susan spiritus gallery moving to crystal court - moveable walls

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-07
susan spiritus gallery moving to crystal court  -  moveable walls
After 11 years at Newport Beach, Orange County's Premiere Photography Gallery will move to the South Coast Plaza Crystal Court in Costa Mesa at the end of October.
"We're shooting November. 1 (to open)
On Friday, Susan spelitz talked about relocating the gallery named after her.
"We think we want more exposure.
All the art that we will show in the new place will be decorated and framed and ready to go out.
This is a new marketing technology to introduce art to more people.
But she said trying to introduce exquisite photography to more audiences does not involve tampering with the standards of the gallery.
"I promise to all my clients that I will not change," said Spiritus . ". "All of the (artists)
With very few exceptions, I usually move with me. . . .
We will also perform. . . .
We also have a reception every month. 'The new 1,200-square-foot gallery--
On the third floor of the Crystal Court, next to the skrinner bookstore and the north face sporting goods store ---
Much smaller than the 3,300 square feet of combined floor space currently being rented from the upstairs and downstairs galleries.
But Spiritus says the new location will have the same amount of wall space as the downstairs gallery at the current Newport Avenue location.
The movable wall will replicate the additional space provided by the current upstairs gallery.
The custom frame section of the Spiritus business is now located at the premises and will be moved to a separate location on the 17 th Street of Costa Mesa.
Nude photo exhibition by Ronald Wohlauer and three
Sharon boysell introduced the 3D environment at the opening ceremony.
And it continued until October.
This is the last show at Newport Beach Gallery.
For spelitz, she started her own gallery for $600. a-
On 1976, the monthly rent of Via Lido, the website of South Coast Plaza, represents the "essence of crops ".
"She won't say what the rent is for the Crystal courtyard, but what is the rent for the mall ownerJ.
Segerstrom & Sons, a company known for its art sponsorship, said, "they really want us to be there.
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