Spaces: Bungalow now beacon for art - room divider wall with door

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Spaces: Bungalow now beacon for art  -  room divider wall with door
I think there was a problem with the gray house on the street because the "for sale" sign disappeared in front of it for many years.
His landlord knew he wanted his own home and advised him to check out 1920.
Time light tower mountain bungalow.
The house is suitable for him to be an artist, they said.
Arredondo quickly discovered the uniqueness of the house, starting with a large architectural style room partition that dominates the living/dining area.
A separate bedroom, the attic in the attic also caught his attention.
Communication dondo, a communications/design professor, is one of the artists who participated in the 7 th annual tour of Fredericksburg Road Studios on Saturday, February. 23.
Artists from AltaVista, Biken Hill, Jefferson, Cornerstone, Los Angeles heights, Monticello Park, and Lake Woodlawn community have opened them up for tours organized by Bihl Haus art.
The house was renovated by an architect at Guadalupe square on the west side of the design for about 1980, and about a decade ago Arredondo bought it.
The cylindrical structure leading the main room is 8 feet high and 4 feet wide.
Caragonne's wife said it was built for a dual purpose.
It was originally used as a room partition, so there was storage space on one side facing the kitchen.
But Caragonne wants a place to show a special acquisition, a painting created by the artist of St. Ignacio.
She said he designed the partition around the painting.
For Arredondo, this is also a place to showcase art.
Currently on display are photos of a woman praying at the Lenten service in Chiapas.
He won art in the lottery.
There is a row of candles under the picture.
When the house was redesigned, Caragonne removed the walls and relocated the front door.
Now, instead of opening the living room, the entrance door opens the office and graphic design studio of the first second bedroom Arredondo.
The studio is open to the living room/dining room, a single room originally separated by a wall.
There's room in the bedroom too-Change face to face.
The remodel combines the sunroom with a part of the attic.
Arredondo, who stores Art material in the loft area of the bedroom, said: "I don't have to do anything but repaint . ".
He brought the colors into the house and covered the plain gray walls with the upbeat shades of lavender, gold and pumpkin.
The House and its art collection reflect aredondo's love of Spanish and Mexican culture, his background, Catholic ties and spiritual beliefs.
His art is intertwined with the works of friends and colleagues, who are part of the San Antonio art scene.
He said he found smaller pieces of art more affordable and easier to display in groups.
Arredondo has a constantly redesigned eye that often reorganizes the artwork found in his four main rooms.
The art is full of positive aspects, he said.
"Everywhere I see is beautiful," he said . "
"I just like to be around beauty and design.
I told my students that the world would be very confusing if it weren't for design, and a lot of people didn't realize it.
Every dress you wear, your life is stable by design, I like to strengthen more design for beauty.
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