice against our opponents.
As a matter of fact, we would love to have them come over for a polite little tea party.
Right on the way to Boston Harbor, I know this place.
For today we are determined to change our government, as brave and visionary men and women are before us.
I have worked in the Senate for many years and have witnessed many elections.
But there is nothing more urgent or important than this.
I have never seen such a strong contrast or such profound consequence before, as we will make the choice for the president in 2004.
All the progress we have made has been reversed.
Many of the goodwill that America once enjoyed in the world has been lost.
However, we are a country full of hope, and our values and optimism are still full of hope.
These same values and optimism have allowed our ancestors to cross the harsh ocean and continue these values and optimism in many brutal winters, these values and optimism have inspired them from John to believe that America's best days are still ahead.
There is a reason why this land is called "American experiment.
"If dedication to common interests is closely linked to humanity, we will never need a revolution.
If each of us is concerned about the public interest, we will not have the excessive behavior of Enron.
We won't have the malpractices of Burton.
Vice President Cheney will retire to a secret location.
Soon, thanks to John Kerry and John Edwards, he will have enough time to do so.
Our country has great demands on us, and we have great demands on our leaders.
The United States is a contract, a deal, a contract.
It says all of us have connections.
Our destiny is intertwined.
Fifty states, one country.
Our Constitution links us together.
However, in our own time, some people try to divide us.
One community against another
The city is rural.
City to suburb.
White against black
Men against women
Against homosexuality.
Americans oppose Americans
In this era of challenge for our country, in this era of vital importance to the world, the United States needs a true unity, not one who only claims to be one.
We have seen how they rule: they divide and try to conquer.
They know that when our house is divided, the power of the people will be weakened.
They believe they can't win unless the rest of us lose.
We are against this shameful view.
Democrats have different ideas.
We believe we can all win.
We believe that, under the leadership of God, we are an inseparable nation with freedom and justice for all.
When we say all, we mean all.
Today, in this era of globalization, the goal of our common interests is far beyond the borders of the United States.
As President Kennedy said in his quest for nuclear weapons restrictions in 1963: "We can help make the world safe for diversity.
Because at the end of the day, the most basic thing we have in common is that we all live on this small planet.
We all breathe the same air.
We all cherish the future of our children.
We are all human beings.
Our world is dependent on each other.
Nevertheless, for all our wealth, we know that we are only as strong as the bonds that others share.
The dangers of terrorism and nuclear proliferation are the biggest challenges facing all countries.
Our biggest chance.
From achieving lasting peace and security, to building a more prosperous society, to ending the ravages of disease and despair of poverty --
Can be seized.
But only the world works together and only the United States helps move in the right direction.
John Kerry has the skills, judgment and experience to lead us on this great journey.
After September 11, the eyes of the world watched us, and the hearts of the world followed us until this government broke that trust.
We should live up to the promises we have made, not ignore them.
We should strengthen the alliance to win two world wars and the Cold War, rather than despise them.
Above all, we should respect this very important principle so that the founders of our country put it in the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence: the United States must "respect the opinions of mankind ".
"We have not done that in Iraq.
More than 900 of our soldiers have paid the final price.
Nearly 6,000 people were injured in this misguided war.
The government has alienated its long-standing allies.
Instead of making America safer, they make us less safer.
They made it harder to win the real war on terrorism and fight al-Qaida.
None of this happened.
After September 11, how could any President waste the great goodwill flowing from all over the world to the United States?
Most people in the world still know what kind of people we can be, only what kind of people we can be, and they want us to be that country again.
The United States must be the light of the world, and under the leadership of John Kerry and John Edwards, the United States will be.
We need a president who can heal the nation.
We need a president who will be a symbol of respect in a world that desires peace again.
We need John Kerry as our president.
In the history of the United States, our Democrats have again and again provided all of us with a new hope for a stronger, fairer and more prosperous future, A person who feeds the hungry and cares for the homeless, so no one has to walk alone.
When older people face poverty and disease that threaten their golden years, we have established Social Security and health insurance.
When the voices of many citizens are unheard of and their lives are ruined by prejudice, we strive for equality and justice for civil rights, voting rights and women's rights, for the cause of the disabled in the United States
We created G when veterans were not able to get a higher education. I.
