talking yourself into a job - portable room dividers

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talking yourself into a job  -  portable room dividers
What will 13 mothers trying to get rid of benefits do with $1 million per person?
Women write down their fantasies in the government.
With the enthusiastic attention of their mentor Grace Mapp, homework books were released.
Cathy Lopez, 32, is three of Whittier's dreams. bedroom house--
There are also college tuition fees for two children, holiday homes in Puerto Vallarta and a boat.
Lopez never worked before.
In fact, she said, she would be happy with a job with a salary above the minimum wage.
The Mapp has a button that says "I'm allergic to negative people" but doesn't have this button.
"We may have to do these two jobs now to save on car down payment and house down payment," she said . " "But we don't need to do that forever.
"In an effort to push welfare recipients into the labor market, government officials such as Mapp are drawing on the world's latest technologies and languages --
Advertising at night.
Our goal is to build ourselves.
Supporters see this as an innovative goal, but critics say it could become weak --headed.
Thousands of welfare participants in Los Angeles Countyto-
The work program participates in a series of lectures and workshops designed to impress the recipients with the confidence they need.
Tools range from work etiquette tutorials to aromatherapy and guides to success written by the best authors --
Sell Chicken Soup for the soul"
"Those who need to be called" power-up "can expect a stable diet of Bobby mcferlin's song" Don't Worry, Be Happy.
"For welfare recipients, this is a difficult time for happiness. The five-
The annual time limit for aid under Act 1996 will come into effect in many states next year.
The unemployment rate has risen to its highest level in years amid the economic downturn.
It seems that this is not enough, and workers in Los Angeles County may find their own work transferred by private contractors.
County supervisors are scheduled to decide on Tuesday whether to hire a company that promises to motivate unemployed people with less taxpayer money.
Therefore, after a hard day, those who have never worked stably are relieved that the workplace is not so terrible. the male and female employees of the county education office polish their resumes, and figure out if you have enough qualifications to avoid the axe.
"This is the time for us to practice what we preach," said Noemi Uribe, a staff developer . ".
A positive attitude does not always infect most of the welfare of the county. to-
Work in a humble building in Donnie. Bright-
Color posters are on the wall.
"Be the change you are trying to create," Mohandas K was quoted as saying . ". Gandhi.
Another word that arranges it in a circle: "a job "; "A better job"; "A career.
Looks like every surface-
From the room partition to the pencil-
Bracket on Workbench-
Decorate with uplifting stickers and delightful pictures of leaves and flowers.
Instructors sometimes burst lavender.
Soothe the nervous students with scented candles.
But the surroundings didn't let Veronica mettorena, 26, relax.
This is the second day of the "Work Club"
The welfare recipient's weekly plan to understand what the workplace should and shouldn't do when looking for a job.
Still, Maytorena is reluctant to talk about her experience, but she finds something negative every time.
First, she complains that job applications always ask the applicant if there is a criminal record.
"Everyone makes mistakes," Maytorena said . ".
"Sometimes you want to start over.
Coach Nancy King replied that some companies give criminals a chance;
One of her former students, a convicted heavy criminal, now earns $12 an hour at Vons.
Next, Maytorena is worried about how to bring sick children to the doctor at work.
"It looks like you have to choose ---
"Money, happiness, or your child," she said.
"Should we regret it for our children?
More than 20 other people in the class shouted, "No!
"You might feel bad and you might want to spend a good time with them," a woman interjected, "but you made them live a better life.
"You're buying their love," metorena responded.
Then she revealed what made her anxious. -
She was in foster care and was afraid to leave her child to others.
"I am afraid that what happens to me will happen to my children," she said . ".
"Hope not," Kim began talking about child care centers throughout the county.
In the absence of a solution to the fear of Maytorena, the class was over.
Children are at the heart of almost every discussion in the education and welfare office --to-work program.
In fantasy exercises that open the course, recipients often dream of being able to get their children to college.
During the work Club, parents learn how to tell employers that they need leave to help their children.
At the "power-enhancing" seminar ---
This is a week-long voluntary optimism for those who can't work ---
Coach Elizabeth Kennedy
Lewis asked her four students to write down how they built their children's self.
Respect and then put these technologies on yourself. Kennedy-
Lewis, whose previous job was to motivate people to get paid for workers, said she enjoyed the challenge of working hard to refuel welfare recipients.
