swiss stocks - factors to watch on nov 20 - movable walls

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-01
swiss stocks - factors to watch on nov 20  -  movable walls
Zurich, November 20Reuters)-The Swiss blue-
See the chip SMI Open 0.
According to pre-market signs from Bank Julius Baer, it rose 3% to 9,211 on Monday.
The following are some of the main factors that may affect Swiss stocks:
Immune phase test
The Swiss drugmaker said that tumor medicine Tecentriq, together with other cancer drugs as the initial treatment for lung cancer, achieved the goal of significantly reducing the risk of disease deterioration or death.
As lung cancer becomes the largest tumor market, Roche's Impower 150 research investors and analysts at Tecentriq have been keeping a close eye on Avastin and chemotherapy as the company seeks to catch up with rival Merck in terms of cancer immunotherapy.
The company said Roche's newly approved hematopoietic drug Hemlibra significantly reduced the risk of treating bleeding in patients with no resistance to standard treatment compared to those who did not receive prevention.
For more information, the first 10 months of asset management increased by 17% to a record 393 billion Swiss francs ($397. 3 billion).
Sonntagszeitung said on Sunday that more information shows that Swiss shareholders are increasingly supporting the restructuring plan set up by radical shareholder White Tale for invant, referring to an asset fund and
Blocked the white story of the merger with Huntsman, hoping that Corine would sell its plastic and paint business and reinvest the proceeds in a higher business --margin areas.
According to the newspaper, a white-language representative said that the management of colane must "obey or give in ".
President Johannes Luger-
Sturm will appoint Pascal gantenby as the bank's independent chief director in December.
Sonntagszeitung quoted a letter to the employee saying. Ruegg-
According to the newspaper, Sturm will withdraw from all issues related to the Swiss regulator's investigation into the bank. After a three-
Nick hayek, Swatch's chief executive, told NZZ am Sonntag that demand for the Swiss watch industry has grown sharply.
"The upward trend is significant," Hai hayek said . "
Swatch's sales growth in October exceeded 10% in September, he said.
* Novartis Tasigna (nilotinib)
Ensure EU first and second approvals
First-line treatment of Ph slow grain
Child CP * sulshou appointed Jill Lee as chief financial officer effective April 5, 2018u200d* DormaKaba said management changes were under way, including the departure of Beat Malacarne, chief integration officer, in June 30, 2018.
Stefano Zocca will take over the leadership of key systems and movable walls in the joint segment.
* Welttransport pan-Asian class holds the nickname,u200dAndy Webb, chief operating officer, left * Six for personal reasons, saying that Zhu Ge Weber, CEO of payment services, had decided to leave six.
Marc Schluep, currently the head of organizational development for six payment services, will take over his duties.
The Swiss National Bank will release spot deposit data at 0900 GMT.
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