The Bill of Rights, since then, we have been making college affordable for more Americans.
When men and women need protection in the workplace, we ask for safe conditions for their work.
We insist on the right to work overtime.
We guarantee the right to form a trade union.
We commit to a fair minimum wage so that no one in the United States who works for life should live in poverty.
Only leaders who understand this history and abide by the ideals that shape it deserve to believe in the future of our country.
Sometimes, like in recent years, they have fooled us with their words.
But we won't let them fool us twice.
At the White House, prayers are engraved on a plaque above the national restaurant fireplace --
John Adams, the first president to live in that big house, made a simple but powerful prayer.
It says: "I pray that heaven will give the best wishes to this House and to everything that will live in the future.
With the exception of 3/8 honest and wise rules, no one may be under this roof.
"We will make these words a reality again in November.
All of us who know John Kerry know that he is the right successor to these ideals.
I have known John Kerry for thirty years.
I know that he is a soldier, a peacemaker, a prosecutor, a senator and a friend.
In each role, he shows his strengths.
He is the right person for every difficult task and for this time in history.
John is a war hero who understands that the power of America comes from many aspects, especially the power of our minds.
He knows that a real leader can inspire hope and overcome fear.
This government does not do the same.
Instead, it brings fear.
Worried about rising health care and university costs, about high unemployment, low wages, about the future of social security and health insurance, about greater prejudice, fear of pollution of our magnificent natural heritage, the fear of the four-year dream is denied, the promise is not fulfilled, and progress is reversed.
In the abyss of the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt said: "The only thing we need to be afraid of is fear itself, which inspires the country.
"Today, the only thing we have to worry about is that George Bush has four years left.
John Kerry offers hope, not fear.
Hope for a real victory over terrorism and real security at home.
Good health care for all Americans.
Social security for the elderly.
Open the Golden Gate school for all our children.
An economy that works for everyone.
That's the kind of America we're going to be with John Kerry at the White House.
The roots of the United States are deep in the soil of New England.
There are many cemeteries in this area that are so humble that you find them without will.
You're in a town like Concord, Massachusetts, Hancock, New Hampshire.
You are visiting the old church there and you will find a small plot behind the church.
Simple stone with simple marks.
The Mark says "1776 war.
"They don't ask for attention.
But their orders are the same.
These are the patriots who won our freedom.
These are the first Americans to join the army for something bigger than themselves --
For a common belief in the future, for a country that lives in their hearts but is not yet a part of their world.
They won their battle with their Patriots.
But the larger struggle for freedom, justice, equality and opportunity is also our struggle and will never be a complete victory.
Every generation must take on the cause.
Sometimes with weapons in their hands;
Sometimes only with faith and hope, just like the marchers in Birmingham or Selma 40 years ago.
Sometimes struggle in Congress or in a court;
Sometimes on the coast of a foreign country, like one of my brothers fighting in the Pacific Ocean, another brother died in Europe.
Now it's our turn to deal with this.
Our struggle is not against King George, who inherited the crown.
Although it often looks like this.
In our own time, in our own country, our struggle is a politics of fear and favoritism.
Our struggle, like many others, is carried out with those who put their narrow interests above the public ones.
We heard the echo of the past battle in the quiet whisper of the sweetheart deal, in the calm promise, for better connection, we will get a better rest.
We heard them in the cries of false patriots who bullied opponents into silence and submission.
These are familiar battles.
We have won before.
John Kerry and John Edwards lead us and we will win them again to make America stronger at home and respected again in the world.
For centuries, the sacred rights they claim have ruled the King.
They cannot be questioned.
They cannot be challenged.
The fate of the people is not their own.
But today, thanks to the wisdom of our founders, the constant courage of patriots in the past, and the shared sacrifice of generations of Americans who have maintained their faith, America's power remains firmly in the hands of citizens. In our hands.
Our highest and highest ideals are right, and we intend to use that power.
We will use it wisely.
In the words of the poet, my brothers like it, and we will use it to "struggle, seek, seek, and not give in ".
"We will use it to heal, build, hope, and dream again.
By doing so, we will truly make our country a beautiful country again.
Thank you very much.
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