"A lot of things excited them," Kennedy said . "
Lewis, who plays 1980 pop music-
In her class, the national anthem, which includes optimists, "Don't worry, be happy ".
Some women--
And most of them are women. -
She was later found to be a beaten wife or drug addict and referred to a special mental health consultant.
"I was just shocked by some of the things I heard," she said . ".
"I will never wear these shoes.
"There is no transportation at all for others, no work experience, no family support structure. Those, Kennedy-
She said she could try to help.
"Most of the time they get lost and don't know where to go until you push them," she said . ".
Some experts prefer the "tough love" approach. Not everyone thinks that the recipients of benefits need to give up.
"Ordinary welfare recipients need to be motivated ,[but]
Joe Jacobs scholar Doug Besharov, social welfare policy at the American Enterprise Institute, said: "motivation needs to be stronger than 'I love you, I hope you succeed,' a conservative think tank in Washington.
Besharov added that the project had to take a "tough love" position and cited a study that a project in Washington state was very popular, so that women through the program are unlikely to want to leave.
"Some of these very successful projects reflect the world in which the rest of us live," Besharov said . ".
"Those who can't insult.
Other researchers said
Motivation-based projects are purposeful.
"I say some of these people are borderline phobias," said Jacob Cleman, director of the Santa Monica Rand welfare policy research center.
"They are afraid to enter the world of work. . . .
These programs are designed to help people overcome their fears, and the evidence is solid, and people who pass these basic incentive programs are more likely to find jobs and higher incomes.
LaDonna Pavetti, a senior researcher at the Mathematica Police Academy in Washington, recalls a job --
The hunt program, each time the welfare recipient finds a job, all participants gather to applaud.
Pavetti said a woman who had just found a job burst into tears.
"You know, for a lot of these women, they never get that kind of attention," said Pavetti . ".
Maxims in Virginia
Companies operating benefits-to-
Working operations in 35 cities, counties and states, every time one of their aid recipients finds a job, alarm bells are ringing.
"It's really amazing," said Akbar Piloti, president of the company's labor services division . ".
"Very touching.
"In San Diego, Maximus signed a contract with a local day spa where customers can make money --
Finish before the interview
"All services have had a big impact on job morale --
Spokesman Rachael Rowland said.
Maximus is a company ready to take over most of the benefits in Los Angeles. to-
Work Incentive Program
Last year, the company received a contract to manage 40% of the county offices handling the benefit application.
In May, Maximus won the bid for the incentive section, with the county education office ranked second.
However, the county supervisor has not yet voted on the contract.
Trade unions representing county employees are working to undermine this effort.
Maxim is fighting back.
Last year, it provided $25,000 to the political fund managed by the partners in charge of Zev Yaroslavsky, with a swing vote on their previous contracts and contracts under consideration.
When Los Angeles County became one of the first institutions in the country to establish welfare, the materials of the "chicken soup" writers were usedto-
The work plan for 1988 was written by Jack Canfield.
Officials from the county education department recalled that he was Canfield, and later wrote Chicken Soup for the soul, and smashed his credit card while reading the book, and he practiced what he preached by imagining that he had cashed out $1 and made himself through a difficult period. million check.
After 13 years, the target book and accompanying tapes are still distributed at each welfare agency --to-
In the county's work office, leading in industrial cities in classes like Grace Mapp.
There, the mothers sat on the table with sunflowers in the basket.
Mapp led them through the logo "10 keys to success" of the project ".
The first key is to "recognize a positive past.
"Mapp drives women to list the successes in their lives ---
From learning to Reading to opening the first bank account.
She opened a video in which a petite woman who used to weigh 428 pounds told the audience: "If there is life, there is hope.
Marlo Childs, the mother of five children living in Lynwood's apartment, took the class for the second time.
She entered the labor market in the 1990 s, but had just lost her job as a nursing home and returned to the welfare roster.
She was pleased with the development of optimism.
"It helps you focus," she said . "
Young mothers like me need more opportunities.
"Then, the positive model of Mapp once again attracted the attention of women.
She reminded them to emphasize their success.
They may think they have done very little, but this is not the case.
They raised the children.
They are trying to do better things for their families.
"Ladies, are you successful people?
She asked her mother.
"Yes," they replied faintly.
Mapp asks for "say as you said ".
The voices of the mothers were soft, but their answers now ended with warm hiss: "Yessss!
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