'Tear down that curtain!' Former Labor leader Mark Latham starts a petition to remove partition for Muslim women at western Sydney swimming pool - remove partition

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-13
\'Tear down that curtain!\' Former Labor leader Mark Latham starts a petition to remove partition for Muslim women at western Sydney swimming pool  -  remove partition
Former Labor leader mark Latham has launched an action against the posting of curtains around the Sydney swimming pool to cater to the needs of Muslim women, saying "all the public must
In an article on RebelLatham, he said that a partition with curtains was set up at the Cumberland council in western Sydney, allowing women to swim privately, as expected in the public swimming pool
His text says Islamic women are on the side of the curtains and others in the community are on the other side.
"This is the Islamic law of the local government: changing the rules of the Auburn swimming pool to enforce the teachings of the Quran-Islamic women should not show their bones to men.
He believes that if a woman has a self, scroll down to watch the video
Image problem, they need to take responsibility by wearing burkini.
Media sources recently said that the installation of curtains for Muslim women in the asynepal public swimming pool is a step in the installation of curtains in the Bondi Beach section --
Just as the Islamic Provost likened it to the Islamic law in the suburbs of Australia. The council-
Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Center installed a retractable curtain around one of the city's three swimming pools, so that women could swim privately for two fixed periods on Wednesday, infuriating many residents, they say it's like "apartheid ".
Mera Metwally, the organizer of the swimming group, said the idea behind the meeting was "to accommodate people who don't swim on the beach or swim in the pool because they don't feel comfortable.
However, former federal Labor leader Latham said it set a bad precedent and undermined Australia's equal values for people from different backgrounds.
"Where does it end?
What's next?
We will have some curtains at Bondi Beach
He told the Daily Mail Australia Channel on Wednesday that it was ridiculous.
While Latham supports the rights of Muslim women to swim in burkini, he said Parliament bowed to the left
Wing calls for the protection of minorities rather than encouraging individuals to accept their humble problems.
He said it would not help much for Islamic integration into the wider Australian community.
The enclave is a disaster for Australian multicultural.
It becomes a single culture.
Even the Muslim community has critics, Sheikh Mohammed tahidi, a Shiite imam in Adelaide, who likened the pool policy to Islamic law.
He told the Australian Daily Mail that it was part of Islamic law and that a strange man could not see the body of another woman, so they were installing curtains.
Religious Muslims should establish "Muslims-
Only their own pool, not their law imposed on nonMuslims.
Ruth Evers' aquatic center is not an Islamic pool, so they shouldn't have accepted the idea in the first place, he said.
The Muslim community can provide itself with a private swimming pool that complies with Islamic law.
Some locals refer to the idea as "apartheid", saying the women are being treated "with special treatment ".
One woman wrote that these communities should be encouraged to integrate and uphold values of equality and respect, rather than split and segregation paid by tax and parliamentary tax rates.
Anthony McIntosh, manager of Belgravia Leisure, the center's operator, said that the cover of the glass wall of the swimming pool is designed to make Muslim women more comfortable with water activities.
Behind the curtains, Muslim women wearing headscarves can swim in any outfit they feel comfortable with, rather than a humble suit or burkini.
MS Metwally said other swimmers will not be affected because other swimming pools will be open to everyone during the meeting.
At the end of last year, we had a record number of people drowned, which matched the number of road deaths, she said.
"So if we can have more women to be water --
This is certainly a good thing.
Malcolm Ryan, managing director of Cumberland Council, told the Daily Mail that female lifeguards attended the women's only swimming competition.
He said it is the responsibility of Parliament to meet the needs of the community.
The curtains are retractable and can be used at any time or not, which ensures that we provide a space that is accessible and inclusive for all.
The swimming pool is also used for children's swimming classes for seniors, disabled persons and patients with spa or physiotherapy who may prefer additional privacy when using the pool.
It is used not only by Muslim women, but also by any woman.
Although she is a swimmer, she doesn't like to swim in burkini and has been swimming for a long time, MS said.
"I remember when I was young, a lifeguard told me that my clothes were not suitable for the pool --
You think you're being watched by the police. you stand out.
Some women worry that the clothes they wear in the pool expose them to questions, comments, or gaze. '
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