television: learn to think outside the box - sliding wall panels

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-20
television: learn to think outside the box  -  sliding wall panels
Therefore, after saving every penny and looking up many paint charts and color cards, the living room has finally been renovated according to your strict standards.
It's tasteful, just a little trendy, showing your neighbors that you get along well with them.
You remember to install the dimmer switch and hide the cable.
You bought a beautiful rug that is not very similar to the curtains.
You even remember to buy storage space for satellite boxes, DVD players and speakers, although you insist that video players and old tapes will eventually be relegated to the attic.
You wave to the builder, or wipe the dust off your work clothes and sink into your new sofa with a large glass of red.
Then he came back from the sale.
There is a very large, very flat box.
It was a TV as big as a local multi-channel TV, and he proposed to hang it on the wall in front of the sofa, where it would dominate the whole room and ruin everything.
Based on the fact that you are not prepared to move out-after all, you have just won the battle for the scatter pad-he will not return it and we have to reach a compromise.
So what do you do?
Well, don't panic.
Hidden TV has multiple options so that it blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment before you want to watch it.
One of the simplest and perhaps most classic ideas is a mirror.
Based on the fact that the sofa is often in front of the fireplace, which means that the space above the sofa is naturally the best position for the screen, then the mirror will not appear inappropriate.
When the TV is off, it is just a monster with a mirror, and when you turn it on, it becomes a TV screen.
It's not cheap, but the box is on sale so he can spend his money on TV to cover it up.
There are two options here-if you already have a TV then you need to buy a special mirror to match it.
Matthew Tilman of Gibson Musicgibson-music. com; 0207 384 2270))
Say you need to make a choice between crystal mirrors, the light of the Crystal Mirror comes from the back, but when the TV is on it reflects the light, or the black crystal, it is not very easy to reflect, but not a good enough mirror to make-up in.
Both options are expensive, though, and Tilman says the best thing to do is buy a TV that can be converted into a mirror, and of course he will sell it.
Trevor Walker of the mirrormirrormedia. com; 0870 3886 333)
Also sold.
"It's not cheap, but it's great for customers who want the TV to blend into the room.
We make high
"There are over 100 frames for quality products in the UK to choose from," he said . ".
The price of 26 mirror TVs is around 2,032.
If you don't like it or don't want to spoil the bank, then you can ask your local handyman to make a sliding panel in front of the TV (
If you feel brave or try it yourself).
This is a similar idea, such as putting the niche next to the fireplace in-another natural location-and having a folding or sliding door to go through.
This means that you can also put up and down shelves on your other media and hide a lot of things at once.
If you want to do this, it's better to hang the TV on a stretchable swivel stand so you can put it away during the day and pull it into the room to watch. Try Vogels.
Com of wall bracket and bracket.
Gibson Music has a beautiful mechanism that allows the TV to slide out from behind a panel built to hide it, covered with the photo of your choice-as it has to be split in half to open the door, make sure it's not a poster for your best artist.
Once you run out of construction
In the options, you will find that a piece of furniture will not have a terrible conflict with your other equipment.
This is obviously a taste problem, but you can be sure that you don't want a fake mahogany cabinet.
TV is modern, so it doesn't make sense to try to put it in a faux antique.
If there are real antiques in your house, then you may have a separate TV room.
Space may be limited for the rest of us, so if you want to splash out on a piece of furniture, it may be multipletasking.
Find something that needs a few books, and maybe some decorative decorations.
Tina Mahony of modern furniture company (gomodern. co. uk)
"In the past, TV was so ugly that people wanted to hide them," he said.
The flat screen doesn't look bad, the trend now is just to make them blend into the room, so they mix up with books and items so they don't dominate the room, but become part of the overall look.
She recommends a Pombol bookcase with sliding doors and a TV unit (£2,900)
Perfect solution
If the price is expensive, Modenza will also store stylish TV equipment and stand-check Irena for £ 2,999.
Adrian Van ARST said: "tablet storage has made great progress over the years and all major manufacturers have stylish solutions.
Glossy finishes are popular and the current trend is that the sliding panel can hide the TV when it is not in use.
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