tales of the unexpected in grey lynn - building a partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-16
tales of the unexpected in grey lynn  -  building a partition wall
As an interior designer with a lot of ideas to explore, Fran Lynch has never intended to do a standard Villa renovation and expansion.
The bay villa she bought in 2009 is destined to be her favorite canvas of design and decor.
Demolition of the "crumbling old garage" behind the house allows enough space to expand the villa, and Fran did so in a dramatic way, adding a warehouse
With 5 style pavilions. 5m stud.
"I 've always liked the look of this warehouse conversion, so we thought, 'Let's build a warehouse ourselves, '" she said '. ".
The extension -
Fran was designed with the help of an engineer-is an open-
The kitchen, living area and flat space in the dining area are included, as well as covered outdoor rooms with fireplace.
The exposed steel beams supporting the roof reinforce the industrial look and create a sense of symmetry.
Bagged brick walls and pillars offer more personality to make the pavilion look like it has been there all the time.
Gas fireplace in the lounge and wooden exposed, unpainted waterproof board-
The framed windows also create a feeling of being refurbished with old buildings.
"People often walk in here and ask if this has been here all the time," said Fran . ".
"I like the fact that it looks like a traditional villa from the street and you won't know it's here.
"Although Fran decorated the space with a basically white --on-
White theme, interest in the texture of the surface, whether it is Carrara marble countertops, painted American oak flooring, painted cabinets, Wood
Sand pit on ceiling or brick wall.
"I like the white layering of different textures," said Fran . ".
"I try to get the material to speak on its own so you can see the bricks, stones, beams and sand gold on the ceiling.
"Fran's love for cooking and entertainment is also one of the main elements of the design, which means that an attractive and practical kitchen is a must, as well as a covered outdoor entertainment area.
The marble table top is a central workspace and a place for friends to rest and chat.
A pile of cabinets creates a partition between the kitchen and the housekeeper's storage room, where there is another sink as well as a dishwasher and refrigerator.
The blackboard here is used to write grocery lists and information.
"It would be sad to wipe the blackboard clean when we left, because every night we had friends coming over and asking them to write something on the blackboard, so there was a lot of history there, Fran said.
Outdoor area-
Enter by stacking sliding glass doors
Cleverly planned to hide in the northeast corner of the pavilion so that it can be protected from the prevailing wind, but open to the sun.
The deep eaves of the pavilion provide more protection, and Fran says outdoor fires make it possible to sit outside most of the year.
The decor of the outdoor area continues through the back of the house and into the flat backyard to create another seating area.
The original part of the house has been renovated and continues in white-on-
Layered white theme and texture.
The floor was painted and paneling and railings were added to the corridor to arouse interest.
Wall molding is also added to the bedroom.
There are four bedrooms and a bathroom in front of the house, and the Master's suite is paved with marble tiles, just like the main bathroom.
On both sides of the broad steps are runway lights and industry.
When you move from the original villa to the pavilion, the steel handrails on one side create a sense of arrival.
A separate laundry room is hidden on the right side of the bottom of the stairs.
After looking at the project, Fran was in a hurry to launch another project, so she was selling it.
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