teacher on l.i. taken off duty in injury to girl - partition door

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teacher on l.i. taken off duty in injury to girl  -  partition door
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The old girl's neck was crushed by a closed partition door at the school gymnasium, and she was in a coma at the north bank University Hospital in Manhattan tonight.
School officials said in a statement today that the physical education teacher responsible for operating the automatic folding partition has been temporarily removed from teaching duties.
They did not recognize the teacher.
Fourth girl, Deanna moon.
Police and school officials said today that grade students at Sunquam Elementary School were nailed to the wall on Wednesday as she tried to squeeze from one side of the gym to the other.
According to Suffolk County police, the teacher blocked a button with a piece of wood that had to be held down continuously to close the partition.
Police said the teacher was in the boy's locker room when the partition trapped the girl.
They said that after the girl was trapped, the partition motor was automatically turned off.
When other children and teachers tried to push the partition back, they said the partition would not move.
The advertising fireman of the volunteer fire department in Melville released the girl using hydraulic equipment about 20 minutes later. Dr. Joseph J.
Stambouly, deputy director of pediatric critical medicine at North Shore University Hospital, said today that Miss Moon's trachea collapsed under pressure from her neck, depriving her of oxygen from her brain and other organs.
He said she had not recovered and the situation was very critical.
"Her overall prognosis is terrible . "Stambouly said.
"There is always hope, but we have two days now, and the farther you go, the less chance you will have to recover.
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Since Miss Moon was admitted to hospital on Wednesday night, the children's parents Peggy and John Moon have been on the hospital vigil.
Today, at Sunquam School, psychologists provide advice to students, staff and parents.
Michael Conte, a spokesman for the semi-hollow School District, including Sunquam School, said officials were trying to maintain the normal atmosphere of the school.
"Obviously, it's very melancholy," he said . "
Spokesman for James M, Suffolk County District Attorney drew biendo
Catterson said no decision has been made on whether to file a criminal charge against the teacher.
"We will review the information provided to us by the police station," said Mr. Biondo said.
But William J. , spokesman for the county police department.
McKean said: "It is not considered a crime at this point.
This is an accident and is under investigation.
"Miss Moon is described as an active and healthy student taking ballet and tap dancing classes.
A version of this article was printed on page 1001026 of the National edition on March 16, 1991 with the title: Teacher L. I.
Leave due to injuries to the girl.
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