tableau sets the table - sliding partition doors

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tableau sets the table  -  sliding partition doors
David Wex has no plans to keep the old warehouse building currently located on the 36-year-old Tableau website
He developed a floor apartment project in the Toronto entertainment district.
The warehouse is not listed as a heritage building, and it would be simpler to throw it away, frankly.
But the city believes that in order to provide the "background" of the building, the historical facade of the building should be preserved and integrated into the new development.
"Once it appears, it fundamentally changes the design of the building," said Wex, a partner of the city Capital Real Estate Group, working with Malibu investment and Alit development to develop Tableau.
The warehouse building will be fully rebuilt-
Restored the facade
Will include office and retail space, set up one across four in the outdoor public square-storey “table.
This canopy structure will be composed of threemetre-
Coarse conversion beams and column colonnades extending along Richmond StreetW.
Architect Rudy Walman's bold plan requires 32-
Floor apartment building sitting on a huge table.
"This is a huge challenge," Walman admits . "
"I have never done such a thing;
I never tried to put a tower on top of the void space and then cross the void space with a beam.
Very unique.
"The project started selling this month and this table provides an irresistible marketing hook that will not be wasted.
At Tableau, the brochure of the apartment tells will-
Whether you are below, above or above, it's a buyer, "the table is fixed.
"There will be 415 residential units in the apartment, from 405-square-
FT studio to 854-square-foot three-bedroom units.
Price starts in the medium term
$200,000, up to $550,000.
The target market of Tableau will (that of)
Our competitors in the nearby area, "said Wex, adding that the project was positioned as" more Queen Street than King Street and more NFB than TIFF.
There will be 8 to 9 apartments
Hardwood floors and flooring-to-
Ceiling windows with sliding doors open to surround the balcony.
Maximum flexibility in Suite design.
They will be full.
The height inner wall on the roller can be turned on or off according to the needs of the tenant.
"Everyone is different and everyone's life is different," explains ceccecsimone, who designed the interior of Tableau and the public space.
"What we want to say is that you can live as you like.
You can arrange your space, no matter how you want to use it --
You are completely free.
"The rolling wall extends from the flat to the flat, with no head at the top.
Cecconi noted that designing a suite in this way requires fair coordination with the project engineer.
"You have to do quite a bit of acrobatics with your mechanical side," she said . ".
"We tried to re-lay air conditioning and heating pipes along the perimeter of the suite.
"It's hard and certainly not the least expensive option.
But the end result is
Sliding wall with full height of running unit-
It's value for money, says Cecconi.
"When you pull them apart, you feel like you're opening a wall.
It's not just a door rushing on the partition.
The whole room was open and then you had this wonderful space.
The kitchen also has a sliding panel system that creates what Cecconi calls a "hidden kitchen," "a design," so it won't take over the space it's in.
"The whole idea is to create a kitchen that disappears.
You can open the sliding door when you need it.
But when you don't, you turn it off.
"There are tiles around the bathroom floor and bath/shower, engineering stone countertops and full tileLength cabinet-
"Both a medicine cabinet and a linen cabinet are built in one," Cecconi said . ".
The comfortable space for Tableau will be located on the "table "-
Or the fourth floor-
There is a fitness center and yoga room, a private dining area, a theater, a game room, a party room with a special event show kitchen, and a meeting room and guest room. A double-
The high open staircase leads to the fifth.
The rooftop terrace includes a private cabin with furniture, each with a gas BBQ, refrigerator, sink and lounge with sofa and dining table.
"They are complete entertainment units," Cecconi said . ".
Along this part of Richmond, a triangular building is currently located near the warehouse structure and the warehouse structure will be rebuilt as part of Tableau.
When the apartment is completed, the space will be covered by the Watch structure and there will be a series of pillars in Richmond.
The area under the table will remain open to form a public square.
Designed by Claude Camille landscape architect in Montreal, mosaic-
Tile Square will include 25,000 square feet of office space and Street
Level 1 retail located in the reconstructed warehouse building.
Cormier is also designing the park space across the street, the frontier area of the Toronto New Town Assessment and Referral Center and emergency shelters.
"On the street on our side, the South Side is a huge gap," explained Walman . ".
"On the other side of the street, Claude proposed planting a rock and a forest that would provide a positive version of the open space.
"We are interested in expanding the existing public domain in an interesting way to provide that there is not a lot of space nearby at the moment.
"The public square will also feature the installation of Canadian artist Shane Dark: 90-Nova
The foot sculpture, Cecconi said approvingly, looks like "someone picks up a bunch of sticks and throws them in the air.
They look like they're flying on an arc.
"As an extra dramatic touch, Nova's stick will penetrate through four-
The table on the floor and extends to the comfort area on the fifth floor of Tableau.
"Usually public art is either standing next to the building or far away from the building, but it is not actually involved," Walman said . ".
"This time, we found a way to build meaningful relationships between art and architecture.
What's on the table?
Hotel Location: Richmond Streetand Peter St.
Developer: City Capital Real Estate Group, Malibu investment and Alit development.
Interior design size: 36 storeysUnits: 415 (405 sq. ft.
Studio to 854 square meters. ft.
Three bedroom suite.
Price: from $200,000 to $550,000. Amenities: party room and restaurant overlooking Peter Street.
, Theater, playroom including billiards and card tables, fitness room, yoga/dance/aerobics studio, steam room, private roof house with gas BBQ, furnished guest room.
Sales Center: 117 Peter Street(
Noon Monday to Thursday-6 p. m. ; Weekends, 12-5 p. m. ;
Rest on Friday/holidays), 416-591-
8887, info @ tableaucondominiums, www. tableaucondos.
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