structure and refractory selection of the float glass furnace - building a partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-17
structure and refractory selection of the float glass furnace  -  building a partition wall
A floating glass furnace is used to produce floating glass, a glass made of floating molten glass on a molten metal bed (
Molten tin, usually called Tin Bath).
A floating glass melting kiln, which includes a melting kiln that heats raw materials to form a batch of molten glass, a working end that cools the batch of molten glass, and the generator that introduces the heated burning air into the furnace through the port neck.
The furnace consists of a melting zone and a refining zone or an upper space and a lower pool.
The space above is also known as the flame space, consisting of the front wall, the surface of the molten glass, the Crown and the milk wall.
The lower pool consists of the bottom and the side walls.
The front wall spans the feeding pool, blocking the heat and flames.
It is easy to damage and deform due to flame and batch corrosion.
The front wall is always made of high-quality silicon brick, mullite brick, and sintering AZS brick.
The milk wall should be strong enough.
Hook brick is the key part to block the flame.
In theory, as long as the corrosion resistance of the chest wall is good enough, it will not affect the service life of the glass furnace.
The milk wall of the melting area is cast by melting AZS 33, and the milk wall of the refining area can use high-quality silicon bricks.
The Crown determines the service life of the glass furnace.
The huge top forms a flame space with a chest wall and a front wall.
The Crown is usually made of silicon bricks. In the oxygen-
The fuel furnace, molten cast alumina block is used for the top due to its good alkali-resistant steam.
The bottom of the tank is required to have good wear resistance and good integrity. The multi-
The underlying structure is always adopted.
The first layer in direct contact with the glass liquid is the molten cast AZS block.
Below the first floor is the refractory brick.
Between the two layers is the AZS impact.
Side Wall built in tank bottom of refractory brick on.
It is seriously corroded by liquid glass.
At present, the glass kiln adopts the AZS block of No. 33 large melting die, with no horizontal seam and good corrosion resistance.
The throat is located between the melting furnace and the working end, used to install the cooling water and the mixer, and to isolate the airflow of the melting furnace.
The structure of the throat always adopts a low arch structure and a wall structure.
41 is always used in the throat.
The structure of the working end is almost the same as that of the furnace, but simpler.
The refractory used in this area varies depending on the glass produced.
For high quality glass, the side wall block and the bottom paving block are cast with α molten alumina block.
Under the bottom paving block, use α-β molten cast alumina to pound the block.
These refractory materials have low foaming potential for glass and low pollution.
The chest wall and the Crown always adopt high-quality silicon bricks.
The heat storage body consists of top arch, side wall, end wall, partition wall and grid work.
In the floating glass furnace, the top arch of the heat storage body is always built with high-quality silicon bricks.
The lower part of the side wall, end wall and partition wall is always made of low-hole clay bricks, and the middle and upper parts are made of basic refractory materials.
Grid work is the most important structure of the recycler.
It uses low-hole clay bricks in the lower part, directly-
Bonded magnesium brick in the middle, 95 magnesium brick in the upper part, 97 magnesium brick on the top or sintering AZS brick.
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